Shenton expecting big improvement in Castleford

Michael Shenton

Castleford Tigers captain Michael Shenton insists he is expecting to see plenty of improvement in his side this Friday, despite two narrow defeats to kick off Super League XX.

The Tigers have suffered a two-point and a one-point loss to kick off the new season, yet despite the small margin of defeat in both games, Shenton believes that there will be improvement in his side as they travel to St Helens on Friday.

“I just want to go out there and play now. The weekend off has freshened us up and it’s been a good time for us to sort a few little issues in the team and the way we’re playing,” Shenton said.

“We just want to get the season started for us and we have to start all over again really. We just missed out on the first two games but hopefully we’ll see a big improvement Friday and we’ll put a real good performance in.

“There’s some things clicking for us. The attitude in Catalans was brilliant but the stuff like good ball sets is still a little bit off way we’re playing but it’s coming together and hopefully this week it will click together.”