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Rugby League Yearbook 2015-2016

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In Topic: WRL Annual Report 2014/15

21 November 2015 - 08:40 PM

Don't wanna be the wet blanket but, while the overall message seems cheery, the 23% drop in registered players in the last year seems less cheery. As does the Total Registered Players figure of 1440

I cannot confirm for definite, but the drop in paid staff was allied to a drop in funding from Sport Wales of nearly six figures if what I have been told is correct due to the WRL taking over the Scorpions, this was despite the improvements in grading by Sport Wales in regard to Governance since C Thair took over.

That in itself makes this report great reading.

In Topic: The game still has enormous potential in Wales

08 November 2015 - 12:18 PM

You make a big mistake in saying the problem was Wales failed due to mismanagement then in the same post saying the way to growth is revenue. It's ambiguous and it comes from the many mean minded northerners and some southerners who were always popping up condemning Samuels so hard and nastily people started to believe the bad publicity.

What Janners sets out on here is superb management of the post Crusaders game in Wales on limited funds. That the WRL retains a foothold is also down to the free gangway in which the game is allowed to exist without the pressures of sporting apartheid.
But the key to it blossoming again is money, whether that is a private sponsor(s) or a government grant is neither here nor there, it's money that is needed to take this excellent set up onwards.  
I've no doubt it needs "great people" too, and rugby league people wherever they are are always that, but let's get away from this idea of a magical manager who takes the game to the top on a shoestring budget.
Where the truth is at it's barest is when the amateur clubs turn semi pro. The biggest thing by a mile they crave in spades is money. Money to rent good grounds, to pay good players, to pay to travel to play other rising clubs. It's how it is.........

The management from the WRL board over the last two years has been excellent. Brian Juliff and Chris Thair have had some really tough decisions to make and as unpopular as they may have been, the game is on a level footing in Wales now, whereas in 2013 it really was potentially about to disappear at any meaningful level due to previous administrations, certainly in South Wales.

The appointment of John Kear was a master stroke as well. The difference in the team's body language between the World Cup and this Euro campaign is amazing,