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All praise our crustacean overlord

24 February 2015 - 03:35 PM

One for the more established forum members.  And by that I mean long, long established members.  The ones who remember the days of MobyClaw and Clawphin.



The sign language lady is quite amusing as well...


21 February 2015 - 11:42 AM

We're not very good at this cricket lark, are we?  Or are we giving these furriners a head start to make them feel good before we eventually win the thing?


The might of Scotland next...

Armchair warriors

16 February 2015 - 08:58 AM

There's been an unwelcome rise in the number of posts I've seen of armchair warriors getting unacceptably aggressive and using bullying tactics on this forum since the season started.  Just to let you know that we have seen it and we've already lost any tolerance for it, we're at the point where bans or suspensions will be given if it continues.

Things I've learned in the last 36 hours...

14 February 2015 - 11:23 PM

... helping a friend in need:


1. If you get someone with a paracetamol overdose to A&E within 8 hours then survival is essentially 100% unless they've already got a shot liver.  Just get them there, no delays.  As little as one pharmacy pack of paracetamol will easily kill if left untreated.

2. Nurses, doctors and support staff just get on with things despite clear stresses, closed wards and a level of persistent understaffing that no other organisation would or could tolerate.

3. The private secondary care market really, really don't want to take dementia patents from their hospital beds back to their care home beds.  This leaves elderly bed-blockers in hospital while care homes still charge for their bed.  The ward my friend was in had one old lady sitting ready for transport from when I saw her early this morning to when I saw her again this evening and the nurses couldn't free the bed until the care home "risk assessed" her coming back.

4. A&E has far too many people who go there because their precious offspring has a sniffle.  We were fourth in a queue at reception and one woman was shouting at the receptionist because the nurse suggested that a minor sprained wrist on an adolescent child isn't what A&E is for.  And this is in an area where you can get a GP appointment same day almost any day, even late in a working afternoon.

5. Our NHS is just fantastic when it's left alone and clinical priorities take over for having to treat very ill people very quickly.  People in emergency need get treatment and no patient ever has to think about the cost.

6. According to one senior nurse I was talking to, accidental paracetamol overdose is becoming far too common.  Her advice was only take it for one-off things and never for more than a couple of days even if you stick within the dosage limits.

7. The NHS mental health side is shot. Gone. Unusable except for low-level bandage type "take a diazepam and sleep it off" treatments unless you're extremely lucky.  My friend's psychiatrist said there wasn't a bed available within four counties.  Slow hand clap for the last 15 years of government cuts to this area because it's the area no-one cares about enough to fix properly.  All three major parties have blame for this, it's not a party political point.  The Coalition have just continued Labour's idiot cuts to beds, 10% of mental health beds cut in the last four years compared to 8% of total NHS beds cut in the same time.

8. Thinking about it, that just needs its own point.  8% of all NHS beds have been cut by this Coalition and it's not front page news every day?  Really?  And that's using the government's own figures.  And Labour haven't got that plastered across newspaper adverts?  Really?  Am I missing something?

NHS and Privatisation

27 January 2015 - 10:13 PM

Honestly, privatisation is good for us, if by "us" you mean Tory MPs who sit on private company boards.