RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

Super League is set to play under a different set of laws to the rest of the domestic game in 2019 after the RFL revealed their rule changes for 2019.

The governing body has confirmed fewer interchanges will be permitted and the removal of the free play as part of their changes, which will come into effect next year.

However, Golden Point will only be used in knockout matches, which is set to be different to Super League.

Regular league fixtures in the Championship and League 1 can still end as a draw, with Golden Point only set to be used in games where a result is required, such as play-off fixtures or knockout competitions.

But this is set to be different to Super League, who are expected to confirm Golden Point will be in effect for every regular league game.

Super League split from the RFL late last year and are now in control of their own competition, meaning the RFL’s rule changes are not applied to the sport’s flagship competition.

When Super League announces its own rule changes, they are also expected to confirm the introduction of the shot clock at scrums, dropouts and goal attempts, although it’s not yet clear if or how this will be implemented below Super League.

In a statement, the RFL said: “Further details will follow about the implementation of a number of other amendments to laws and playing conditions for the Betfred Super League, which will also be applied at other levels, and these will be announced early in the New Year.”

The free play will revert back to regular advantage, with the referee deciding whether to allow the game to continue.

Golden Point will be played in periods of five minutes, with the game ending when a point is scored. Clubs will be allowed two additional interchanges if the game moves into extra time.