Wane and Cunningham plan holiday together

You can just picture it now. With the famous Good Friday derby between Wigan and St Helens drawing nearer, fans of both tribes are sharpening their pitchforks and setting their two by fours alight (metaphorically speaking, of course… we hope).

Meanwhile, in the households of Messrs Shaun Wane and Keiron Cunningham, the two are instead going through holiday brochures, pointing out the pretty pictures as they plan their perfect getaway.

You might well be wondering what on earth we are going on about, but, in one of the greatest stories coming out of a press conference ever, Wigan chief Shaun Wane has revealed that he and the St Helens head coach are planning on going on holiday together!

Wane is, of course, Wigan through and through, but even his loyalty to the Warriors doesn’t mean he can’t form friendships linked to their fierce rivals.

“It’s been made out there is spite between the two, but there is none really,” said Wane at his press conference this week.

“Keiron’s a good mate of mine. We go for coffees, we’re on about going to Scotland – him shooting, I’ll take the dogs.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Keiron, he’s a good fella, he was a great player, and he’ll have them up for this game.”

It’s hard to imagine how Wigan and Saints fans will react to this revelation, but it’s unlikely to do anything to improve relationships between the two sets of supporters.