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Rugby League World Issue 402

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The Play-offs Issue - pictured (out 12 Sept) – Covering the climax of the Super League & Championship seasons
The Grand Finals Issue (out 17 Oct) – Grand Final excitement from both sides of the world plus Four Nations preview
The Four Nations Issue (out 21 Nov) – Fantastic coverage of the Four Nations tournament down under
The Golden Boot Issue (out 19 Dec) – A look back at the 2014 season plus the big reveal of the winner of the Golden Boot
The 2015 Season Preview Issue (out 23 Jan) – How will your team perform in 2015? We preview every club.

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In Topic: Flashing lights!

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

I get that when my blood pressure gets too high.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Yesterday, 07:40 AM

Seems some Tories are now wanting to backtrack on their promises of extra powers, miliband too reportedly.

Told ya!!!

If the Coalition, note deliberate usage, backtrack on their promises then there are one hell of a lot of people who'll just see it as Poll Tax part 2.  If Miliband doesn't make it part of his election manifesto then Labour may start to struggle in some previously safe seats in Scotland.


The three leaders have really ballsed up by making that promise in the first place if they had no intention of following it through.  It's just as stupid as Cleggie standing up with that placard about student fees, then negotiating an opt out in the Coalition agreement then whipping his MPs through the voting corridors.  People aren't as thick as the party leaders think.

In Topic: A strip torn off the RFU

Yesterday, 07:36 AM

You can just imagine the negotiations that went into securing that statement!  I wonder if the RFU aren't silently glad that the shirt is only on sale for the next 9 months or so as I don't think they'll be making much money from it.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

19 September 2014 - 03:26 PM

Not too sure about being blunt, and I don't know how you could know about the "almost fanatical loyalty" he engenders.

Far from being blunt, it was actually his indecisiveness that did him as Prime Minister.

I have family in his constituency who don't vote Labour but think he's fantastic and won't hear anything against him.

In Topic: TRL, we've let ourselves down

19 September 2014 - 03:21 PM

And I've spent all day on a boat as well. Boating around Capri with its smugglers coves and all. If only I'd remembered ...