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#3150363 General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Posted by ckn on 30 June 2015 - 09:09 PM

An interesting thing happened in Parliament over the last two days.  The Scotland Bill was up for debate and certain parts were overwhelmingly defeated despite the provisions/amendments only being relevant for Scotland, it was all bar one/two Scottish MPs voting FOR and all other votes being from non-Scottish constituencies except the token Tory Scottish MP.  More than a few votes were 58 for and 500-ish against with 56 of them being SNP and a couple of others backing them up.


Posted for posterity when the first English MP complains about English votes for English laws.

#3150218 General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Posted by ckn on 30 June 2015 - 05:09 PM

I've no reason to doubt that's true , but by lowering the tax threshold at the top if it increases the take in £ terms why not do it ?

Because it won't.  They'll reduce the top rate, close a few loopholes and then the tax accountants will come up with another one.  Tax income will go down because the people who can't easily evade or avoid tax (i.e. those just in the higher tax brackets) will see their take-home pay increase while those who save more money by hiring expensive accountants will still save the same amount but just through a different loophole.


It's actually relatively easy to cut evasion, just follow what the US does and say that if you're a US citizen then you pay tax to the US regardless of where you earn money.  Badly annoys many people, Boris included, but it works.  Also, enforce the rule that if money is earned in the UK then it pays UK tax regardless of where you're domiciled, the laws are there for that, they're just enforced about as strictly as the fox hunting ban is now.

#3149181 Tunisia.

Posted by ckn on 28 June 2015 - 07:09 PM

ISIS has just beheaded 12 members of Al Qaeda.


I think that sums up the mess in one sentence.

They're also itching for a fight with the Taliban, considering them too moderate and heretics for not joining in with their caliphate.  Just when you think you have one nutjob group pinholed, i.e. the Taliban, another one comes along and out-nutjobs them.

#3148757 Tunisia.

Posted by ckn on 28 June 2015 - 12:32 PM

You'd have thought that our "leaders" would have learnt the lesson of Afghanistan but Libya and Syria have proved they haven't.

All it needs is someone to say they support democracy and our leaders jump on that bandwagon.  What these people mean by democracy is "one man, one vote" and they have that one man already in mind at the head of the revolution.


The scary thing is that we're really missing a big-bad enemy like the Soviet Union.  We'd never have attacked Iraq if the Soviet Union were still around as that'd have probably started World War 3.  We've reduced our military budgets by so much that we can't respond decisively to any threats from anywhere else.  We never thought twice about extremist nutjobs beyond recruiting them and pointing them at the Soviets.

#3148205 Labour leadership contest

Posted by ckn on 27 June 2015 - 10:52 AM

Given that the fear of a Labour/SNP deal amongst English voters was a significant contributory factor to Labour losing in 2015, it would seem to me to be essential for any future Labour leader to defuse that particular timebomb before it explodes again in 2020.


The new Labour leader, whoever it is, needs to focus on winning back ground from the SNP in Scotland, not permanently surrender it.


If we learned anything from the result in 2015 it is that the SNP are poisonous to Labour's electoral fortunes both north and south of the border and that does not make them potential future bedfellows.

If people didn't vote Labour because of the right-wing media boogey-man of the SNP threat then they're idiots deserving of serious contempt.  Labour is a lost cause in Scotland for the next few years and giving a blanket snub to the SNP just makes exactly the same mistakes the Tories did when they were annihilated in Scotland.  The Tories did a black/white binary choice in 1997 of "vote for us or look at this evil Labour party you'll get" and the Scots refused to accept this blackmail and voted Labour with a complete wipeout of Tory MPs.  Labour have just given a black/white binary choice of "vote for us or get Tories" at the last election and the Scots have said voted bluntly that they won't accept this blackmail and voted SNP with a nearly total wipeout of their MPs. 


Next year's MSP elections will be just as bad for Labour if they keep going the way they are, they're retreating to London even more than in the past, pointing north of the border and quite bluntly saying to the Scots that they're idiots if they keep voting for the SNP.  That'll teach them then, won't it?  That'll get them doffing their caps and putting their X in the box next to a Labour candidate.  Some of the Labour arrogance and condescension towards their own support is staggering.


