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  1. I don't know where to start with this one. The racism is just the tip of the iceberg. John Terry is a thoroughly odious individual.
  2. You could say the same for every sports club in the world. The club just isn't in a position to achieve that though, because it simply doesn't do the basics never mind put in place the sort of systems and staffing required to achieve those results. If, for example, the Broncos made it to Wembley they wouldn't be able to capitalise on it because they lack the ability to do so.
  3. He might go down the route several other players have and elect to play for Samoa and Queensland.
  4. I left the UK 15 months ago so, ultimately, moving to Wimbledon doesn't impact my attendance or not. Chatting to my dad about the situation though, and I think this is it for him. Not interested in another move, with another set of promises, another assertion that "this is the one", and finally another disappointment. No doubt he'll keep an eye on the Broncos from afar, but he's seen this movie before. He knows how it ends. Truth is, we all do.
  5. There's a distinction between media management, as in dealing with journalists, etc, and content creation. Only those working in the sport would be able to comment on that side of things, but the latter (including fan engagement) has been a big issue for the club since Chris Warren left about 15 years ago. If he's been made redundant then either there won't be anyone doing that job or the've come up with some other position, but from an employment law standpoint it would have to have a very different remit or they could be in trouble. Either way, given his behaviour towards the fanbase so far, I hope the commercial manager isn't taking on the role.
  6. The premise is a decent one - and perhaps in the past it might have been an option, but the ship has sailed. Looking at National League clubs based in London, Barnet is basically a sports/leisure business with a football team attached, Orient's ground is still owned by the Hearns not the club, and Daggenham is way too far out east. Sutton United might have some potential - holds 5,000 and has space for expansion - but would need a complete rebuild and, frankly, is in the a**e end of nowhere. Finally, Wealdstone who were stitched up by a previous owner and then by Barnet council and Barnet FC many years ago. Grosvenor Vale does have the benefit of being on the Central, Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines but it's 4,000 capacity is essentially a handful of small terraces and scattered seating - it would need an entire re-build and the leases only runs for a couple more years. Below that, in NL South, you've got Dulwich Hamlet who are building a new stadium, but that would mean schlepping right across London to a 4,000 capacity ground (with no space for expansion) which would be too small for a sustainable Broncos. Otherwise it's Hampton & Richmond which is tiny, hemmed in and a nightmare to get to. Southern League, you've got Harrow Borough, and Hayes & Yeading. Based on nothing but geography and necessity, I could see Wealdstone moving in with the Boro, who have space to expand to 4,000 (at a pinch). Hayes is an interesting one - a brand new 1,800 seat stand and space on 3 sides for further development - and they're always looking for revenue. The big issue there is it's a 30 minute walk to Southall station (Crossrail if it ever opens, plus other trains) although the massive residential development next door is supposed to include a bridge over the Grand Union Canal which would reduce that to 15 minutes. Finally, you've got Carshalton (lots of space to expand but, like Sutton, a terrible location) and Tooting & Mitcham (like Barnet is now basically a leisure facility with a semi=pro team attached, plus is another awful location). All up - there's no chance of it happening. Almost all of the clubs above have sold off land, had it nicked by unscrupulous owners/developers, or changed to the point of being leisure businesses with a small team attached. Only one (Hayes) has the pace needed to get up to 6,000 capacity, and the two biggest (Barnet & Orient) wouldn't be interested in the Broncos moving in. And there are numerous other non-league clubs who have suffered even worse fates. It could have been a viable option, once, but not anymore. The Broncos are in a really difficult position - but I'll say it again, the bigger problem is the club itself not the place they play.
  7. It feels like a done deal tbh. They say they're moving to a new training ground too, so that's another cost and an indicator that Trailfinders is history.
  8. I can't imaging for a minute that Brentford is the second option (briefly) mentioned by the Broncos. There's no way they'd want three teams playing there. It's just people making assumptions based on a one line comment by the CEO.
  9. If you read the statement from Loubser, he doesn't actually say they are still in negotiations with 2 clubs - just that they entered negotiations with 2. He then goes on to talk about Wimbledon and a new training ground, and never mentions the other option again. Could well be that the other option fell away already. Or it could be that both are on still the table. As ever, the club's communications fall short in giving any real clarity. Also, in typical Broncos fashion, they say they won't comment further on this out of respect for Wimbledon and their fans - but what about their own fans? This story emerged 3 weeks ago and they've only now acknowledged it. But it's all ok, the new 'official' supporters club has done its job - splitting the few remaining fans in half and sidelining the LBSA.
  10. Your reading and comprehension skills are showing again
  11. You see it one way, I see it another. That's cool.
  12. In this thread, perhaps. But they do a pretty good job of inserting themselves into threads that don't concern them. It's actually made this board pretty repetitive.
  13. Makes a change to threads on every other subject being hijacked by 2 or 3 people who support a certain club based in (but not called) Wigan.
  14. Was I comparing NRL clubs to SL ones? No, I was not. The fact that SL is so small in comparison to the NRL that Wigan Borough can accommodate 2 teams is of no relevance whatsoever to discussing the resources needed by an NRL club. Auckland has the resource base required to support 1 NRL club, likewise the South Island of NZ.
