Kuni Minga without a club after winger’s move to the UK blocked by the RFL

Free-scoring winger Kuni Minga is without a club after a move to England was blocked by the RFL.

The speedster is believed to have left Toulouse Olympique over an unresolved matter, although the Championship club has yet to confirm this.

TotalRL has learned that at least three Super League clubs had enquired about his services, while Championship big-hitters Featherstone had actually agreed terms to sign the player, only to have the move denied by the RFL.

It’s believed the PNG-born star would use up a quota spot, a serious issue for the Super League clubs interested, while he is also not eligible to move to this country as he has not played 75% of Toulouse matches over the last two years.

Records show the 24-year-old has played 45 of 61 matches during the last two seasons, meaning he is one appearance short having played 73.7% of games. As a result, he will not receive a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE), meaning he cannot come to the UK.

As a result, his career is in doubt. With a move to England not permitted and his time at Toulouse at an end, Minga’s options appear very limited. The most realistic destination for the 24-year-old now is French’s top tier, Elite 1.

Minga only missed the cut due to a number of injuries picked up last season, which limited him to 18 appearances.

Meanwhile, his departure from Toulouse leaves the club without one of their star players since their arrival in the British game. In the last two seasons, the winger has scored 53 tries in just 45 games.

Although the club has yet to confirm his exit, he was not present in the club’s official photo for the season, which took place this afternoon.