Super League “more realistic option” for Inglis after marquee rule

The agent of NRL superstar Greg Inglis believes Super League’s marquee player ruling makes it easier and more realistic for players like the Souths fullback to come to England.

Allan Gainey told Fox Sports that the NRL should follow suit and introduce a similar ruling, and that now Super League has the plans in place, it means it would be easier for top stars to be lured to England as opposed to previously.

When asked if the marquee plan made Super League a more realistic option, Gainey said: “Yes, for sure.

“This would make it favourable for him and others like him to go over there,” he said.

“Now it means UK clubs can buy a top class player when they are at their best rather than a guy who is 30 or 31 years old.

“This will put pressure on the NRL. They can’t ignore it.

“The issue here would be the rich clubs would want it in the NRL and the poorer clubs would probably rally against it.

“I think you will see the NRL really think about bringing something like this in for the next broadcast deal.”