Ian Watson disappointed with major calls in Salford’s defeat

Ian Watson expressed his frustration at several refereeing calls in Salford’s narrow defeat to Huddersfield.

The Red Devils went down to a late penalty goal that saw them lose out to the Giants 12-10.

Watson was left questioning the consistency of decisions following the game.

I think (Darnell) McIntosh has something to answer for when he’s whacked Kev (Brown) off the ball when we’ve scored. I’m not being funny but someone got three games didn’t they from Hull for whiplash.

“Everyone is saying that’s a big thing now and you can’t go in the back and whack them, well he’s miles late when he hits Kev so maybe he shouldn’t have been on the field at that time.”

On the late penalty that saw Aidan Sezer kick the winning points, Watson added: “They’re both tied up and trying to get to their feet. In my opinion, even if we were attacking, you’d be saying just let them play the ball rather than letting the referee decide the game because to be fair, I think he’s decided it at the backend with that.”

“But again, Wardle has come flying in the back of that and retaliated, we had a player sent off for that last year, someone has made a point that you can’t retaliate and cause a melee, last week we played Toronto, Miloudi did the same and got sin-binned with Welham, so where’s the consistency?”