What do Labour think they'll achieve by vilifying the SNP?  What about vilifying the Tories?  What about addressing the old Labour voters who only voted Labour grudgingly with a pinched-nose because there was no other reasonable choice?


Back in 2010, Labour lost Redcar, a core Labour heartland constituency due to their arrogance and lack of care for their own support.  They learned nothing from that and it was repeated en-masse in Scotland in 2015.  Yes, they gained Redcar back but that was more due to the Lib Dems than their own success.

#3145498 Disgraceful Sheffield

Posted by ckn on 22 June 2015 - 08:06 PM

Does the like I received off Mr Posh still count even though my post has been removed? Not that I'm counting.

Nowt wrong with the two posts I removed but they did go against the tone I was imposing. It was getting a bit late so I didn't get round to messaging you two to tell you that. Just got home tonight. Sorry 'bout that.

#3144978 Whisky

Posted by ckn on 21 June 2015 - 11:07 PM

I spoke to my dad earlier today, he got a leaving present from work on Friday of some bottles of whisky.  He's not a great whisky knowledge base so he asked me my opinion on the selection:  Lagavulin 16yo, Bowmore 12yo, Laphroaig 10yo, Talisker 18yo, Caol Ila 12yo and Bunnahabhain 12yo.


I'm sure he was taking the proverbial when he said he thought they were cheap bottles... :(

#3143668 Labour leadership contest

Posted by ckn on 19 June 2015 - 03:55 PM

If she believes in Scotland remaining within the UK, and the SNP believe the exact opposite, isn't that rather a big thing to have a strong and clearly expressed view on?

She's ruled out dealing with the SNP so in 2020 if Labour are 50 seats short of a majority, with the the Tories being about 40 seats short, would she REALLY give up the chance of leading the country just because she'd have to deal with the SNP?  Smacks of sheer idiocy, if you ask me.  Never back yourself into a corner when no-one's forcing you.  If the Tories can do a deal with the Lib Dems then Labour should be able to deal with the SNP.

#3141242 Blatant and undisguised bribery in Scottish politics

Posted by ckn on 15 June 2015 - 04:54 PM

It's shameful it is...


Here in England, our politicians keep it honest and above board by keeping all the cake to themselves. :(

#3140382 No Confidence in Board

Posted by ckn on 14 June 2015 - 12:13 PM

Sorry i was messing about trying to see how easy it is to put another id.
This is KN!!!'

Well, you know it worked because you've attracted Adminstrator attention due to posting using the same IP address for both accounts.  You were able to register two accounts because you used two different internet connections, email accounts and other key things when you did that but it flagged you immediately when you used one IP address to post with both accounts.  We do check when that occurs, our multi-user and banned-user finding tools are very effective.


I'm banning your 2nd account and will remind you of the Terms & Conditions of Use of this forum which you signed up to when you joined which specifically bans the use of 2nd accounts without permission.


Also, while I'm at it, there's nothing wrong with using pseudonyms on this forum.  There are more than a few pro and semi-pro players and other club officials who are members here anonymously posting and chewing the fat with fellow rugby fans without having to reveal themselves, tying their views to their professional profiles and being unfairly criticised just because of who they are.  On the other side, there's been more than a few people who have been grossly unfairly persecuted by being a whistleblower or just using robust criticism and using their real name while they do, so you may understand why people choose not to reveal their names.  In my time as an administrator of this forum I've seen club officials grossly unfairly treat fans simply because they used their real name to dare to criticise their club.

#3139966 Uninteresting Trivial Facts

Posted by ckn on 13 June 2015 - 12:02 PM

Perhaps you've simply not got what it takes to push their buttons.

I ditched the previous model that no longer responded to my advances and replaced it with a younger model that does everything I want with the added benefits of it being younger and more glamorous.

#3133675 Privilege

Posted by ckn on 02 June 2015 - 11:35 AM

I think that whole cartoon is offensive in a lot of ways. I agree entirely with Griff's post above, some people love their job that others see as "beneath them".  Then you have those who want to get on and refuse to accept that they should know their place.  I've just completed my staff appraisals for last year and reviewed my managers' appraisals of their own staff  and the career intentions section was very enlightening, it ranged from those who saw no limit for themselves through to those who were happy in-role and would hate any more responsibility or challenge as their current lowly grade suits them perfectly in family life or just attitude to life overall.

