Pryce unhappy at continuing uncertainty

Workington Town coach Leon Pryce has slammed the continuing uncertainty over next year’s league structure as he tries to keep players and fans focused on achieving a top-five finish.

It could be that this year’s sixth-placed side goes into the play-offs if a proposal to increase the Championship to 14 clubs, meaning two rather than the current one win automatic promotion from League 1, is passed at the RFL EGM on Friday.

“It’s frustrating for everyone that we are going into the final two games still not knowing what next season’s format will be,” said Pryce, who has made his mark in his first campaign at the Derwent Park helm.

“There has been all season to sort this out, yet here we are in the last few weeks still wondering what the situation is going to be.

“This talk of a last-minute change has been going on for a good few weeks already, yet nothing has progressed in that time, even though we are so close to the end.

“Are there any other sports which would change the number of teams promoted at this stage of their season? I’m not sure.

“As a coach you set your goals at the start of the season, and our target was to make the top five, which is the mantra we are sticking to.”

Workington’s last two games are at home to London Skolars on Sunday and away to fellow play-off chasers Doncaster on Sunday, September 23.