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    First post on the forum. I'm a long time RL fan from Cambridge, Ontario.. about 60 miles from Toronto. I was transferred to Aus, and I lived in North Sydney, NSW about 20 years ago and got addicted, and really missed it on our return to Canada. My wife and I went to 5-6 Wolfpack matches this year, and are excited about the move up, as well as the new signings.
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    As released on Facebook: THE FINAL MESSAGE FROM THE OWNER Well here it is. The final game as the South Wales Ironmen is almost upon us, and I won’t lie, it has been a tough 2 months. When we took over, the club was in a poor state, with debt, no way of generating revenue, players abandoning the club for one reason or another and, to top it all off, only 6 days to transfer deadline. All that said and done it has been an exciting challenge and I would like to thank all the players, staff and supporters who have continued to make sure the club continues in South Wales. It’s not all doom and gloom though, we have managed to pick up a win and a draw and given some of the young lads the exposure they need to move up a level. These are the positives, however with the positives come the negatives and, with the world of social media, the negatives seem to be more prominent. From the outside, people will have their own opinions about how the club has been run before and after the takeover and what we should do going forward. As with all clubs wishing to improve, the constructive comments will always be taken on board and, where possible, be introduced into the club. For myself and my fellow directors, the staff and players have done really well, doing exactly what was needed to see this year through with zero budget, and that was to give it everything they had and to look ahead to next year, because let’s be honest, they could have all deserted a sinking ship. So now to the positives. Due to the hard work on and off the pitch we can safely say that the club is out of debt and, has even made some profit on our recent home games at Stebonheath. We now have a home ground we can call our own, and at the last game against North Wales Crusader, our hospitality package was fully booked. We have had an average gate of 200 – 250 in our last three games and, while people think that is poor, just remember that we only moved there two months ago, and to top it all off we have already secured some sponsorship for next season. Considering we took the club over with less than 2 months of the season remaining I would say that is a successful end to a season that almost saw rugby league in South Wales disappear. So what next?? Well, we know we have a steep hill to climb to get things back on track. The club has obviously moved to West Wales, almost back to where the journey started, and we have to engage with the old, the existing and the new fans, as well as continuing our work with all the schools that we started 4 years ago. People have different thoughts on this but, for us, it is the juniors and younger players that need the opportunities, and we have to find the balance of young and old . Unfortunately, the club will be rebranded once again, and will pick up the name West Wales Raiders, although this is part of a long term plan that we have put in place. There has been some considerable debate over this but, as the raiders are already established in the West, it is the most logical choice. The Director of Rugby will be working hard to establish the coaching pathways from Juniors all the way to the 1st Team and this will consist of the schools, the colleges, universities and community clubs, and the club will also offer any assistance possible to the aforementioned. The commercial team will be working hard trying to raise the profile of the sport, and gain some investment in the club and the sport as a whole in South Wales . Personally, I think they have the hardest job in the shortest space of time. For the board, and the club, the biggest thing of all is to build bridges with everyone from community clubs to suppliers and, hopefully, try and bring the sport together, oh and of course win a few games along the way. As soon as everything is sorted you will all be the first to know. We hope we can count on your support to help build this fantastic sport of rugby league and put Wales on the map, because I know we have the talent, as the juniors have shown this year. We now just have to make ourselves stand up and be noticed.
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    There's not as many as it appears.
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    I think everyone on here will wish this bloke and the West Wales Raiders club every success in the future. No doubt in the hard work they've put in and also to own their own ground now? Great stuff.
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    Be a strange game on Sunday, already down but a chance to sign off at home with a win. Dewsbury may rest a few with Toulouse in mind in the Shield semi the following week. The usual suspects will be there to say thanks for the efforts of the players and staff, not just for this season but the past ones too. Hopefully the majority of fans will turn up for that reason alone, we could also be saying goodbye to a few players as well, think they deserve a send off after the last 3/4 seasons. Funny how 2 years ago the crowd at Whitebank for the promotion game was over 1500, we will be lucky to get 400 on Sunday. Just shows how many people fade off when the bad times occur.Thats not a dig at peeps who cant go for various reasons,just fact that a successful team brings in more crowds. No idea really wether Scott will go, if he does its with my thanks as it will be for any players that leave/retire. Its been a roller coaster ride this season, some ups, loads of downs. The fans have played their part with tremendous vocal support everywhere we have visited and of course at home. What happens next is anyones guess really, we could do with a statement from CH just confirming we will have a team in Champ 1 next season, that would put some minds at rest. I'm not going with the feeling it will be the last game for the club, but it could happen. I don't blame people for being a bit ambivalent to attending on Sunday, its just a chance to say farewell to the players and staff for the year and the last game at BF (probably), as an aside the staff at BF in the bar etc have been amazing with us over the last 2 seasons and they deserve our thanks also. Hoping we finish the season in style and get the win. Then we build again and give it a good crack in Champ 1 to get a return to the Champ next season. Up the Yeds!
