Paul Gallen could fight during drugs ban

New South Wales and Cronulla captain Paul Gallen could turn his hand to boxing during his drugs ban – if he is allowed.

Gallen was one of a clutch of NRL players who were banned last week after ASADA’s investigation into the Sharks’ controversial supplements program of 2011. The forward has boxed on one occasion before – earning $80,000 earlier this year for a second round victory against Herman Ene Purcell.

However, the controversy surrounding Gallen’s ban – he is suspended until late November – has led Queensland boxing officials to distance themselves from Gallen fighting on the undercard of Alex Leapai’s fight with Malik Scott on October 24.

“Queensland boxing would have to look very carefully at allowing Paul Gallen to fight here,” said Allan Moore, the outgoing Queensland vice-president of the Australian National Boxing Federation. “And my thinking is they would knock it on the head”.

“Legally he could probably compete in Queensland if he was given a clearance by officials in NSW. But it’s a very bad look for boxing to have someone banned in one sport then turn up to compete in ours.

“Boxing frowns on any sort of drug use and I don’t think Gallen would be welcome fighting here.”