Wigan coach on ‘worst-case scenario’ for star signing

WIGAN have been rocked by the news that new Australian signing Jai Field faces five months on the sidelines because of a torn hamstring.

The 23-year-old former St George and Parramatta flyer was injured just 19 minutes into his debut in Friday’s Super League opener against Leigh.

Normally a halfback, he was playing on the wing because of other injuries within the club, and the damage was done as he stretched to try to pick up a loose ball.

Coach Adrian Lam said: “It’s the worst-case scenario, a torn hamstring and (damage to) the associated tendons, a real bad injury.

“This is difficult for him, he’s been here during lockdown and without family for a long time, and when he finally gets a chance to play rugby, this happens.

“It’s so unfortunate, because if he had been able to pick ball up cleanly and not had to stretch, he would probably have been okay.”

Lam confirmed star halfback Jackson Hastings, left out of the 20-18 win over Leigh having only returned from a closed-season trip to Australia earlier this month, will be back in the squad for Thursday’s clash with Wakefield.

Hastings’ compatriot Bevan French, who has also been Down Under, comes out of his regulation period of self-isolating on the day of the match.