McDermott questions concussion protocols

Brian McDermott believes the protocols around concussions assessments have gone too far.

The Toronto head coach was speaking following the Wolfpack’s defeat to Wigan and explained that the recovery process has become too extensive.

“Dare I say it, I think people are making too big a deal about these issues to be fair,” he said.

“For sure, it’s a procedure that we need and you’ve to go through that procedure, but Jon Wilkin got whacked against Castleford and it hurt and he stayed down on the field a few weeks ago. It hurts sometimes and sometimes it’s around your head but it doesn’t mean your concussed.

“It doesn’t mean you’ve to spend five days in bed going through this long-winded, convoluted procedure to return to play. In many respects I don’t think it’s needed but that’s my opinion, but I know everyone doesn’t agree with it.”