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#2967603 Commonwealth Games 7s

Posted by ckn on Today, 03:17 PM

Thats like saying Big Brother, Soap Operas, Talk Shows and Talent(less) Shows on TV get big audiences means they are  great to watch. Why would I write to the IRB or anybody? Most People attend 7s are there not for the Rugby but for the social Scene with alcohol. They may have a passing interest in it but certainly ist not taken seriously amongst the crowd. Union with ist old Boys contacts and Money should have no Problem growing. Yet for all that most People in Central and Eastern Europe, Americas and Asia have no idea about Rugby whether that be 15s or 7s

Have you been to one or are you just guessing with that based on 1980s stereotypes?

#2967008 Commonwealth Games 7s

Posted by ckn on Yesterday, 11:55 AM

And Fiji will be in the Olympics.

I saw one conversation going on about how they'll manage with the extra teams in the Olympics as the 7s format of 4 teams in 4 pools is pretty fixed and not that flexible.  The likes of Malaysia, Singapore and PNG will want to be playing again but France, Fiji and the USA will be saying they want back in as more senior nations.  If they get a few more teams then they could hold it over a couple of weekends with the first weekend being a qualifying tournament for the top 16 nations.

#2966920 Uninteresting Trivial Facts

Posted by ckn on Yesterday, 09:26 AM

My reputation is at 666.

#2966756 Cricket - England v India

Posted by ckn on 27 July 2014 - 09:03 PM

Very few players get to such scores without an element of luck I saw a fair bit of the innings but certainly not all of it. The riding his luck comment is wide of the mark.
Form is temporary , class is permanent.

Don't get me wrong, I think Cook is one of the world's best current batsmen but this innings is probably the worst thing that could happen to him.  He needs to lose the captaincy and just be an outstanding batsman again, let someone else take the burden.  If he'd had another shocker of a game then he'd not have survived as captain for another game and could have gone away and sorted himself out, taking a winter off for a change then coming back to be the mainstay of the England opening pair for another 6-7 years that other nations would hate.  Instead, he'll shuffle on as captain for the rest of the summer and into the winter tour before probably doing permanent and irrepairable damage to himself and his game.

#2965384 The Lib Dems and self-congratulation

Posted by ckn on 25 July 2014 - 04:48 PM

I got a nice email today from the Lib Dems going on about how they were right to go into the Coalition because of the economy and heartily slapping themselves on their backs for their efforts.  Well… what about the rest of the stuff they’ve right royally screwed up along with their Tory mates.


- The bankers… where are the prosecutions and reforms?  Nowhere.  If any other group had caused that much damage to our country then they’d be called terrorists and shipped off to an “offshore” detention centre never to be heard of again.
- The NHS.  It’s in bits. Half of it is bankrupt in all bar name because of “reforms” and fake competition.  The other half has been reorganised repeatedly so that it can hide closures and service reductions.  Then the government “fines” hospitals for poor service, that’s taking money out of the hospital’s budgets so that it can’t afford to improve.
- Universities.  A headline promise to oppose fees was turned into a three-line whip to vote for them.
- Local government.  Another point where central government cuts and pressures have left many councils with choices between cutting one critical service or another because there’s nothing else left in the cupboard to cut.
- The disabled.  A MINIMUM of a six month wait for Personal Independence Payment assessments and often far, far longer.  And that doesn’t even take into account the work fitness assessments that are meant to take disabled people off benefits and throw them in society’s skip.
- The poor.  Implementing a mandatory bedroom tax when there’s not enough housing stock for people to downgrade.  A ridiculous policy that’s made life even harder for the poorest in society.
- The poor again.  We have the highest level of genuine food bank usage EVER in the UK.  A national disgrace that you conveniently shuffle away under the carpet hoping Labour will stop beating you about it.
- The poor yet again.  The government attack on benefits claimants where if you look at a benefits advisor the wrong way they’ll sanction you.  The examples are everywhere including people being sanctioned because they were at job interviews, sanctioned because they were in hospital, sanctioned because they refused to delete qualifications from CVs.


