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Yesterday, 06:39 PM

It was putting Toulouse somewhere in the British RL pyramid , not specifically the Championship , which specific competition and how is the debate


Again you are making a judgement on clubs performance rather than what happens on the pitch being the mechanism that decides


Fair enough, it's been a pretty confusing 'debate'.


That really doesn't bother me.

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Yesterday, 04:14 PM

Sorry , you've lost me , we balance putting toulouse in SL by promoting an extra team into the Championship from C1 ?


Nope you've lost me


Sorry, thought the main thrust of this whole debate was putting Toulouse into the Championship. If it was SL then I'd either add from the Championship or take from SL, depending on how strong clubs were looking at the time.

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Yesterday, 03:33 PM

From SL , you mean ? , if so which club


Nah from C1.

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Yesterday, 03:27 PM

But the moment you decide who is more ' important ' than somebody else we are again within the realms of ' animal farm ' , were somebody gets ' abused '


So who in your opinion should lose out ?


Add another team to the Championship.

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Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Fair enough , from my point of view the salary cap isnt the problem IF it is as currently stands , although what is needed is a balanced central funding across the Championship allowing any clubs that feel able to do so to go FT in an attempt to get promotion


Do we have enough cash to go around for that?