Koukash considering Salford exit

Salford owner Marwan Koukash is questioning whether to remain at Salford.

The Red Devils were docked six points and fined £5,000 by the RFL earlier in the year, with an independent tribunal upholding the charge on Thursday.

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester, Koukash said: “You start questioning ‘is the sport with this governing body worth keeping my involvement in it and keep investing like I have been doing?'”

“I have no doubt whatsoever the RFL are out to get Salford at every opportunity as long as I’m involved in the club, and the six-point deduction is very harsh,”

“It’s as harsh as it was a couple of years ago when they deducted a couple of points from the club for fielding 14 players.

“When we saw it a few weeks ago, Widnes did it twice and they got a fine, so we can see that they have been targeting Salford for quite a while.

“That’s probably due to the fact that I’m outspoken against them and they see me as a person who is not welcome in the sport. If that’s the case then maybe I shouldn’t be in the sport.”