I could go on for many, many more bullet points.


To any remaining Lib Dem voters, if you think those things are Liberal successes then you’re nothing but a Tory in disguise.  A common argument is that you’re in a Coalition therefore can’t do everything, well, yes but there is such a thing as collective responsibility.  YOUR government implemented those things, YOUR government and YOUR Lib Dem ministers are responsible.


Watch this youtube video.  This is what your government has done.  Well done, what a liberal legacy.  Have a nice slow hand clap for your efforts.

#2964444 The Commonwealth Games

Posted by ckn on 23 July 2014 - 11:06 PM

Apparently John Barrowman kissed another man during the opening...  thinking back, I realised that I saw it and my mind just didn't mark it out of place.  I'm quite happy with myself for that :)


The kiss seems to have made a number of unimportant people quite unhappy though.  Ah well.

#2964357 The Commonwealth Games

Posted by ckn on 23 July 2014 - 09:02 PM

Is it just me that feels a wee bit older hearing that Liz McColgan's daughter is competing in these games?

#2964262 Rant of the day - bills

Posted by ckn on 23 July 2014 - 06:45 PM

Ah well, that's another one down.  Merc E320, about half the miles expected for its age, advertised as "immaculate" and "flawless" with "one careful owner", the first thing I see when I get there is that the number plate is fractured and someone has used a black marker pen to complete the letters that were damaged, the bumper's lacquer is shattered in more than a few places with a few bits down to the primer, the bonnet has more than a few stone chips, and so on.  I decided to have a look anyway as if it were mechanically sound then I'd use the paintwork to reduce the price and get it redone myself.  The engine sounded just as smooth as expected on start but some of the electrical items were strangely flickering so I did a bit of a detailed inspection, the external lights were doing the same random flickering and it got red flags waving for me with one of the indicators going at twice the speed of the other three.  A cursory internal inspection found many of the handles on storage units were either broken or bodged back on, leather seats looked picked at, fabric was more worn than the miles suggested, almost as if someone had let an angry toddler loose on the car for an afternoon.  Oh, and the "one careful owner", I had to ask the seller which one of the four owners on the V5 that would have been.  The seller told me that he didn't like my tone and asked me to leave his property when I said I was more than narked at losing a couple of hours of my life on this wreck of a car.


Next on the list!

#2964189 Promotion

Posted by ckn on 23 July 2014 - 04:40 PM

That reminds me, and I can't believe I forgot anyway...  Don't trust other managers.  Your number 1 problem from now on is most likely going to be other managers playing petty politics with a few playing all-in hands all the time when it comes to sabotaging you.  Some will do it because of jealousy that you're the new "favoured" one and they no longer are in that position, others will do it with a mind that the more they trash every other team the better theirs looks, yet others will do it to try to curry favour with the highheidyins, and then you get the narcissistic assclowns of the world who are happy to screw you over just for the hell of it.


You can't say "I'm not playing politics" and try to stay out of it, that's a bit like catching the kick off in a SL game then telling the charging opposition forwards that you're having a bad day so please go lightly on you.  You either play politics or get ground under without sympathy.  That said, there's a big difference between playing politics to stop you being ground under and playing destructive politics yourself; I do my damnedest to protect me and mine without joining in with the destruction and it really does help my moral compass survive in the office.

Quoting myself because I saw a perfect example of this today.  A junior manager was in our senior managers' meeting for the first time, he was giving a presentation and a jealous peer had obviously set him up by telling him that "Dave", the most senior manager there and actually detests being called Dave rather than David, preferred to see everything likely to be said in the Powerpoint presentation and that if it isn't there then Dave will get angry.  He gave a 30 minute presentation of about 20-25 slides, facing the screen the entire time except for asking "Dave" his opinion a few times before being stopped and dismissed from the meeting.  What David actually prefers is a minimalist style of no more than 3-4 slides regardless of how complex and even better no slides at all, he also wants short 10 minute things at the longest.  Somehow I think that that junior manager has blown his credibility and is unlikely to be invited back, his boss was sitting there red faced through embarrassment and a wee bit of anger.

