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  1. 1. £24? That's not even a round of drinks 2. Every sport I've ever played requires a similar fee, I'm amazed RL's never done this before
  2. We don't actually need French TV to be interested in showing games played in England to generate additional income, depending on our negotiating skills. If a French Co wanted to show the 26 Catalans/Toulouse home games, and paid for the broadcast costs, SL could retain the UK rights to them and then on-sell those games to Sky. At £100,000 a pop (far less than Sky pay for each SL game they currently show), that's £2.6m new income - more or less the central funding the two French clubs will receive. If Sky don't want a weekly Saturday evening game for that price (which is cheap for live sport) then offer them elsewhere, and if no-one takes them then go down the OurLeague route for a couple of quid per game. We can generate money from this, even if the French broadcaster just pays the costs and not a fee.
  3. Like I say, perfect for England. GB's never coming back again anyway.
  4. First thing I do upon taking Ralph's job is bring this back. It's a beauty. IIRC it was on the shirt sleeve of every club in the early 90s when I first started watching RL.
  5. I'm not the first person to say this by any stretch, but we really should have just made that red and used it for England.
  6. You're right it is appalling. I've never been a referee but I coached youth sports for 15 years and saw some abysmal behaviour from coaches and parents.. Even had to intervene a couple of times to support the ref. Governing bodies in all sports need to do an awful lot more to support the men and women who make competitive community sport possible.
  7. After 27 years, chief, I've washed my hands of it. As I said to you previously, it's your club now.
  8. The speed, and authority, with which you moved from "moving to Plough Lane is going to be brilliant" to "well, it's up to the Broncos but it might work" is quite something.
  9. Just reading around this, the KSDL (owned 40/40/20 split) had no money coming in for 18 months and needs to pay out approximately £10m for repairs in coming years which it can't afford. So the stadium ownership is going to be placed into a community trust, and a licence to run the stadium awarded to the football club. The Giants will then become tenants of the football club. Is that correct? Because we've seen elsewhere what happens when RL clubs find themselves in this situation, and it isn't good news.
  10. We play too many club games as it is and, as a result, can't seem to find any space for internationals. Why would we react to that by re-introducing a parochial fixture that excludes most of the country and has been tried and failed several times previously? Even worse, is to do this at a time when the game outside the heartlands feels like it is in serious peril.
  11. We have few financial resources as it is, and they're about to be reduced substantially. In that context, spreading them over 20 clubs instead of 12 is insane. We are actively choosing to make our elite competition poorer.
  12. Exactly right. I'd be amazed if the best young players - the likes of Leyland, Horsman, Hodgson - stick around next season. If you're a SL club why would you not offer them a contract? They've got ability (Leyland for eg played for Lancashire alongside Pearce-Paul) they just need time and a good structure to develop. And in future years the best academy graduates won't ever play for the first team, they'll go north as soon as they're 18. That leaves the Broncos and Skolars fighting over the players who are; not good enough for SL, prepared to play PT, and not interested in playing union. That's a tiny group of people, not enough for one club never mind two. The monkey running the Broncos thinks the club can copy Fev, Fax, etc by going PT (although I'm willing to bet he'll still be FT) which completely ignores the inbuilt advantages those clubs have being based in the heartlands.
  13. For perhaps a decade now every change the sport has made has been focussed on the clubs at the bottom of SL and the top of the Championship. This is just a continuation of that, and it's utterly ludicrous.
  14. I'm largely with you on this, in that I think our sport needs to focus on SL (generates all our revenue), internationals (exposure) and the community game (player development). However, I don't see how cutting £600,000 from L1 clubs is really going to benefit any of those above priorities. The bigger wastage is the money we are (apparently) going to spend on an artificially 'professional' second tier under the 2x10s.
  15. Every single post of yours is brilliant. 2,000 people! Generating £40 each! You are absolutely clueless.
  16. The fact you think the club has lost support because it played at Ealing shows just how little you know about the history of the London Broncos. Stick to the soccer.
  17. I've always thought the LLS sounded a bit naff. We should name it after someone.
  18. You spent a year championing this relocation, dismissing and mocking people who know more than you about the Broncos, and now you don't like it when people call you out on it. Fair enough. As I say, we all know where you stand. Your only concern is, and always has been, AFC Wimbledon.
  19. Nope. You spent a year on here cheerleading this nonsense, refusing to listen to actual fans of the London Broncos, and in the process mocking and laughing at people who've spent decades supporting the club. You don't get to disown it now. Enjoy your £200,000 rent next season, in all likelihood it's all your football club will ever receive.
  20. I was discussing with another poster why the 20 clubs are so keen on this change to 2x10s, I didn't say anything about the pros/cons of funding lower league teams. For what it's worth, and I'm not sure your aggressive tone deserves any response but here goes, I've said elsewhere on here that our meagre resources should be focussed on funding an elite SL and the community game.
  21. Hey, you got what you wanted; it's your team now. You do the leg work.
  22. But if you were doing that you wouldn't be spending £200,000 on Plough Lane, plus £X on Rosslyn Park and Richmond as training grounds, when you could continue to pay a per hour rate to hire Ealing Trailfinders. Whatever the club's plan is, taking a step back and seeing the lay of the land clearly isn't it.
  23. This is incorrect. The Northern Ford Premiership clubs wanted out of the contract and negotiated a fee to walk away from future payments. They were confident they would find a broadcaster elsewhere, which of course never happened. A good few years passed before Sky offered them a deal for Thursday night games, but paid only for production costs and no rights fees. Then Premier Sports came along. The Championship broadcast rights have never been worth a penny, and the figures Nigel Wood made public five years ago where for the distributions to each league not how much Sky were paying for each one.
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