Rugby League stars urged to get jabbed as vaccination figures revealed

The RFL has urged unvaccinated players to get their jabs and warned that those refusing to get their vaccinations are having a “material impact” on the game.

The plea came as the governing body revealed that neither Super League nor the Championship have yet reached the vaccination target previously set out, and that as a result the return of scrums to Rugby League has been delayed.

Currently, 80.66% of Super League and 81.71% of Championship players have been double jabbed, according to the RFL, short of the 85% threshold they were aiming to hit by the end of the year.

In a statement, players who had yet to take up the vaccine were urged to now do so, and double vaccinated players were also called to get a booster jab.

“The remaining minority of players who have yet to receive any vaccination should be advised that their decisions are having a material impact on all others, and on the nature of the 2022 competitions, given the majority support of players and coaches for the return of scrums if possible,” said the RFL, in a message also sent to every club.

“All players should be encouraged to have a booster jab as soon as possible, both for their own health, that of other players in the competition and for the effective running of the competitions.”