Mazey predicts Valencia delay

Rochdale Hornets’ incoming chairman Andy Mazey believes Valencia may have to bide their time as they aim to enter League 1.

In an interview in the latest issue of League Express, Valencia Huracanes CEO Dean Buchan said: “We are already set up, we’re active and we could literally enter League 1 today. I’ve got 32 players, I’ve got a manager, a stadium and backing. There’s the start of a fanbase here too. What am I missing?”

The Huracanes have already formally submitted their application to join the league in 2021, and since then they hosted Featherstone Rovers in pre-season and have games lined up in the summer against the Hornets and Keighley Cougars – both of which are still subject to RFL approval.

But while the enthusiasm is there from the Spanish outfit, Mazey believes they should take their time before stepping into the British game.

“They are very enthusiastic as a club and I have had a number of conversations with Dean to get to the position where we could agree to our fixture,” said Mazey.

“I have got to know a bit about what they are doing and what their plans are. I know they are in the process of engaging with the RFL and trying to get a business plan in place, but I think they are some way away from entering the competition yet.

“But I wish them well and hopefully the event we’re aiming to put on with the fixture against them with help them with their efforts.”