#2963343 The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Posted by ckn on 22 July 2014 - 08:12 AM

We've had far too many threads locked or ruined by them being dragged wildly off-topic onto the nuts and bolts of promotion and relegation.  As a compromise, it may be best if we have an official thread where the specific topic is P&R.  More specifically, this is P&R between the three leagues of SL, CC and CC1 but we wouldn't get huffy if people were discussing promotion into CC1 from below and vice versa.


The same rules of the board apply.  If it gets insulting then hit the report button, don't reply yourself or you'll get caught in the moderation.


Also, please note that we will be deleting posts in other threads if they take a thread off-topic onto P&R.  If something in another thread makes you want to have a rant about P&R then bring it to this thread instead.


Have fun!

#2963342 Another one bites the dust

Posted by ckn on 22 July 2014 - 08:08 AM

or maybe we should just have one thread that debates it. John D has started to lock threads now as people are going round and round with the same points and different threads.

Hmmm... I like that idea better, a bit like a crèche for people to have their rants without ruining other threads.

#2961898 19/07/14 - Catalan Dragons v Wakefield Trinity Wildcats KO 6pm CET (TV)

Posted by ckn on 19 July 2014 - 09:50 PM

What's wrong with swearing? It's all part of our rich language. And if the guardian can do it why can't we? Is it not a bit tugging our forelock to not swear when v it fits?

This is a family friendly forum that's meant to be entirely safe for work. The occasional humorous thing might get ignored but never when it's clearly used as abuse. This isn't a new policy, it's the same one that we've always enforced.

#2961615 More Bradford Schools News....

Posted by ckn on 19 July 2014 - 10:19 AM

Just a more extreme example of pushy parents.  The school governors system is ripe for pushing your views on others.


Craig, this isn't a religious school but a bog standard one. What faith schools do is a seperate argument.

Which is why parents as governors is just stupid.  If they must have oversight make it an independend professional oversight body or individual, much like a non-executive chairman in companies.


Having parents as governors in schools would be just as stupid as having unqualified governors for GPs, vaccines would be banned and all expenditure on routine stuff would be scrapped to meet the needs of this week's Daily Mail scare story.

#2961327 More Bradford Schools News....

Posted by ckn on 18 July 2014 - 06:57 PM

Its more a case of people who have expressed concerns being labelled racist or 'Islamaphobic' that has allowed such BS to fester, not just Ofsted not being able to do anything.

It's not just the muslim lot though that are at it, the catholic schools have had an easy run at it for all of the 20th and 21st centuries so far, they're still a law unto themselves and largely unanswerable.  When I was a kid I once went out with a girl who went to the local catholic girl's school, the girls were compulsorily "excused" certain classes in biology because girls shouldn't know things like that until they reached adulthood.


My solution is to ban all religious schools, nationalising the existing ones and turning them into secular schools.  It's automatically fair according to a ECHR decision if it's done fairly and consistently to all religions.  If the parents want to have their kids given religious education then the very wealthy religions can fund their own proper Sunday Schools where kids can "learn" at weekends.


Posted by ckn on 18 July 2014 - 01:18 PM

To be fair though, BoJo like Ken, knows the job isn't about what you do but what you're perceived to do and making a noise.  It's why he keeps talking about building London's next airport in a bit of the country over which he actually has no control at all, why he's forever linking the bits of London he can sell to big businesses who want to put their name on things, and so on.


Ken's main 'win', from memory, was bus fares and improved routes.  He might have made a lot of noise about other things but what he can actually 'do' is limited.

Ken's greatest achievement as far as I'm concerned is the Oyster card setup.  A fairly flawless project done on time and budget at a time when it seemed that no big public sector project could be done without doubling cost for half quality.