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#3152023 New coach new players

Posted by phildog on 03 July 2015 - 06:55 PM

See Whitehaven at it again, signed a frenchman, albeit a prop. Where are we looking exactly for these players we can afford but can't find? It really is becoming a pathetic tale of total ineptitude and lack of purpose.

#3151429 New coach new players

Posted by phildog on 02 July 2015 - 08:01 PM

Exactly Morley!!!And as for players not being avaliable how come nearly every other team manages to find'em IF money isn't the problem? The problem therefore must be that they don't want to work under the coach, good as opposition fans tell us he is. So 11 games left then what? Can we improve our position sufficiently? Lose to Donny and the answer must be no.

#3149361 Bradford Away

Posted by phildog on 29 June 2015 - 05:32 AM

I find myself in a minority here; due to work commitments and holidays first game I've seen since game b4 Bash, couldn't decide whether today was worth the trip, but a workmate asked me, a Bulls fan. For all the condemnation the team and coaching staff has received lately I have to say that this is the type of performance that I can just about put up with. There was endeavour and a matching of the Bulls for lengthy periods, and the 2 late tries after the sending off flattered the Bulls. We have to hope now that the team which did so well against London, Leigh, London and Bulls earlier in the season etc is the team that turns up against Donny, Hawks, Rams etc not the dross from other notable games.

#3146725 batley's problem from outside the box

Posted by phildog on 24 June 2015 - 08:28 PM

Hi BSJ, moderator here!! Enjoying the spectacle of Dewsbury fans falling out on our site!! Coolie made many salient points in his original assessment, he, like myself, seems to believe that the area's rugby league is best served by both Batley and Dewsbury being strong and competitive, and he tries to point out the whys and wherefores that one of us isn't. I haven't been one of those over the last 3/4 seasons crowing when we've been on the up and The Rams have had a bad run, always knew there was a chance of a reversal of roles. I agree with him regarding changes being required from the top but as usual it's a question of how and when, and if.

#3142472 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by phildog on 17 June 2015 - 07:10 PM

Oh and I stuck up for you Coolie.....!!

#3142468 Sunday Whitehaven away

Posted by phildog on 17 June 2015 - 07:08 PM

Oh and I stuck up for you Coolie.....!!

#3138230 Ban all topic on half backs

Posted by phildog on 10 June 2015 - 04:37 PM

Graham, I assume you mean around September at the end of the league...

#3138226 francis cummings

Posted by phildog on 10 June 2015 - 04:34 PM

Graham, you would think that wouldn't you!! I would if our positions were reversed!!!!

#3136029 Statement of intent

Posted by phildog on 06 June 2015 - 08:22 AM

Kevin, looking at your position solely as a supporter you are quite clearly entitled to show your disappointment, and I would go so far as to say that even as chairman you are entitled to show that same disappointment. These are people who you pay good money to in signing on fees, contracts and match pay, and when they continue to serve up such unenterprising rugby week on week, I'd say you should be top of the list to express such feelings. However, I must take you to task, if that's the right expression, regarding your assertion that sometime things will get better. As a supporter from 1960 I have been through the full range of emotions at this club, from the dire performances of the late 60's and the late 70's, to being at away games when the supporters have got there before the team bus and players have been getting off the bus in states of undress almost having to fall straight onto the field and a myriad of other things, and clearly over the last period of years up to and including the NRC final and Grand Final appearances things have improved along the way, but now this this week, next week, sometime, never attitude is not something we can afford. Time is not on our side, unless the time is being put aside for next year's challenge for the Div. 1 title!! Bulldog Days' above post from August last year still stands up to scrutiny, as he was saying then that last season was a disaster and hoped that lessons would be learned in time for this year, now we're saying the same things again for next year. Unbalanced recruitment in both years has left the squad over-stretched, players brought in then let go within months, (e.g we brought in Jordan Grayston late last season, didn't play him at all, then give him a few games this time then let him go, as clearly he hadn't fitted in at most other clubs he'd been to [not my criticism, just reading inbetween the lines] then we replace him with Cosgrove, who again can at best be said to have been greatly itinerant) we watch enviously as players become available who would bolster our squad then see them going elsewhere, and not always to better clubs. How can players choose let's say for argument Whitehaven, Workington etc

above us when we are regularly touted as the friendliest, most family orientated club by RL followers, and when players keep telling us that we've got a great set of lads and how they all get along etc? There is clearly a problem. Is it finance? Is it club policy? Is it that the coach can no longer inspire (or berate) the team? Is it that the players can't be bothered? (They clearly can't be putting themselves in the shop window for moves if they're not happy here on these performances except for the odd couple). It is IMPERATIVE that we bring in a capable half back, regardless of the hand-wringing that goes on in saying that it's down to availability: Cooke was clearly available at the right money, or why is he now at Featherstone? Sammut has left Wakefield,  where is he headed? Rumour has it Whitehaven, why? Are they so financially sound to afford him whereas we can't? You tell us that finance isn't the problem, show us instead of telling us. We need to show some enterprise here!! Only and until any player tells us where to shove it should we no longer pursue any avenue to improve the playing lot. Same goes for the coach and staff. John Kear did the club a great favour by coming here, raised the profile no end, and your work in getting him here is to be greatly applauded, but I really can't think of another instance of any other club limping along through a myriad of awful performances where the coach hasn't either been dismissed or has walked. You only need to look at Paul Cooke, who had such a great season and a half at Doncaster, yet walked this season as soon as it became clear that his charges were no longer responding. Sadly, we appear to have reached that same point yet, outwardly at least, there appear to be no action being taken. After seeing his squad repeatedly let him down what more can he say to them at the next training session? How can he begin to inspire them again? I honestly don't think he can. Ask me who I think could and along with the other 400 die hards my answer would be God knows, but somebody must fancy having a crack.

