Smith: We’re low on confidence

Tony Smith bemoaned his side’s defence as Warrington slumped to their latest defeat.

A 44-4 reverse at Huddersfield saw Warrington go down to their 10th league defeat in 17 games, and down to 10th in Super League.

It was the latest disappointing display from last year’s Grand Finalists, and Smith didn’t hide his frustrations.

“If you are a Warrington fan at the moment, it’s tough to watch,” he said.

“It’s tough to participate in as well and it’s hurting the boys. They are hurting about their performance and we haven’t really recovered since the Magic Weekend and it’s damaged our confidence.

“Some of our defence close to our try line just isn’t strong enough, when your opponents opt to go for points rather than the shot at goal then it tells you something about your defence. Huddersfield got it right today.”

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