Josh Jones on if he’d have stayed at Salford if he’d known they’d make the Grand Final

Josh Jones has admitted he doesn’t know whether he would have stayed at Salford had he known they’d reach the Grand Final.

The Great Britain back-rower is heading to Hull FC next year as part of their heavy recruitment drive for 2020.

Jones is one of several leaving Salford at the end of the year. Jackson Hastings and Jake Bibby will join Wigan while George Griffin and Derrell Olpherts have signed for Castleford.

Jones agreed to sign for the Airlie Birds before Salford’s remarkable run to the Grand Final kicked into gear, and when asked if he’d have re-signed had he known what was to come, he conceded it was a question he didn’t have an answer to.

“It’s a tough question,” he said.

“You never know, I couldn’t give you an answer. I’m delighted with the deal I’ve signed at Hull. The fans and the structure seems outstanding there. The coach and the owner have made me feel really welcome there and I can’t wait to get over there.

“But you never know. The squad we’ve got here is great, maybe a better fanbase and bigger revenue and we could have kept the squad together and a few extra players for next year.

“But that’s something I’ll never be able to answer.”