Video referee system has too much “guesswork”, says Powell

Castleford Tigers coach Daryl Powell vented his frustration at Super League’s video refereeing system following last night’s defeat to Huddersfield – saying there is too much guesswork going on.

This year is the first time where referees send decisions upstairs along with a verdict on whether they think a try should be given or not – and Powell believes that there’s too much guessing being made in that area.

“You can’t make your grievances known,” said Powell afterwards. “I’ve been through it before and it’s a waste of time; it’s absolutely pointless.

“There are too many calls made by people who are guessing – I think there’s too much guesswork going on.”

Eorl Crabtree’s try in particular, when Castleford were chasing the game at 18-16 down late on, upset Powell, who said there was no proof the forward grounded the ball on the line.

“If you didn’t have a referee making the call (on the field) I think they’d have said he was short. There wasn’t any evidence to say it was on the line, but because he (Silverwood) says it is a try there’s no evidence to say it definitely isn’t on the line.”