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In Topic: Rugby Oldham

25 May 2015 - 02:19 PM

Cheers HOTTB i think we all want the same things. Great that people are striving to achieve it, rather than moaning about it. Hope all goes  well at the next meeting.

In Topic: Rugby Oldham

24 May 2015 - 11:14 PM

Lots of lively discussion lately on different threads so I've started a new thread to cover some of the points raised.


1) After our monthly meeting last Thursday notification of our AGM has now gone out to members. The AGM is set for Sunday 7th June at a venue and time to be decided (usually pre-match near to ground).  Details will go out with agenda and a Newsletter in a few weeks.


2) I would be happy for this meeting to have 2 parts, official business which would exclude non members followed by a public forum.


3) Attachments are an application form for membership and a nomination form for Board membership (in both PDF and Word format). There are 2 Board places available after existing Board members stood down. In addition 4 Board members are up for re-election including myself. Anyone who wants to stage a takeover has an ideal opportunity!


4) Constitutionally, we changed from being an Industrial Co-operative Society at the 2012 AGM and are now a Community Benefit Society. As a CBS we would have the ability to issue 'community shares' should the need arise in future. This answers some of the points raised about 'crowd funding' etc. and is the method being used in soccer eg by FC United of Manchester.  


5) There would be no problem in RO changing its constitution to involve direct ownership in a professional club either in whole or part as and when required. This would need approval from the membership at an AGM or EGM. It would seem unlikely that such a proposal would be rejected.


6) When RO was set up it was created to find a ground for the professional club. We had long and fruitful discussions with the Council, most particularly David Jones (then Council Leader) and Andrew Kilburn (then CEO), but including others as well.

The following sites were seriously considered:- Snipe Clough, Melrose Playing Fields, Coal Pit Lane, Higginshaw Gas Works and Hollinwood (site where New Bridge School is).  

Other land investigated and discussed included:- Broadbent Road, Chadderton Power Station, Beal Valley, Lancaster Club Failsworth, Orb Mill Waterhead, Seddon Atkinson, Drury Lane, Granby Street, land at Greenacres, land at Higher Lime and later the Counthill and Breeze Hill School sites when it became clear the schools would be demolished. Meanwhile ORLFC itself looked at Hope Congregational land at Glodwick/Abbeyhills.

RO eventually settled on Hunt Lane (Radcliffe School site) as its preferred option, that land at the time being used for training by both ORLFC and Rochdale Hornets).

All discussions came to an abrupt end when the newly recruited club director Bill Quinn announced at Rugby Oldham's 2007 Celebration Dinner of 50 years since winning the Championship Final at Odsal (held at the Queen Elizabeth Hall) that he would personally see to building a ground for ORLFC.

We all know what happened after that.

As regards the present, although RO offered to help fund some terracing at Whitebank, no progress has been made and the value of providing this comes increasingly into question as a potential white elephant and waste of cash.

My personal view is that if a professional club is ever again to flourish in Oldham the best option would be a groundshare with Oldham Athletic and if that were not possible a goundshare with Oldham RU club (always provided they were agreeable).


I am happy to answer any questions about this posting.


In the meantime since CH has said he will talk to any of you who have concerns I would like to see someone take up his offer and report back. I doubt he will want to hold a public meeting to avoid any aggravation but you never know. Writing to the RFL was a good move as League Express took up the story and it has brought issues to a wider RL audience.


RO is in frequent contact with Supporters Direct who are aware of the situation.


Contact with SD produced the following opportunity for anyone wanting a job. Jaquie Forster has so much work she needs an assistant: you can apply at


Hi Geoff, You seem to be the rep or voice of Rugby Oldham. We are still waiting for some feedback after your meeting with reps from Oldham Rubgy supporters. When is the announcement likely to happen as it's already a bit late in my opinion. 

In Topic: RO meeting 7th may - report

21 May 2015 - 04:40 PM

i'll keep it short and sweet because RO are going to issue a more detailed statement to its members & on their website in the coming days..

me & mark met with the board and committee members of rugby oldham last thursday evening (7th may),we spoke,at length, about the previous meeting we had with CH the week before,and answered questions as openly and as honesly as we could.

we also spoke at length about RO's plans for the future and it was clear that theres no significant differences between the two groups,RO & 'independent supporters' on the major issues.

RO have agreed to attend the next meeting with the ORLFC & 'the independent supporters group' on june 1st with the agenda,subject to agreement ,likely to be focused on;

1. the ground : forthcoming developments at whitebank and alternative options
2. progress on developing a digital media presence for the club
3. the clubs relationship with fans and with rugby oldham.

like i said short and sweet as a more detailed statement is imminent from RO.

personally though i felt it was a very positive meeting with rugby oldham.

Any sign of the RO statement yet?

In Topic: Barrow Raiders v Oldham Video Highlights

21 May 2015 - 01:28 PM

There you go Tosh, the independent tribunal has ruled that 3 of your players were in the wrong to our 1,
And they had the opportunity to watch in slomo. You saw what you wanted to see in real time.

I'd already worked that out tah! that was the point i was making. Slow mo and they still missed it. I saw it from the opposite side of the pitch! All done now and doesn't change the result. Your lads deserved the win. ;-)

In Topic: Barrow Raiders v Oldham Video Highlights

20 May 2015 - 01:23 PM

Interesting then that 3 players battering the Oldham Hooker has been missed! And we hear those terms at every game but not every play the ball!