Toulouse Olympique glad for ‘positive’ player retentions following relegation

Cedric Garcia has thanked the Toulouse Olympique players who have committed to stay with the club next season, despite relegation from Super League.

The continued financial support of club President Bernard Sarrazain and support from sponsors have enabled Toulouse to engage with existing players to prolong current contracts and look at recruitment for the 2023 season.

CEO Garcia said: “It’s good to see players wanting to stay with the club and take on the challenge of the Championship; that’s comforting and positive for us.

“Of course the salaries aren’t the ones they would get in Super League but already we have some fantastic players who believe in us and what we are doing.

“Dom Peyroux, Eloi Pelissier, Harrison Hansen, Guy Armitage, Olly Ashall-Bott and Maxime Stefani, a fantastic young French player, are already on board.

“There are more to come, because the players are committing to us, even though the salaries are not the same. They are buying into the values of the club and it gives us lots of energy.

“I’m not going to lie, if I had millions of euros to spend on players, of course my job would be much easier, but it’s not like that.

“We want players who want to play for us. This has always been our way; I know some players have been offered bigger money from Super League clubs but they want to be part of our project and stick with us.

“The lifestyle in Toulouse doesn’t do us any harm either.

“But the overriding message we want to send out is one of gratitude to Super League for allowing us to pursue our dreams, and we continue to dream, we will do our very best to get back there as soon as we can.”

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