Warrington clarify vaping partnership details

Warrington Wolves have confirmed that the Halliwell Jones Stadium remains a no smoking venue – despite the club lifting a vaping ban after announcing a partnership with a company earlier this month.

The Wolves announced a deal with a popular vaping company, which led to some fans voicing their discontent at the decision on social media. However, the Wolves have insisted that only in certain concourses will vaping be allowed – with the stands remaining off limits for those wishing to use electronic cigarettes.

The club said: “The lifting of the stadium ban will apply only in the stadium concourse. It was never the intention that vaping would be allowed indiscriminately throughout the whole of the stadium.

“While the vapour emitted from electronic cigarettes is in no way comparable to second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes, in terms of odour or harmfulness to bystanders, both Warrington Wolves and TRUVAPE want to ensure that all Wolves fans, whether vapers or non-vapers, are able to fully enjoy their match-day experience.

“As of this weekend’s pre-season friendlies vaping will be permitted but only in designated vaping areas within the SW concourse, NW concourse and NE quadrant. All other areas of the stadium will remain no vaping.

“Signage will be in place to advise spectators of where the vaping areas are.

“To reinforce The Halliwell Jones Stadium remains a No Smoking venue.

“Both the club and TRUVAPE hope that this clarifies the situation for both vaping and non-vaping fans. “