Outrage as Swinton player with ‘foot facing wrong way’ carried to hospital due to no ambulance

Will Hope, the Swinton Lions forward who suffered a shocking injury on Sunday, has revealed he had to be carried to hospital after his injury wasn’t deemed serious enough for an ambulance, despite his ‘foot facing the wrong way’.

The Ireland international suffered various breaks, torn ligaments and dislocations in the opening minute of Swinton’s defeat to Sheffield.

However, despite the severity of the injury, Hope claims he was forced to wait on a stretcher for three hours with his foot facing the wrong way.

In the end, Swinton players had to stretcher the forward onto the team coach, which took him on a 44-mile trip to Salford Royal Hospital, where his team-mates then took him into the hospital.

According to Hope, he was told the injury ‘wasn’t serious enough’ to require an ambulance.

The shocking revelation has caused shock and anger among the Rugby League community, with many demanding answers.

“To be treated like that, with my foot facing the wrong way for up to five hours because ‘it wasn’t a priority’ is disgusting and I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy.

“The St John’s Ambulance team at the ground was absolutely pointless, a major injury and there was ‘nothing they could do about it’.

“Hopefully the RFL address this so it does not happen again to anyone with a serious injury like this.”