If you're in a job where you're happy, you're providing enough for you and your family then surely that's the pinnacle of aspiration for many people?  The relentless drive for "aspiration" being "more money" is just wrong.  If you wash dishes for a living but it gives you enough that you can come in at 9 and go home at 5 exactly to spend happy time with your family then that just shows a thoroughly different view on life from those who think you need to be earning 6 figures a year to be happy.  What those who aim for money don't get is that once many people get to 6 figures, they want mid-6 figures, then higher-6 figures and so on, looking for happiness from a big bank balance that just doesn't come.


I remember my family and others struggling heavily during the miner's strike and one conversation in house about how they'd never let the (illegitimate offspring) get to them.  The attitude driven from my granddad as the overall patriarch was "never settle if you're unhappy with your life, get up and fix it yourself as no-one in society will do it for you unless you're from old money".  I also remember many of my friends from school being dragged backwards by their parents who refused to see anything for their kids but what they're doing now, telling them that there's no way out so why bother trying.


Yes, privilege will give you the head start that is worth plenty but unless you're aiming to work for one of the mega-money investment bank roles where influence and connections will get you in the door then there's not a single job in society where any youngster can't achieve with the right personal drive.  If that personal drive is to be an artist because they love art, a receptionist because they love interacting with lots of people, a manager because they love achieving things through others, a nurse because they love helping others, and so on, then surely that's far more important than having a big bank balance.


Some of the least happy people I know are millionaires.  One of the highest suicide demographics as a percentage of people in that demographic in the UK is wealthy men in their 50s in the premium professional careers.  At 50, you start getting to the "too old" category in most of the top 10 professional services companies in all different trades unless you're in the tiny executive niche at the top, your career first stalls then starts to go down as the younger challengers get the juicy assignments.  You realise you've spent 12-16 hours a day, including weekends, trying to be the best for years, taken few holidays, made millions but you've no real friends outside that job, your family don't really know you and you've done nothing of note beyond your job.  That's when the hopelessness kicks in and suicidal ideation starts.

#3131762 Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

Posted by ckn on 30 May 2015 - 09:36 AM

I imagine the conversation went something like this:


Scene: Old-boys' social networking event.

UAE RU to GAYSW: "you know how we're the rugby governing body in the UAE?  We even call ourselves a union to show that we're for everyone?"

GAYSW: "OK..."

RU: "Well, there's this lot who are playing rugby in a league, that's why they call themselves rugby league, they're refusing to be governed by us.  What's worse, there's this foreigner who is in charge and he's pimping the UAE out to other people who play rugby in a league without even asking our permission meaning he's breaking the law.  AND he's an illegal immigrant now that his visa has expired.  Can you do something about him?"

GAYSW: "Who does he think he is?  SEND IN THE GOONS!"

#3131060 Labour leadership contest

Posted by ckn on 28 May 2015 - 10:46 PM

feel free

whats not true

OK, I'll keep it to two points because it's bedtime:

- We tolerate the worst sort of scroungers and we really have to do something about it.  I'm talking about a type of scrounger that takes from hard-working people and then expects the government to pay them benefits.  I'm talking about companies that pay so little that their employees have to claim benefits to survive.  That's scrounging, especially if they headquarter in a tax haven somewhere.  Individual benefit fraud is 1/10th of the  tax evasion and wilful exploitation of tax laws by companies AND the last government still gave them a massive tax cut!

- The government goes after soft targets, those who can't defend themselves easily, the infirm, disabled and vulnerable while those who can game the system get away with it as too difficult.  What else do you call a system that sanctions someone's benefits for three months because they had a heart attack and missed their appointment?

#3131016 The European Union Referendum

Posted by ckn on 28 May 2015 - 09:16 PM

The poll shows SNP, SinnFein, Greens, separately, all left of centre. Indeed there are those on here would have voted SNP if they had stood in England, Alliance Party are left of Centre, too, though I added the lone BNP voter to the right of centre.

Thus the balance of those who voted on here is still to the left of centre, as is the industrial north.

A forum with most people being from the north of England being slightly left leaning? Well, I never. You've shocked me with that one. ;)

Next you'll be telling me that most people on here watch rugby league.