Stone finds positives from Huddersfield’s defeat

Rick Stone expressed his dismay at aspects of Huddersfield’s performance but also said he saw plus points in the Giants’ 30-0 defeat to Leigh.

Stone was pleased with his side’s effort and physicality but admitted the Giants were not patient enough with good possession.

“I’m disappointed with the performance but not the effort,” he said.

“There was a big difference between the teams in terms of execution, especially on the last plays.

“I thought Leigh built pressure pretty well. We were a little bit impatient and tried to force the issue.

“The game was in the balance for much of the game and I don’t think 30-0 was a fair reflection on the game but Leigh deserved their win.

“It was a good, tough contest. We tried to play around them too much in the first half rather than go through them. But that’s fixable.”

A full report will be in Monday’s League Express.