VIDEO: Richie Myler inherits French accent in hilarious interview

Normally, we’d never advocate having a laugh at the expense of someone else’s misfortune, but Richie Myler’s first interview with Catalans is an exception.

The halfback is one of the new signings at the Dragons ahead of 2016, with Pat Richards another amongst a number of new faces.

And the club were keen to help Myler get settled, and even sat down with their new star to discuss his move to the club and let the fans get to know a bit more about him.

However, what followed was pure gold.

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Now, we don’t know where Richie has picked up his hilarious accent from, but we don’t think it will have been from his French tutors.

Poor Richie, we give him an A+ for effort, but unfortunately the upward inflection at the end of every word isn’t going to help his new supporters understand what he’s saying, that’s what the subtitles are for!

It’s likely to garner Myler a bit of stick from his mates, with former team mate Simon Grix quick to have a dig.

All Richie needs now is a stripy shirt and a beret and he’ll fit in perfectly.