Wakefield’s Wildcats days are numbered

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter has confirmed the club’s intentions to drop the ‘Wildcats’ suffix.

The club originally introduced the Wildcats brand in 1999 ahead of their Super League arrival but played as Wakefield Trinity in their Magic Weekend victory over Catalans.

Carter has been active on social media in recent months, asking for the club’s supporters to express their views on a potential return to the original Wakefield Trinity name.

With the idea well received and the club’s merchandise with the Trinity logo emblazed selling well, Carter is hopeful for the name to be officially changed for 2017.

“We have got a fantastic heritage within this club and I don’t think we have made the most of it,” Carter told the Wakefield Express.

“So for me, it is Wakefield Trinity. I have always referred to it as Wakefield Trinity and I think the older generation of our fanbase love the fact it’s Wakefield Trinity. Go anywhere in the world and it’s either ‘where’s that’? Or, ‘oh yes, Wakefield Trinity’.”

Despite the impending changes set to be made, Carter confirmed popular mascot Daddy Cool will NOT be forced out of the club.

“The plan is we will have a Wildcats junior section,” Carter said. “So there’s still something for the kids. They love Daddy Cool and we definitely won’t be losing him! He is a fantastic character and we will probably still have a Wildcats brand and image for the younger kids, but for the grown-ups among us, it will be back to Wakefield Trinity.”