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In Topic: 17/08/14 - The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

24 August 2014 - 04:09 PM

Going OK, probably at the right level for this stage of his career, it'd be nice to see him try to lay the ball off more in the tackle but given his size and power he'll have a field day in Championship 1 next year if he continues with us. The sight of him and Jono Smith bearing down on them would be brown trouser time for a lot of teams in that division!

I've heard that Seb is off to Castleford, but not sure how true that is.

In Topic: 22/08/14 | London Skolars v Hunslet Hawks | 7.30pm | Friday Night Lights

24 August 2014 - 04:04 PM

Just home from a weekend down in London and nursing a very sore head. Friday Night Lights was fantastic fun and its great to meet the various clubs that turn up and old friends from London. Thanks to everyone who looked after us, put on the games, cooked and served beer to the North Wales Crusaders formation drinking team. We had a blast. Oh! and the Challenge cup wasn't bad either!

In Topic: Barrow away

21 August 2014 - 03:57 PM

Anthony Murray will definitely want the win at his old stomping ground and I'm sure the lads will want to do him proud. A comprehensive win for Cru.

In Topic: Anthony Murray

19 August 2014 - 11:07 PM

Is this a dig at Barrow? Or Crusaders? Or Anthony Murray? Or a combinations of all 3? And why post it twice - once in the Barrow forum?


Was Murray in charge when Barrow were 'officially' relegated or was that Bobby Goulding?


As previously posted (so now I am repeating myself!) - North Wales Crusaders performance has improved with Murray at the helm gaining 6 bonus points under his guidance and a win last Sunday. The team has lacked the killer instinct and guile to close games out - if we had maybe we would have kept our Championship hopes alive. As it is were in the unfortunate position of being relegated thanks to the restructure - in any other season we would have stayed up.

In Topic: Cycling Crusaders

19 August 2014 - 10:48 PM

We're staying in Grange-over-Sands on the Saturday night and will probably cycle in following the coast - about 28 miles - about 2.5 hours cycling so we'll be there in plenty of time before kick off. We'll definitely be there before 2pm.