  15. The Broncos signed Nick Mardon (who had an excellent first season, but tailed off in the second) and Iain Higgins playing for them in the early SL years. Plus Ady Spencer, who'd been around for a little while before then. IIRC it was Bev Risman, who was scouting for the club at the time, who found them and a fair few of the lads who played in the Academy in the early years. He had a great eye for a player. Unfortunately, after Tony Currie left, the club entered a period where the coaches were focussed on proven players rather than working with young guys with potential.
  16. The NZRL have an U20 competition.... Either way, Auckland cannot support a second NRL club. The South Island could though.
  17. The terms of the deal that have been leaked suggest not. The Investors would take £7m each year, meaning they'd recoup their investment in less than 9 years. That's by doing no work whatsoever.
  18. At least two of those players - Uate and Bukuya - have recently retired.
  19. You're only telling part of the story here. The RU Premiership has just sold it's broadcast rights for £110m over 3 years, with CVC taking a guaranteed 27% of that - i.e. £30m. You forgot to mention this part. It means, rather obviously, that the clubs will receive less money than they have in previous years. The 45% you've mentioned was what CVC could have received for any increase over a set amount, but that didn't come to pass so they'll have to settle for a measly £10m a year (oh, and 27% of other income too, like sponsorship). The majority of the clubs, meanwhile, in addition to having to live with less broadcast income in future years, have used the up front payment received from CVC to pay off some of their debts to their owners. That is not an investment, it's dead money, taken from future income. They've already lopped £2m off their salary cap and they'll probably have to cut it again at some point. It's obvious you're very keen on PE buying into SL, but I can't for the life of me work out why. Half the SL clubs would be dead in the water if you reduced their income by £500,000 per annum.
  20. I'm the first to admit Trailfinders isn't great, and I was distinctly unimpressed the first time I visited, but it has improved tenfold since then. In terms of capacity, if that is the only real issue, then it's fixable. The new stand (1,000 seats) only runs 2/3 the width of the pitch and is easily extendable, in fact you could see them sliding the sections together during construction. That's another 500 people. At the other end the small temporary stand has a temporary building behind it (housing a gym) and then some trees and a school playing field. Without even touching the trees you could replicate the new stand opposite it. Do that and you've comfortably got yourself 3,000 seats in those two stands. The main stand holds about 500 or so. Plus people who choose to stand around the pitch - and some do prefer that - and you're getting close to 5,000 capacity. In all my time supporting the club we've only averaged that once or twice. Now, it obviously won't look spectacular on television - but how many RL stadiums do? All that said, as a few Broncos fans have clearly stated on this thread, the stadium/location is a minor issue - the club fundamentally fails to do the most basic things you would expect of a professional sports club. Deal with those before even thinking about finding the 'right' location.
  21. Frankly, an academy in Leigh would be a waste of resources because it wouldn't produce any additional players. It might mean players come through that academy rather than those of Wigan or St Helens, but they wouldn't be additional players.
  22. The supporters trust has spent years attempting to build a relationship with the club, with limited success. They're happy to take money off the trust to sponsor the Academy team but aren't keen on anything more than that. That relationship hasn't been helped by the club recently setting up a new 'official' supporters club with promises of being part of the inner circle. It's a negative tactic, being driven by the commercial manager to sideline the trust. There are lots of fans who would gladly help out - but that doesn't excuse the club's appalling mismanagement, none of which will change if/when this relocation occurs. Get the basics right, then come and speak to me about making such a fundamental change.
  23. We have this discussion on here when the Broncos move, every few years. The repetition is wearisome. When the Broncos do finally get around to telling us what they're planning, I can guarantee the statement will sound almost identical to Man of Kent's posts on here: "lovely stadium" "chance to grow" "wonderful opportunity" "increased crowds" "SL club" "ambition" blah blah blah. It's the same thing they say every time we move, but there's never a single word about how they actually plan to bring improvements beyond the ridiculous notion of "people will come". I've seen this so many times now and it's always the same thing. I've had enough of it. It's BS. You know, if the club could show even some semblance of having a functioning front office: - decent communications (not even great, just decent would suffice) with their fanbase. By the way, this doesn't include a loud-mouthed employee going onto the fans' forum and trolling people - a marketing approach that consisted of more than putting up a 6x2 poster outside a church in Ealing Broadway at the end (!) of their first season and handing out flyers outside Richmond train station (5miles from Ealing and not on the same train line) during the Super 8s - a merchandising operation that wasn't used to prop up the business of one of the club's employees - a commercial effort that even touched upon the thousands of businesses on their doorstep. 30 seconds online takes you to West London Business, which represents 7 Boroughs and over 100,000 businesses - every RL club in the country would kill for access to that sort of resource and yet the club hasn't even begun tapping into it Perhaps then, and only then, I might listen to what they have to say about another relocation. But no, we get more guff about averaging 3,000 once we've moved. It's nonsense. There is no point moving whatsoever whilst they continue to operate as a shell of a club. It's a joke to even consider it. Three years from now we'll all be sat here discussing another move.
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