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Banking fraud

28 July 2014 - 04:58 PM

With Lloyds being fined £218m for Libor fraud, that's three of the big five banks in the UK that have now been fined a 9 figure sum for conspiring to defraud by fixing the Libor interest rate.  An estimate on telly suggested that the full cost is probably over £1bn in the amount lost due to this deliberate conduct.


So... if you defraud the government of a five figure sum of benefits, you go to jail and are rightly abused.  If you defraud the country of over £1bn you get fined a portion of it and not a single individual gets a criminal conviction.  Surely there should be a few people losing their freedom over this for a very long time.  Unlikely though as it's seemingly not in the public interest.

Cameron's Big Society Network charity misuse allegations

26 July 2014 - 02:23 PM

Independent article.


Somehow I'm not shocked at all with this story.

The Lib Dems and self-congratulation

25 July 2014 - 04:48 PM

I got a nice email today from the Lib Dems going on about how they were right to go into the Coalition because of the economy and heartily slapping themselves on their backs for their efforts.  Well… what about the rest of the stuff they’ve right royally screwed up along with their Tory mates.


- The bankers… where are the prosecutions and reforms?  Nowhere.  If any other group had caused that much damage to our country then they’d be called terrorists and shipped off to an “offshore” detention centre never to be heard of again.
- The NHS.  It’s in bits. Half of it is bankrupt in all bar name because of “reforms” and fake competition.  The other half has been reorganised repeatedly so that it can hide closures and service reductions.  Then the government “fines” hospitals for poor service, that’s taking money out of the hospital’s budgets so that it can’t afford to improve.
- Universities.  A headline promise to oppose fees was turned into a three-line whip to vote for them.
- Local government.  Another point where central government cuts and pressures have left many councils with choices between cutting one critical service or another because there’s nothing else left in the cupboard to cut.
- The disabled.  A MINIMUM of a six month wait for Personal Independence Payment assessments and often far, far longer.  And that doesn’t even take into account the work fitness assessments that are meant to take disabled people off benefits and throw them in society’s skip.
- The poor.  Implementing a mandatory bedroom tax when there’s not enough housing stock for people to downgrade.  A ridiculous policy that’s made life even harder for the poorest in society.
- The poor again.  We have the highest level of genuine food bank usage EVER in the UK.  A national disgrace that you conveniently shuffle away under the carpet hoping Labour will stop beating you about it.
- The poor yet again.  The government attack on benefits claimants where if you look at a benefits advisor the wrong way they’ll sanction you.  The examples are everywhere including people being sanctioned because they were at job interviews, sanctioned because they were in hospital, sanctioned because they refused to delete qualifications from CVs.


I could go on for many, many more bullet points.


To any remaining Lib Dem voters, if you think those things are Liberal successes then you’re nothing but a Tory in disguise.  A common argument is that you’re in a Coalition therefore can’t do everything, well, yes but there is such a thing as collective responsibility.  YOUR government implemented those things, YOUR government and YOUR Lib Dem ministers are responsible.


Watch this youtube video.  This is what your government has done.  Well done, what a liberal legacy.  Have a nice slow hand clap for your efforts.

Cricket - England v India

10 July 2014 - 03:34 PM

England don't really seem to like finishing off their opponents.


Can you imagine any other test nation where the local club's groundsman would be allowed to prepare a dead pitch to keep the money-men happy in a 5 day test?

Daily Mail (I've lost count of the part number)

09 July 2014 - 09:08 AM

George Clooney hits back at the Mail for a dangerous article