Widnes launch new kit for 2017

Widnes Vikings have become the latest Super League club to launch their new kit for next season, and it’s set to become a hit with the fans.

Going down the retro route, the club’s new strip is inspired by the club’s infamous 1989 jersey in which they won the World Club Challenge.

The Vikings will take to the field in a primarily white shirt with jet black shoulders, black shorts and white socks with black trim.

Director Brian O’Connor commented: “We went down a slightly different path this year and decided to preview the kit exclusively on film to our social media audience prior to the official launch image release.

“We have produced some great footage over the past few years to generate excitement, not only for the launch of our kit but for the upcoming season.

“This year’s vision was a little tongue in cheek with the aim of showing a different side to one of our stars whilst not taking ourselves too seriously. Corey was fantastic to work with and really embraced the concept. Feedback has been really good from fans of the game, not only within Super League but from the Southern Hemisphere also.

“The feedback to the kit itself has also been very complimentary. The Club wanted to capture the look and feel of the Club’s 1989 World Club Championship winning strip and give it a contemporary makeover. Pride of place on the heart of the jersey is a white star to commemorate the tremendous victory at Old Trafford 27 years ago.”