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#2938339 Ref Sunday

Posted by phildog on 02 June 2014 - 06:58 PM

ELPwhatever; remember games last 80 minutes, it's no good saying 'we were 32-14 up' and then... that Fev 'let' Batley back is their fault, but Batley, back to a bit of form, played for the whole 80, and if they're keen enough to do that, give them credit. Think back how many teams last year were beaten at the death by us due to playing the whole 80. And, on the original topic about refs, there isn't a good one amongst them, not one who will make a decision for himself without passing it on to the video ref for him to get it wrong, forward passes are par for the course, knock-ons given when the ball clearly goes backwards or the guy who drops it is facing his own posts, reluctance to show red cards, taking the easy way out by going on report, which, if a guilty decision comes out, benefits the next opponents instead of the team against whom the player is playing when he commits the offence etc etc etc. What passes between the assessors, the RFL and their officials? It appears that they are either blind when watching, or think that the ref's performance is acceptable and are unwilling/unable to take any sort of corrective action.

#2919961 Reaction

Posted by phildog on 22 April 2014 - 04:54 PM

I think that JK has, maybe not directly but in a number of thinly veiled comments, already suggested that his recruitment was ill-judged, but he as always has to work within a budget and if better players than those we lost were not available within that budget, what can he do? As I mentioned before, he has pulled in players from all levels over his 2 years with us and has had great success. This time, maybe one or two aren't hitting potential but most were mourned by the fans of clubs they left, so where does that leave us? I certainly wouldn't advocate that KN and board go out on a limb and put the club in hock, nor is sacking the coach a clever move, for at least 2 reasons: firstly I believe that JK really admires the club as a whole and secondly is there anyone else who could come in and motivate these players any more? Much is being made of Kear's TV work, but I believe he is fully committed to Batley before all else and his outside commitment doesn't affect his ability to coach. I don't know how this is going to pan out, and whether Ben Black's long awaited and clouded return will make the difference, but as they say 'patience is a virtue (and it's also an operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan!!). Let's just hope that we can keep above the dreaded drop-line this time and hope for better recruitmwnt next time.

#2892238 Full Time Batley 10 Halifax 8

Posted by phildog on 03 March 2014 - 02:06 PM

Halifax should just remember which of the teams was playing at LSV in the Grand Final, after winning AWAY at both Leigh and Featherstone, therefore why shouldn't we go to The Shay and win? It's OK thinking back to last seasons' games against the 4 teams who finished above us, but that was what it was- last season! This season started badly and the usual 'Batley aren't good enough' song started up, but now which team isn't quite good enough, despite believing their own hype?

#2884710 decsion on faal and campbell

Posted by phildog on 20 February 2014 - 04:12 PM

Probably the whole of RL is looking to Batley at the moment to see what is done. If the players are kept on, then it says that Batley condone the breaking of the law. To me it's a simple, obvious act. Also, after Sunday, it shows what many of us have already said-the backs are sadly lacking, and now are 2 down in number as well. And yes, people have paid to sponsor these players, so replacements should be sourced.

#2883265 decsion on faal and campbell

Posted by phildog on 18 February 2014 - 07:23 PM

Sorry to be a stirrer; good or bad, useful or not, they broke the law of which they were aware. End of story, we need a full squad NOW, not in 12 months time. they must both go and be replaced quickly. Said right from the beginning that we had recruited poorly in the backs and has been proved already. Do something about it NOW, not down the line.

#2873428 premier sports

Posted by phildog on 01 February 2014 - 08:03 PM

I agree that their coverage was sometimes sloppy and sometimes dropped out altogether, but they covered the game from the poor mans' point of view, those teams who would never get near a TV game if left to SKY. I hope they are going to cover the WHOLE of the game, not just the top lot.

#2857064 Today's attendance

Posted by phildog on 28 December 2013 - 02:39 PM

Clubs can't afford these days with such scrutiny to be 'on the fiddle', there are too many checks and balances along with the chance of criminal convictions etc. I would have said the figure was fairly accurate, definitely not over the 3,000 as suggested in other posts. Both clubs work together for the good of the Heavy Woollen area and have a good relationship, so doubt very much if one would fleece the other. With regards to who had the biggest support on the day, from the actual team shirts on display it would certainly appear that Batley did have the upper hand, and certainly there was more noise from them, and yes I would agree with the comments from Rams fans that it's a shame they only turn out for the Christmas booze up game. However, look at it sensibly; let's assume the crowd was split 50/50, that's almost 1,200 each. How come then that average home crowds for both clubs (including any travelling fans) is around 750/850? That means that BOTH clubs are suffering week in week out from the Boxing day totals, so Rams fans who were a little derogatory about fickle Batley fans should also look at their own doorstep. As someone else (other than me) has said, 2 strong teams around here can only be good for the game.

