Sheens confirms dual-reg split between Hull KR and York

Tim Sheens has explained why Hull Kingston Rovers have cut their dual-reg partnership with York City Knights.

League Express reported earlier this month that the two clubs would not be continuing their relationship despite a number of Robins players featuring in James Ford’s side last year.

Sheens confirmed the dual-reg agreement had come to an end, and laid out the reasons behind the decision.

“First of all they’ve gone from League 1 to Championship, and Champ clubs tend to be more self-sufficient.

“League 1 clubs tend to take anyone, but with a better budget and a strong squad, Championship clubs aren’t as dependent, even though most clubs like to have a Super League club in tow with them to give them the odd option.

“I’ve also shortened the squad and I don’t really have anyone to offer them. Last year we were lending out some of the younger blokes. But we’ve still got a good relationship, we had a session with them a while back and we’re looking at another one. But we won’t have many going anywhere.

“I think the loan system, rather than the dual-reg, is what the Championship clubs would prefer. A dual-reg where a player comes in for a week and you lose him, I guess it might help you win a game but realistically I think they’d prefer a month at a time.

“My feeling with dealing with dual-reg is that it’s better equipped for League 1 clubs. At the moment, we’ve not finalised what we’re going to do there anyway.”