Yet more calls for all the Super 8s to start from zero

It seems the biggest bugbear for many Rugby League fans at the moment is the way the Super 8s work.

With the Qualifiers starting on zero points from the get-go, there are growing numbers of people who would like to see the same happen for Super League and the top eight.

TotalRL last week ran an interview with Wakefield hooker Scott Moore – which you can watch here – who said that he would also like to see a rework of the way the top eight is formatted.

And now Widnes chief executive James Rule has joined the growing number of people saying if he had his way, things would be changed in future.

“I would change it. The interest in the Middle 8s (Qualifiers) is because of the jeopardy,” Rule told BBC Radio Merseyside.

“I think after this weekend, realistically, if Saints beat Catalans and Wigan beat Castleford – I’m not saying they will or they won’t – that is the top four done.

“So the Super League will be finished two rounds into the format.

“I think that you could create a League Leaders’ Shield at the end of 23 rounds and then create a top eight road to Old Trafford, where everyone starts on zero points.”

Would you change it? Should the Super 8s start on zero, work slightly differently or be completely as they are now? Let us know.