#2813597 Batley imports

Posted by phildog on 22 October 2013 - 11:41 AM

Well, well! Having just ploughed my way through 7 pages of related (and unrelated) posts I'll say again; Moore is a terrific goal-kicker and has a good eye for the line. His field kicking is poor, rarely gets a result from it, always too far ahead of his chasers, often down a defenders' neck, never seen him make an effort at a 40/20. Flanagan is a live-wire, what you see is what you get, 100% all the time, great for team spirit on the pitch, temper a bit suspect though, might spend a game or two at the RFL's pleasure if you get my meaning! Hirst is a big lad who has rarely hit the heights, rarely comes on to the ball at pace, but has massive legs which can take him an extra 20 yards with men on his back, so swings and roundabouts. If John Kear hasn't been able to change him, don't back anyone else to. ot a great handler, will lose you plenty possession. Also, Walmsley, he's a poor handler, not the biggest 2nd rower you'll find and IMO always was more of a squad player that a star, and at 25 going on, can't see much improvement. So that's my assessment of what you've got, time will tell if you agree or don't. there are 2 we'll miss, 2 we won't, but which 2 I'll leave you to find out for yourselves!!

#2807176 The Ronnie Earnshaw Stadium

Posted by phildog on 13 October 2013 - 02:36 PM

In light of the sad news that Ronnie has passed, I believe it would be fitting that the stadium should be re-named The Ron Earnshaw Mount Pleasant Stadium. We have not really taken to the re-branding of The Love RL.com Stadium,and in view of the fact that Ronnie has put far more into Batley RLFC than Love RL will ever do, I feel it would be a statement to the whole RL community .of just how much this man meant to Batley RLFC. Please support this idea and let the board know of your feelings.

#2799467 Next season

Posted by phildog on 30 September 2013 - 12:20 PM

I presume he means back on loan which is allowed. Bye to Walton (thought he might be back on loan too), Maun, Hemingway, Moore, Flanagan, Hirst, Mennell, Walmsley. Hope your shirts from yesterday remind you of the good times. Welcome to those we know about- Scott, Leatherbarrow, Chandler, Nicholson and those we don't. You've got something to live up to, give it your best!!

#2788221 In 'The Centurion on Sunday 15th September

Posted by phildog on 13 September 2013 - 08:20 AM

18 quid in and 2.50 for a programme? Dogs cheap then!!

#2785298 jack lee

Posted by phildog on 08 September 2013 - 09:43 PM

Whoever spoke to Jack Lee's got sold a pup then, he's not coming Doggy walking after all, good luck to you next year, have a soft spot for York as I like GT.

#2777400 Why is it...

Posted by phildog on 29 August 2013 - 12:22 PM

Personally I'm not sure which way I like it! If we knew in advance, maybe we'd get on the backs of those we knew to be leaving and bring down their performances in the play-offs. we hit them hard enough during the bad run that we had, and credit to them for digging themselves out of it. On the other hand, if a team has struggled through a season, knowing that some decent players are on the horizon can raise spirits. There are pros and cons on both sides. Release of re-signings can also raise spirits, just as we have been buoyed by ours. Rumours which come from other clubs' sites can also be double-edged swords, as clubs rumoured to be beneficiaries will be buoyed by the rumour yet can be let down with the reality. Just what the answer is is anybody's guess. Maybe a good time to make any announcement would be once the actual league season is over, sothat during the play-offs everyone will know enough as to how their team is likely to look, whilst still getting behind thecurrent players to give as good a send-off as possible. Then those who are leaving won't be playing in the shadow of their replacements as much.

#2758281 ... and Campbell makes three!

Posted by phildog on 31 July 2013 - 07:19 PM

I've seen some teams at The Mount during my time, some good,some bad some neither one thing or the other, but what I have always found is heart and pride, which seems to have disappeared a wee bit over this last 2 months, except in people such as Johnny and Danny and Ash, players who play for the love of this club, not for the riches they could earn elsewhere. If we could end up with 20 players with that same attitude, fans wouldn't always care if the team was winning, we would always know that they've tried their best for the club. I've had a few digs in the past, as I believe fans have the right to,but I will stand wholeheartedly behind anyone who comes off the field knowing that in that 80 minutes he couldn't have done more. Well done so far to the board and John Kear, who also deserves respect for his keeping his own counsel throughout this period of uncertainty and drop in performance levels. Other coaches might have come out and berated players, or the board and thrown tantrums, but he has kept everything in the dressing room where it belongs.I haven't always agreed with his selections and use or non-use of certain players but he's in charge and deserves credit.

#2755917 Some thoughts about today: positivity spoiler alert!

Posted by phildog on 28 July 2013 - 07:40 PM

Well, now I'm itching to see the report!! Haven't been to the last 2 due to work, so am not qualified to make much comment. You always try to be fair in your reports both to us and the opposition and i expect the same today, but you're right about one thing, in general anyway, the standard of refereeing. It's at an all-time low. I can understand it in TV games when refs are loathe to make a decision for themselves and can always blame someone else for thre cock-up (and as we know the video refs are no better after all their deliberating) but when it's a championship game and there's no back-up one would expect care and deliberation over decisions, and not to do so can often, as appears to be the case today, be the difference between winning and losing when things are so tight. Unfortunately,the regular rule changes etc have spoiled what was a spectacular contact sport, but there is no excuse for missing blatant forward passes, or knock-ons etc. From my viewpoint, it appears to be pride that's missing, players don't suddenly become bad, or has it been the fact that it has been our tackling game that has kept us afloat for so long, and now that's on the wane our weaknesses are showing. The fact that previously we've tackled the opposition to a standstill then hit them with points late on has showed up our fitness, but that's gone too. IF kear is still here next year I hope he has plenty in his locker for all our sakes.