#3134595 Paul Cooke

Posted by phildog on 03 June 2015 - 08:22 PM

That over paid, overweight prima donna ran us ragged in a couple of games yet he wasn't good enough to be approached a couple weeks ago, not interested in playing according to the chairman. We are clearly joining Wakefield in planning for life in the next league down.

#3134587 New Player

Posted by phildog on 03 June 2015 - 08:09 PM

And.....we offloaded Grayston as he appeared to have had a lot of clubs and not held down a place yet we bring in a player who has done exactly the same, clever ain't it!! I think bewildered is a word that comes to mind. It really is going from worse to hellfire.

#3132957 Is it time for Kear to go?

Posted by phildog on 31 May 2015 - 10:46 PM

As I have posted in other topics, we have to thank John Kear for coming to Batley, and congratulate Kevin Nicholas pulling off the coup in the first place, it certainly raised our profile tremendously. What is happening at the moment is now considerably deflating that profile and we are going back to the bad times of being the rubbing rags. One opposition fan stated recently that he could only see us winning 3 more games all season; on current confidence and inspirational levels even that's a long shot. John himself must know that he can't inspire the squad anymore, and we must replace the entire coaching team and bring in a modern thinking coach as quickly as possible to give us chance to improve before the 8's to ensure we don't end up at the bottom of the pile in those.

#3132848 Fev v Batley

Posted by phildog on 31 May 2015 - 08:23 PM

Been saying for a while that Kear and his coaching team no longer inspire the dressing room. This is an awful shame, as individually we have players of talent, but as a team they are not pulling for each other or the coach or club. John Kear seems to be unable to resist becoming Rugby's equivalent of Claudio Raniero, The Tinkerman. Unless Craven picked up an injury, we were on the verge of having a good three quarter line, yet today we have Ainscough at no. 1 and a second rower in the centre again. We are currently 9th and although Workington are below us I think they're becoming a stronger side, only Whitehaven and Doncaster to rely on being below us. We need serious action from board level to stop this slide. This could be either a) breaking the bank mamager's arms to make him lend us millions or B) bring in another coaching team to try and brighten up our game. I'm really sorry to have to go down this route, I've said before that our profile was raised due to John Kear joining us and for this I thank him, but even he must know how bad things are and that he has taken the team as far as possible. New ideas needed.

#3131612 Jordan Grayston

Posted by phildog on 29 May 2015 - 08:51 PM

Throughout all this, the thing that shines through to me is this: the club charges its' coach with signing players. Grayston isn't the only player brought in by John Kear this season (yes I know he came back end of last) who isn't getting a great chance. Hay and Thackeray come to mind instantly. The side is going through a rough patch, in fact has had mostly a rough season with, as far as I can see only 2 highlights, the games against Bradford and Widnes. Every other game we've either started so badly that we've been staring down the barrel of 16/18 points before we've started to play, or we've gt ourselves in a winning position then having got enough to close out he win. It's no good Kevin Nicholas pointing out on another thread just how many games we've lost by 4 to 10 points, we get nothing for it this season. It has been our consistency in close games that has kept us higher in the league via bonus points in the last 3 seasons. Now that system has gone we have to be turning these 4 to 10 point losses in wins and clearly the squad isn't being sufficiently motivated or isn't responding. If a coach is leaving players aside regularly, t allows the regular choices a sense of apathy. No matter what anyone thinks of a player's attributes (lots of negatives re Jordan on here) if your team isn't producing then change it. Now, by letting one player go, you cut down the options. It happened last year, players out on loan whilst we struggled to bring in loans and getting let down by the Giants DR arrangements.So, to go back to the beginning, regarding the coach's recruitment, is he just misguided in his choices, or is there an underlying problem whilst making these choices in his make-up allied to the needs of the modern game/

#3129915 Yes or no to the bash

Posted by phildog on 26 May 2015 - 10:40 PM

Give it a go for heaven's sake! When you've got the coach of one of the league's top teams peeing on it before it's caught fire gives the whole shebang a bad start. Just imagine, one little stone age man makes the first wheel and everybody says 'nah, it'll never catch on pal'. Would agree that Blackpool is a god forsaken hole at the moment, but it was always a good day at the NRC finals day and the RFL can't be blamed for trying to tap into it, although the link wouldn't have been broken in the beginning if they hadn't knocked that on the head. This was their attempt to say sorry and give us outside SL a bit of something. By all means look elsewhere for next season, yes with a smaller stadium to bring the crowd into play, yes somewhere out of the game's heartland but don't throw the towel in after the first round.