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In Topic: General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Today, 10:12 PM

What have labour promised us OAPs? Take away the bus pass if you pay tax? give us back the extra tax allowance the tories abolished? £100 winter allowance to go?£10 xmas gift?

Inmany eoropean countries OAPs get vgood priviliges. It seems in the UK many people begrudge old folk getting something to cushion their old age.We ought to get free travel anywhere in the UK. Most of our family live miles away..

Tory? UKIP?  I'd guess so given the "me! me! me!" comment.


What about the bits of our society that have been damaged that aren't directly relevant to us?  For example, I'd feel closer to a party that pledged to get rid of student fees, even if it meant income tax rises, despite having no children.  I see free education as a requirement of civilised society.  Another example, I'd feel closer to a party that promised to make unemployment benefits sanctions only implementable by a magistrate even if it meant the benefits bill went up again and so did my taxes, I've never claimed benefits in my life and hope I will never need to.

In Topic: General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 10:49 PM

I think its fair to say, the big 2 have stumbled on day one.  Not sure how you can plan something for so long and drop clangers (self induced ones at that) on day one.

The problem for the big two is that they're trying to copy from the US where it genuinely is a two party system, if you make the other side look worse than you then you win.  Unfortunately, in the UK, there are alternatives and the big two just don't seem to have cottoned on to the fact that many people do have alternatives.  Scotland is a key example, Labour treated it as "theirs" and happily ignored it for the last five years concentrating on trying to win Tory votes down south and London financial backers, thinking that the Scots had nowhere to go and their votes were banked, the SNP have been quite happy to take those votes and waggle them at Scottish Labour.  The north of England is much like Scotland but without a proper left-of-centre alternative, there really is no option, it's vote Labour or vote right wing (or, worse, vote Lib Dem and get pot luck on what they'll stand for next time)

In Topic: General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 02:51 PM

I'm voting Labour but if I lived in Scotland I'd vote SNP.  In fact, if the SNP decided to run a candidate here in deepest Suffolk then I'd still vote for them.


Also, asking for a preference between Miliband and Cameron is a bit like asking whether you'd like one punt to the nuts or two.  You have to choose the one punt but you know you're still not going to like it.  At least they'd be better than Cleggie or Farage though.

In Topic: The engima that is Saracens

Yesterday, 09:27 AM

They've edited it then, when I  read it the word 'union' was absent. Probably in response to the usual bombardment of caustic emails.

They most likely do it to get page click statistics to keep the highheidyins happy.  They know that if they leave out the word union then they'll get twice the readers on articles like this who then participate back making them look good.  All very Pavlovian.

In Topic: General Election 2015

29 March 2015 - 11:14 PM

And here's why political parties should be state funded for elections.  We're getting like the US where the only difference between the Republicans and Democrats is the level of sociopathic tendencies of the party donors.