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NHS and Privatisation

27 January 2015 - 10:13 PM

Honestly, privatisation is good for us, if by "us" you mean Tory MPs who sit on private company boards.

Political policies

26 January 2015 - 10:11 AM

It's been a while but I've just seen the first political party policy for a long time that I've gone "that makes perfect sense, now roll it out across the UK".  Brent Council will cut the business rates of any business that pays all its employees at least the living wage.


The policy pays for itself as that living wage means many benefits go away and people can become more independent of the state.

Doomsday clock

23 January 2015 - 12:24 AM

We're doomed, doooomed I tell you...  Closest to "midnight" since 1984.


Although I understand the methodology, the subjective psychological bit of me struggles to get this.  I was on the eastern edge of West Germany in the late 80s guarding things that no-one really wanted to admit at the time, I know the institutional paranoia that was going on then and that it really was just one minor nutjob away from WW3. Yet we're about the same rating but it's mainly about things that are not as hard-nosed as two superpowers about to go toe-to-toe in a nuclear war.


Quite scary really given that this is as about as objective an analysis as we're likely to get to how screwed we are.

Fox News

13 January 2015 - 02:45 PM

You know you've really gone off the deep end when the Daily Mail makes fun of how stupid your islamophobia has become.


30 December 2014 - 09:32 PM

With the lights starting to go dim on 2014, I thought a revival of the annual review thread would be appropriate.


After a shocking 2013, 2014 has been much, much better.


- Not a single funeral attended.  Not a single friend or family member died this year.  If any die in the 26.5 hours left of the year then I will get mightily annoyed at them for being so selfish.

- My wife is getting slightly better, nowhere near as bad as last year.  Still paying out about £1000 a month on things that the NHS should pay for.

- I started the year as one of those nasty, evil external contractors for the NHS that the media gets all upset about, even though I was on about 1/3 of the rate I charge private companies.  I was then made an offer to go permanent that I jumped at because I get a chance, and the remit, to fix a small bit of the NHS.  I suppose I'm one of those NHS non-clinical managers that gets whined about by the clueless but I'm earning now about 1/4 of my self-employed income and have already saved the NHS one hell of a lot of money in the short months since appointment.  Thankfully I got to cherry-pick the managers underneath me and they got to do the same with their staff meaning that those with the stubborn "that's not how it's done here" attitude just don't work for me.  The thing that still confuses me though given my self-employed history is that I get paid holidays, they actually pay me to not work for over a working month a year...

- My trusty steed, my Audi TT 3.2L, was taken away and shot at the knacker's yard in the summer.  The gearbox died and the price of a replacement went from £2000ish for an unproven 2nd-hand one (if it's 2nd hand then the original car must have died somehow which makes it suspicious) to £4500 for a new one.  That and other issues meant that it was almost worth the entire car's value to bring it back to a decent condition.  A damn shame as it was a good car and quite probably the best winter drive I've ever had.

- The sole holiday of the year was to Sorrento for our friends' wedding.  A fantastic holiday with some excellent people :)