POLL: What day would you ditch Super League on?

Earlier this week, Widnes Vikings coach Denis Betts revealed that he would like to see Super League stop being played on Sundays.

“I think Saturdays have worked for a few teams so if you look at Thursday, Friday and Saturday as being rugby league days, you are still going to get enough turnaround to be able to recover,” he told reporters at his press conference this week.

“Games used to be played on Saturdays for a lot of the years and then they moved to Sundays. So it’s not as if it’s always been Sundays.

“You’ve got to go with something, stick with it and let people buy into it. Some people didn’t think Friday nights would work but some of the Friday night games are some of the best to watch.”

With games essentially on four days every week this year (when Catalans are at home at least), we thought we’d ask you what you think.

What day would you scrap Super League on? Are you a fan of the Thursday night games, or do they prevent you from being at your side’s game due to travel and timing problems?

Do Fridays work for you? Or are you on Betts’ side, and would you like to see Sundays ditched? Vote in the poll and have your say!