Joey Grima: There are exciting times ahead

London Broncos head coach Joey Grima says that despite his side being relegated from Super League there are exciting times ahead.
The Broncos were relegated following yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Warrington Wolves and will playing in the second tier competition in 2015.

“Since I took over we’ve had a plan A and a plan B, we knew where we were and there were no illusions by myself or my staff and we’ve been planning for that Championship and relegation,” said Grima.

“It’s no surprise and we’ve made some good signings and we’ve got two or three that we’ll announce over the next three to four weeks that are Australian based signings and we’re planning for that Championship.

“Out of the 31 players we’ve got contracted, 23 will be moving on whether they will be taking up opportunities at a Super League club or have been advised that they are not required at the Broncos next year.

Grima says that the club have been realistic in their planning for next season and that relegation could in fact be a good thing for the club.

“Jason (Loubser) our General Manager and David Hughes our Chairman, myself and my staff, have been working behind the scenes to set up continences and strategies and a plan B for the Championship. Because we’ve been realistic I think it’s going to be a great benefit for us. Going back to Championship and starting over again just reassures that we’re here for the long term. It’s probably not a bad thing given where we are it’s not a bad thing.

“It is exciting but it’s probably not the best day to be excited on but the planning over the past 6-7 weeks, getting in touch with the London based junior rugby league clubs, having a real interaction with our 19s who were outstanding today, we’re taking little steps and there’s an eight point plan that we are adhering to or we’re following about our philosophies of coaching, our database, recruitment and retention policies. They are things which we’ve identified that are going to ensure us that given the opportunity to come back up to Super League we’re going to be ready and be able to compete and be able to produce our own out of our own back yard instead of them going to northern based clubs. It is exciting and it just reassures us we’re doing the right thing and that Broncos are going to be here for the long hall.

“David (Hughes) has given me his assurance that the club will be full-time next year so that’s going to give us every chance possible to get into that top four and be able to contest to get back into Super League next year.”