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This forum and your continued posting rights on it

10 December 2014 - 10:21 AM

There has been a marked deterioration in civility on this forum in the last couple of weeks.  So, for the newer posters here and for the older ones who have forgotten, a few ground rules.


1.  I expect higher standards of civility here than I do on the rest of the forum.  Pathetic little jibes like "troll on rah rah boy" to a fairly sensible post will most likely annoy me and be deleted, a repeat might see you lose your posting rights to the cross-code forum.


2.  Certain phrases are banned outright and others just annoy me so much I'm tempted to just ban the poster, never mind just remove cross-code rights.  They include anything to do with Vichy, mungoes and so on, regardless of whether they're used in "jest" or not.  If you are tempted to use a banned or outright nasty phrase to do with either sport then just think again.  There is only one context where Vichy is allowed and that's to do with FRENCH union during the second world war, using it to refer to any other unionite will get your rights removed.


3.  Those of you where there's a moderator enforced peace, abide by it.  My tolerance is wearing thin given the colder weather and too much talk about having to visit family at Christmas.  I've had enough of the faux-outrage from all of you.


4.  On faux-outrage, there seems to have been a large number of people who have joined the forum or recently found the cross-code one and just want to post here to let off their faux-outrage at some indignity suffered back when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball, passed it to Jesus who did a snazzy offload to Santa before shoeing a working class oik for getting in the way.  Come on... just stop.  I'm getting fed up of seeing threads on utterly unconnected subjects derailed by someone getting upset because someone vaguely connected with rugby union looked at them the wrong way when they were a child.


5.  That then leads me to my last point.  Keep it on topic.  If it's going off topic, looks like it's never going to get back on topic and I lock it then that's your problem, it's not censorship, it's called moderation.  Long experience says that it needs to be done or the site just falls apart due to playground ranting.

MPs practising for being unemployed

08 December 2014 - 09:43 AM

For those MPs who don't have a high profile, the next General Election may reintroduce unemployment and sitting around at home looking at a CV with no real experience beyond "Part of the largest bully clique in a state-funded playground since 2010".  They'll probably then just get bored and play computer games, this MP is way ahead of his pack and getting some levels in now to impress his mates (Daily Mail).


When caught, he said he'd "try not to do it again", not "I won't do it again".

Mental Health

29 November 2014 - 02:02 PM

2100 NHS mental health beds gone since 2011.  8 people dead (7 suicides, 1 homicide) with a proven causability to this.  Routinely no beds available in most of England in both private and public mental health care.


BBC News story on it that made the BBC news front page for a few hours yesterday then dropped.  It also made the Radio 2 news for a couple of hours.  No sign of it on any other media source.  Obviously an odious Tory being rude to a taxi driver is more important.


There's a direct consequence of this Coalition government.  Tory ideals, Lib Dem minister responsible for Mental Health, devastation to a core service of the NHS.  Do you think the government cares?  Not in the slightest beyond another fluff promise from the Lib Dems that they'll just ignore if anyone were daft enough to vote for them.


Then there's the even wider story of 10,000 NHS beds that have been cut since 2010 (official government source)  It was headline news with strikes and protests when Maggie Thatcher's government cuts forced the closure of a single ward, now all the main parties want to do is distract everyone about immigration scare stories and the media lap it all up.  I'd love to compare the Labour figures as I know they did their own fair share of cutting as well but the methodologies changed with the new government and the figures can't be easily compared.


28 November 2014 - 06:34 PM

Yay for the Tories...

Plebgate (redux)

27 November 2014 - 04:17 PM

Andrew Mitchell lost his libel case today after the judge said he did use the word "pleb" against the police, he also said that the policeman was too thick to have made the story up (paraphrased). :P


Something about that just tickled me...