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    Theresa May getting trolled by the police:
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    Come on Geordie you can do better than that. I could argue the old vote saved the Tories from obliteration, or that the sandal vote saved the Lib Dems. The fact that Labour got the youth vote out is the triumph. It is hilarious seeing old farts like JohnM insinuating that young voters were uninformed or lack the life experience to vote properly (=Tory). As if life experience leads you to understand that a sour-faced robot belching out three-word slogans is the only sage choice.
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    The £120,000 refurbishment of the changing rooms on the Marauders home ground will be completed for the start of the 2017/18 season.
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    (Pulls face like Sid James) Gets my vote anyway.
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    So the Conservatives won.....but lost.....Labour lost......but won....the SNP won and lost in Scotland but still won and the Conservatives won in Scotland but lost.....the government was Tory but now can't be even though it is still and they need to make some Northern Irish chaps Tory so they can be in charge even though they were and still are.....Ukip lost but because of Brexit they've already won......the winner (May) is being told to resign because she didn't win and she won't because she won. All seems perfectly straight forward to me!
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    Grown up conversation clearly requires more than just age, might a suggest a wee break till your willing to engage in conversation, his appeal to the youth vote is intriguing and worthy of debate, shame your not willing to have it.
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    Not me matey. I'm of that generation but I didn't have much time for hippy dreamers and I'd rather cut off my right hand than vote Tory.
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    Money is one thing, but the biggest challenge we have always had within South London and Kent boarders is that rugby union is the dominant sport. A lot of clubs are trying to build off of a union clubs and become dependant on union players. I know this as when we were the Bears we made this mistake. This is why ground selection is so hard. The Silverbacks approached many clubs and mainly targeted the ones with no rugby association and we had many rejections. Finally we found a privately owned ground were we could create our own economy bubble of Rugby league players. The club has sign off for a 4g pitch to be built. Current space for 8 pitches, changing facilities and family environment. But the biggest problem is the RFL do have money but spend it in the wrong way. They should be visiting existing club locations to see what facilities are the future of rugby league and developing them.
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    It looks like we may be sending the EU our Conservative and Unionist Negotiating Team. I hope they can come up with a handy acronym...
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    AGHHHH. It seems there is rugger being played somewhere and I keep getting asked what I think. We have discussed it on here ad infinitum but the battle is lost, Rugby is not our game. That 5 letter word may be our heritage but its the millstone that's holding us back because rugger is carp and sportsfans know it.
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    He had a sizeable youth vote well before this election process started, I don't think its as simple as promising freebies, perhaps us old farts should consider that there maybe more to winning the youth vote than simple bribing them.
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    Young people grow older. Experience overtakes idealism. People change. Corbyn promised very expensive freebies to university students. No wonder they voted for him in big numbers. By the time those same students have children and a job they have to hold down they may not think the same way.
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    Couldn't agree more with this, the RL have allowed many farces in the past to lower the integrity of the greatest game and here's another. This is not sour grapes against Donny and good luck to them but the RL have allowed any loyalties to be kicked into touch.
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    Better not because the RFL certainly cannot run a sport never mind a club.
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    He started at Union Treiziste Catalane, then went to Pia Donkeys (a deceased club that formed a shitload of great players including Grésèque, Fages, Boudebza and Navarrete) was signed by Lezignan then by Palau, had two injury plagued seasons and quit. He had a few games for Algeria 7s, was called by Catalans reserves and will make his debut at 28. A true feel good story me thinks.
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    Setting up a meeting with the BBC to discuss wider coverage and attitude towards the sport on the network was definitely meaningful. I believe had positive changes. It allowed a frank and open conversation about how the game was seen by the BBC. That we need to treat the BBC as its component parts and not a single entity. Examples being Super League Show and the politics & budget of why its shown at the hours it is. After that Dave Woods was taken as RL correspondent and you will notice more exposure for Rugby League. I.E. Songs of praise. Sadly our sport has such poor leadership, we continue to pursue actions that make it harder for us to establish any kind of national media platform. But generally speaking, no. It had become more about photo opportunities and MPs not genuinely willing to work with people on issues in the game or discuss them. But we have a serious issue in the game of having no advocacy element any more. If you go back and look at the work of Harry Edgar, BARLA and many others.
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    Give us time, this youth wave is very significant. I was enthused by politics as a teenager and I've been an activist all my life. What makes you think the Tories will be any better next time ? The same old tired policies mumbled out by the same old politicians. You only know one way - screw the working man or woman whilst pulling the wool over their eyes. Talk about looking after the working man or woman whilst actually removing any legal protection for them. You must think all of us are stupid.
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    A populist more left wing agenda hasn't won you an election either and whilst has seen your vote share increase, the Tories has done as well despite having one of the worst records I have seen in office, a deeply out-of-depth PM and the worst campaign in living memory. You could argue the youth vote saved Labour from obliteration at this election...
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    Link doesn't work anymore but I did manage to find the whole post. http://forums.leagueunlimited.com/threads/union-v-league.402354/page-13#post-8320918
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    You're making the mistake of thinking the Tories have scruples when it comes to holding onto power.
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    I've heard both figures repeated by both sides all day. I'm not quite sure what you're driving at but the reason for Labour supporters being chuffed surely isn't that they think the party is suddenly a world-beating machine. Some of the politicians are suggesting that, and that is their job. The point is that the Tories called this election, on their own terms, and with 20+ point leads on a Labour leader who almost every media outlet was depicting as a joke, a loser and a terrorist until the day of the election. To pick up 40% of the popular vote in the circumstances is quite incredible and suggests that Labour could run a winning campaign under this leadership with proper time to prepare. At this point, with the more moderate and media-friendly MPs now far more disposed to Corbyn, they should start that preparation now and work out how to win the extra seats which would won get them in play as a potential government.
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    Yes, goalposts and moving do spring to mind.
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    There are quite a lot of houses decorated like that in Belfast. Bob8 seems to think they are all painted by order of the leadership of the DUP. I rather doubt that they are.
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    You dont have to read them. If someone is so enthusiastic they want to post a thread good on 'em. Carry on ojx post what you like!!!

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