McConnachie keen to join English club

Scotland forward Billy McConnachie has put himself in the shop window after admitting that he would be open to joining an English club.

McConnachie made his debut for Scotland in their Four Nations defeat to Australia and impressed in his opening stint after coming off the bench.

The 26-year-old currently plays for the Ipswich Jets in the Queensland Cup and is highly regarded Down Under following a superb stint at the Jets, where he has become a fan favourite in his 85 appearances.

However, McConnachie admitted that a potential move to England is something he has considered.

“I probably would (come over) if my partner would come with me,” McConnachie told Total RL.

“It’s something in the back of my mind. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing. I’ve enjoyed my time over here and I could certainly live over here.”

McConnachie’s availability will likely be of interest to a number of clubs from both Super League and the Championship given his powerful displays and ability to also play in the back-row.


McConnachie is eligible for Scotland through his grandfather, however, he admits to not knowing a lot about his heritage due to his dad not being close to his father.

“My dad didn’t really get to know his dad properly, so I don’t know my family from his side,” he said.

“I carry the last name that I don’t know any family from, but I’m really proud of my Scottish heritage.

“I knew about my grandfather, so I mentioned it to Steve Johnston and he got in contact with Steve McCormack and had a yarn with him. They watched me play last year and from that I got the opportunity to come over here.

“The history behind the place and the opportunity to learn about my heritage and where the McConacchie name came from has been great.”