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#3128626 Poor

Posted by phildog on Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Well Coolie, you would be happy!! However this was a game where a) Dewsbury looked very tired and B) Batley looked completely clueless. This was by a long way the worst game of the weekend. Don't agree with your estimate of 3 wins, Hawks, Donny yes, can't see us going to Whitehaven and winning, assume that was your 3rd? After the Widnes result and what I expected to be a better result today, I actually did fancy beating London this week, but now, forget it!! There's a lot of talk about Leek: don't blame him if he's having to play a game that's he's not comfortable with, blame the guy who put him there or the board who haven't recruited well. Same with the centre role; we bring back a strike winger yet pair him with a second rower. Again it's not the player's fault, he didn't demand to be played there. For as long as I can remember Batley have been famous for bringing players in and playing them out of position. Regarding the comment about those early chances we supposedly missed, they were half chances at best. That wasn't the main thing that let us down, that was the amount of field position we gave away by our continual interference at the play the ball, especially in the first half, and it's not the first time is it? We do it week after week and players don't have the nous to think to get up and get away, and the fact that we only made 1 break all match didn't help either. It all adds up to poor attitude from the players and poor handling from the coaching staff. It's clear to me that the coaching staff no longer (since how far back now) inspire the squad and the same things are happening week in week out and a new direction is needed. Thanks John Kear for even considering coming to Batley, a great boost for the profile of the club, but it is time to move on. Thanks also to Kev Nicholas for sticking with it, but it's time for either or both JK and KN to make some hard decisions.

#3124958 Paul Cooke

Posted by phildog on 18 May 2015 - 10:20 PM

We've been crying out for an old head, then one comes along if only for a couple of months, and we have opposition fans telling us we don't need him!!  With Nicholson still out we could use Leeky better at interchange with Blake and have Cooke running the middle, after Scotty's successful comeback and Cain;s lengthy unavailability, there could me profit in it.

#3118658 Workington sunday

Posted by phildog on 07 May 2015 - 08:48 PM

If you're gonna play Morgan on the wing then Ainscough must be at centre it's his strongest position. Playing Grayston on the wing as some suggest is also wasting him as he's either a 1 or a 6 and none too bad as people make him out to be. As much as our confidence is at floor level, the number of big defeats Worky have had means their confidence must be dead and buried. IF, big if, we can either a) get amongst them early or B) quieten them down with the big boys' tackling we can win. Halves need to work together better for this 1 game, they can inspire a win and an improvement in confidence.

#3116910 Mid season term report

Posted by phildog on 04 May 2015 - 03:21 PM

Over a week ago I said the club was in crisis and got rubbished. I stick by it. The coach, who opposition fanbring in theing us we're lucky to have (of course they would say that, he keeps his team giving them the points) has clearly failed to inspire yet another influx of signings and can't look to the return of Ben Black to inspire this season's mini revival. Regardless of waiting for injured players I just don't see any way forward. We need a new outlook at the top and an improvement of performance or our luck has run out. Tough decisions have to be taken, either by Kevin Nicholas or by John Kear himself. And before any smart Alec asks, no I don't know who
to replace him with. Halifax went for a man 2nd in
command at a SL Club, could we do the same in Sean Long, Lee Briers, bring Harrison back, anyone with the ability to bring in neccesary players to dig us out of this mess. Onebthing is certain, this isn't judt going to go away on it's own.

#3114656 my team for Sunday

Posted by phildog on 30 April 2015 - 10:13 PM

Putting Brown at no.6 would be as productive as playing Davies there last season. Don't see the point in putting a player who is a star in his own position into another position where he could turn out to be mediocre. Also we've just brought in young Morgan with 2 games at fullback then we want to put him at stand off and expect wonders in a match which is a must win. Leave him at full back, give Craven another week and leave Leek at half back. Hope Rowe is fit to return. We need an on loan winger as we are missing Ainscough's midfield bustle, Squires is a very intelligent player with ball in hand and would be in for me. Nobody has picked Bretherton; he's the quiet, always there, type of player who I've hardly seen miss a tackle or been found wanting when hard ground needs making. We've stuck him at centre where he doesn't like to play but does it, and he scores a try at Leigh the likes of which would have been all over the papers if it had been Ryan Hall. With all the claims and counter claims about availability of loanees, I'm sure that there is a winger somewhere waiting for a game, whereas I can appreciate that ball playing halves are in short supply thus wanting a larger slice of cake. I keep mentioning Potts who isn't getting a game at The Shay....

#3110822 new signings

Posted by phildog on 24 April 2015 - 01:47 AM

Sorry for the double post, I hope I'm not that opinionated!!!

#3106255 Challenge Cup

Posted by phildog on 14 April 2015 - 10:08 PM

Pride will win it, 36-16. They daren't not come off the pitch until the ground clears otherwise!!

#3105414 WTF

Posted by phildog on 13 April 2015 - 07:53 AM

Clearly missing a reliable kicker with a more than 50% conversion capability then...it's just something else to add to the list. Criticism of Bretherton is unwarranted though, I don't supposed he begged Kear to play in the centre. I know for a fact that he hates it, he's a 2nd rower. If those others named are better, then why aren't they selected there? As a forward I've never known Brev to take a backward step and not do his share.

