Toronto to justify worth to Super League’s future in Thursday meeting

A Super League meeting has been called for Thursday where Toronto will outline their reasons for dropping out of the competition and argue why they should not be demoted.

Toronto CEO Bob Hunter will argue the club’s case with Super League considering sanctions for their withdrawal, including demotion.

Hunter revealed on Sportsnet that he will deliver a presentation to clubs in the hope of winning them over.

“We will know probably within a week to ten days what Super League’s position will be on us remaining at that level,” he said.

“I am actually giving a presentation to the Super League board on Thursday to give all the good reasons why we should remain, and explain in great detail why we couldn’t get through this year.

“We’ve talked about getting demoted to the Championship and if we do then we’re going to suck it up and figure out a solution, and get a competitive squad, to get us back to Super League.

“I don’t think there’s any way that in one of those two scenarios [the club won’t play next season]

“If the results are more detrimental than that then maybe it’s time to hang up the shield.”
Toronto currently don’t take any Sky money, which means each club gets in the region of an additional £150,000 per year, an undoubted incentive for other clubs. However, the Wolfpack now want a slice of that money.

“We need to be fully participating in television and other revenues, but 90% of those revenues are that deal with Sky.

“That is the critical factor in us continuing.”