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In Topic: US Presidential Election 2016

Today, 12:52 PM

Ted Cruz is only 45, I thought he was in his late 50s or early 60s.  He must have had a very tough paper round as a kid...

In Topic: US Presidential Election 2016

Today, 11:59 AM

Whaddyamean 'article'?  I did all that research myself.

Indy article



In Topic: The NHS Debate (Merged threads)

Today, 11:52 AM

Surely that's resignation territory for Hunt and Dalton...  Getting senior executives to sign a letter then change it in a material manner is just dishonest.

We're now at 13/20 who say that they explicitly do not support contract imposition.  Only 1/20 has said he'd support it and he actually wrote the letter...  The other six I can see why they'd want to keep their heads down, for example Clare Panniker is being currently reviewed as part of the Essex Success Regime that's been imposed on the area she services.


One Chief Exec posted on twitter what he signed and nowhere on it does it say that he'd support contract imposition.


Now, these are the Chief Execs who are natural supporters of the Tory plans otherwise they'd have stayed completely neutral, instead Hunt and Dalton have gone out of their way to annoy them so badly that they're making public rebuttals.  A great way to keep your friends friendly!

In Topic: The NHS Debate (Merged threads)

Today, 11:45 AM

Except of course they didn't achieve it, even if the contracts are imposed, it will just mean a continuation of what we have now, except the doctors will get less money.  They still need to get the technicians etc to work weekends for a genuine 7 day a week NHS and they won't put the money in for that.  The 7 day NHS is like all the rest of the guff spouted by this government - aspirations with no extra money behind them.  They've been in nearly 6 years and things have gone steadily downhill since they took power.  And don't give me that coalition nonsense, because on the few occasions when things seem to be going right they're quick to claim the credit for stuff that happened during the coalition - ergo they should also take the blame.

To achieve 7 day full operation of the NHS requires the NHS to grow by approximately 1/7th given there's roughly half the clinical staff working in the NHS over the weekend than during the week.  It simply isn't possible to achieve 7 day operational usage without those extra staff because the clinical staff are already at maximum capacity doing their regular shifts.


There are people within the NHS who don't get that as well though.  I had one discussion with one senior person about turning a service desk that operates Mon-Fri 9-5 now into a 24x7 one.  When I said the staff pay costs would quadruple he almost had a fit and said that the board thought it wouldn't be more than double the cost.  You need three shifts plus an additional 1/3 on each shift to allow 5 day working weeks for staff members plus holidays.  Needless to say the feedback went back that we weren't being constructive or realistic rather than admit they screwed up in their planning.


Our local GP surgery experimented with having two GPs in on Saturday and Sunday but abandoned it after six months because persistent feedback and booking experience was that one GP working half a day on Saturday was more than enough for the demands of the public.  They offer appointments to 7pm every day and retain Saturday mornings for those who work and can't make before 7pm, that's more than enough to meet all bar the most unreasonable of patient demands for GP treatments.  If they had 7 day working imposed on them then it'd be a thorough waste of money and time and would probably see the GPs sitting unused for most of the day.  That's why a one-size-fits-all approach is just barking mad for the NHS and for us as patients.

In Topic: Science and space

Today, 11:32 AM

These are the sort of things that allow us to advance as a species.  The more we understand WHY and HOW, the more we can develop the technologies of the future.  It's the natural inquisitiveness of humanity that's taken us from seeing something, working out how it works then developing it as a new technology.  That stretches all the way from accidentally discovering that if certain stones fall on other stones then you can start get sparks to start fires into developing it into a repeatable technology.