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In Topic: M.O.M. Rovers V Batley (Ch 8's)

Today, 08:36 AM


some people are beyond help

In Topic: Reserves at home vs Dewsbury - This Thursday

Today, 08:32 AM

Grayston looked a real good prospect at wakey, but he's gone backwards in my opinion. and how he didn't get a ban for what he did at leigh, i'll never know.

In Topic: Fans forum

Today, 08:27 AM

i've been a big fan of Lukes since i saw him in the reserves a couple of seasons ago, and tbh i think the lad has been messed about. it must be hard to maintain your enthusiasm when you're not getting the game time

In Topic: Ainscough

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

Kyran's try from sykesy's kick through was well created and finished.... t'other three. .. we'll bug ger me wi t'curly end of a Raja's slipper! Complete catastrophic and inexplicable collapse in the most gratuitous manner possible.... having absolutely battered us in every Dept for 72 n afe minutes.

Cookes kick through

In Topic: expectations

Yesterday, 04:48 PM

all the bad news stories ajnt gonna sell many season tickets, whether true or not