#3103094 Relegation

Posted by phildog on 09 April 2015 - 03:22 AM

IF we were to finish in the bottom 8 (I'm putting Leigh, Bradford, Sheffield and 1 from London, Halifax, Dewsbury or Featherstone as the top 4) that still leaves us stronger than Hunslet, the two Cumbrians and maybe Donny so I don't see us in the bottom 2. There is still time though for our tide to turn in the current set up. Regarding our escape last season, the real fact is that we were lucky; we broke the rules and got away with it on a technicality. Remember the Halifax situation when they broke rules v Swinton in the Challenge Cup some seasons back and were thrown out? We relied on saying that so and so got away with something the year before so we should, which then sets a poor precedent should there be another breach of rules by another club who would quote our ruling. We are extremely lucky to be discussing where we might finish in this league instead of wondering if we would win Championship 1!!

#3102350 London, Monday.

Posted by phildog on 07 April 2015 - 08:21 PM

Yeah, but reports of Donny match accused us of pinching it when we did play 80 mins!! Like you say though we have tp play from 1 to 80 not give 30 minutes AND points start.

#3101201 London, Monday.

Posted by phildog on 06 April 2015 - 03:08 AM

Yes Graham and I'm worried that we don't appear to be treating our current situation seriously. As you probably noticed on Friday we're not well served at FB, neither of your old 2 are cutting it and if we play Ainscough there we've no centres. That also leaves us with 1winger and as we played an amateur international half back on the wing there's no cutting edge in the halves. If Donny can look around and pick up these players what are our coaching team doing? This year and last have been the 2 biggest years for clubs at our level and we have chosen them to go backwards. I realise that no coach can legislate for injury but you can be better prepared for it. To staff 7 back positions and subs/injuries with 10 men doesn't work.

#3098175 Kingstone Press Championship: Batley 6 Dewsbury 21

Posted by phildog on 31 March 2015 - 11:15 PM

Never a word said 'over the hill' about DR's. We could use a couple of loan backs though by Friday, got anybody spare!! We only have 5 backs and will be padded out with 2nd rowers, we're having to play a hooker at scrum half and a distinct lack of anyone to open up a defence, none of which helps the cause. Doubt you'll replicate last Easter's scoreline, there'll be a score in it either way but would be happy with a draw.

#3097636 Doncaster 14 Batley 16

Posted by phildog on 30 March 2015 - 09:19 PM

Wow, lot's of points here!! I too heard commentary on the radio, wonder if I was listening to the same game as whoever it was who said we sounded poor? Every 2 minutes we were attacking, had majority of the game after half an hour, we played for 80 minutes, Donny played for 30 and were then squeezed out and we should have won by more, but would agree that we still haven't found our 'locksmith'. Plenty of effort and go forward from an outstanding pack but despite adding Fozzard, still nobody to create gaps and therefore tries. Talk of kicking...our tactical kicking has been poor for ages regardless of whoever has been charged with it. Blacky and Moore were the same as Leatherbarrow and Southernwood, We never make a 40/20, our 6th tackle kicks are either high to the corner expecting Squires to outjump everybody or aimless, down the throat stuff. What about a 'Henry' every now and again? Place kicking is unreliable, we are kicking stuff which we really could be expected to miss, yet eminently kickable stuff we miss at important times. Now, with another injury to a back, we are both fullbacks missing, a winger and a centre. Maybe (hopefully) Grayston will be back in contention on Friday because we can't go a long time filling in with 2nd rowers, every now and again yes, but for a lengthy period. no. Every player has his position and his strengths, that's why they choose to play there or are chosen there. Someone will now tell me off for negative attitude, but it's not, only telling it as it is. We have been praised for years for punching above our weight, plucky little Batley, so why haven't we got to the stage where we can punch at a weight that suits us? Every game this season so far we've been every bit as good as the teams we've lost to but just missed that little bit of something to nail it. Sort that out and we won't be having these conversations.

#3091284 Batley's New Playmaker is..............

Posted by phildog on 19 March 2015 - 10:58 AM

I thought Leek was a stand off, might be wrong. Whatever the rights and wrongs of Leek and Nicholson interchanging at 7, they're still not the quick fix we need to guide us around the field. Leek is like many of our players, a great prospect, we have a record as long as your arm of bringing on prospects but it's always 'one for the future' trouble being it's rarely our future. Let's not forget that Leek is still an inexperienced player at this level; he signed at the end of 2013 with about 6 games to go and only played bit parts in most of those, then after a couple of games of 2014 he gets hit with that injury just as he was being lined up to learn and take over from Blacky (my opinion), this season he has played in 4 friendlies and 5 league games, so he only has at best 15/16 games under his belt. Not a lot in expecting him to take a stranglehold and take teams on singlehanded. Nicholson is an out and out hooker (if such a thing really exists in the game these days) and again shouldn't be expected to jump into a new position and be an immediate star. Interchanging at 9 is far easier that swapping 7's. We have now lost 3 games which hasn't left us where we would all have liked to have been. We all knew that we were very light in proper halfbacks and many have said that we should have brought in an experienced half back as either a leader or as a teacher/cover. Due to Scotty having a poor start then picking up this injury we are now having to start over and repair the situation on the run. Bringing in a hooker (and that only for a month, what happens at the end of the period if he doesn't stay and we have to start looking again?) isn't really the answer as whilst he is bedding in someone else is still having to bed in at 7. We needed a proper 7 on a long term basis but I think we've fudged the issue.  

#3078815 Website

Posted by phildog on 26 February 2015 - 12:05 AM

Flipping heck, didn't expect to open such a can of worms and recriminations from a simple question. Anyone who carries out any work, paid or otherwise is worthy of praise, I know from experience myself in other fields. I assume Chairman LMAO was the previous encumbent in keeping the website up, and would say that I was always impressed with it. I also assume that whoever has taken, or will take it on, will also do a creditable job. We presumably are all pulling in the same direction, don't let's fall out over little things just as the club is upping it's profile.