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    This demonstrates serious intent. The prospect of a Canadian team in Super League is real and, in years to come, this era of Rugby League may be viewed as pivotal in the development of the sport. I'm not sure we all appreciate how ground-shaking this could all be,
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    Having only three Canadians is no worries for me personally, obviously it would be nice to have more and will hopefully happen over time (decade or so). Pro sports don't work that way in North America. None of the Blue Jays baseball team are from Toronto (I think). Even if there were five SL level players from Canada, why would they have to play for Toronto? They could go to any SL team? It is a global economy now. It doesn't seem important in Premier League soccer either.
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    Welcome to the forum. Don't be put off by some of the grumpy folks on here who complain about the Wolfpack. Most of us are very supportive and excited by their development.
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    This will give you an idea of what you will be getting with Sims in this "mic'd up" video clip. By chance there's even a shot of him charging at TWP's very own Moimoi.
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    Can we not have both? Toronto isn't costing the game here anything.
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    I haven't threatened anybody. It was a common term amongst those of a revolutionary bent in the late sixties, or people who at any rate thought they were: the prototype of private eye's Dave Spart. It was a rallying cry not a threat. I thought you were around back then. Read what Mogg says. I can't praise the people who run food banks enough. Heaven knows what would happen without them. But to find their existence and their increase in numbers 'uplifting', especially from his position as an mp in a government who's policies have necessitated their inception and their increase in numbers makes me extremely angry. How does it make you feel?
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    And that's fine. But which do you prefer: a full stadium with a large number of people having a good time for their own reasons Or a third full stadium populated by grim face aficionados clad in 1989 vintage Ellgren bench coats. Gary, it isn't just about you and what you want. I want to see more people from a wider social background enjoying themselves at rugby league games. Their motivation is irrelevant.
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    At least we are spared a week of wailing and freeze frames...
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    We need pretend Canadians for the pretend crowds.
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    Regarding Rees-Mogg, the criticism is comparable to that of Social Justice Warriors. Just as SJW's may be critcised for taking a self-righteous position, that is no more than words, that would be the criticism of Rees-Mogg. It can be considered heartening that people contribute to foodbanks. But, as there is little evidence he is actually concerned for those who would benefit from food banks. That means his feelings are not compassion, but sentimentality which could be considered self-indulgent in the light of genuine problems. That is I think where the criticism comes from.
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    I don't think it's an issue at all. Over time, there will be more Canadians. Even Toronto FC (soccer / football) had few Canadians in beginning years and now probably about 25 - 30% of the team is. And with that, they are the best team in the league. I assume Wolfpack will get involved in youth rugby aT some point, but right now their plate is pretty full.
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    It's great to see so many Canadians on the forum now.
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    I've not been very well of late and made the effort to get to Swinton to cheer the lads on, sadly it wasn't to be. Yes sad that we're going down, forget the if's, buts and what might of been.....what's done is done. All I can say is, as poorly as I am I'll be there Sunday to say thanks to the lads. No matter what all I ask is a 100% effort and that's what they've given. To any of the staff and players that won't be with us, I thank you for playing your part and grafting for the jersey. Wishing you well for the future.
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    Nonsense , he has a massive work rate and is an on field leader
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    Quite so.unless of course the "match day experience" turns you off. In any case, its not ained at the hard core of game-only fans. Its about attracting and retaining new or lapsed fsns, community etc....
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    I would've thought the majority of the fans that do show up will be season ticket holders as they've already paid for it.It'll be interesting to know how many paid on the door.Its going to be quite sad really with why's, what ifs etc going around in my head.For me the injuries have decimated the team,even a decent sized squad would feel it with the numbers out through injury this term. For the future a club with just one man at the helm and no cash to invest will just limp on.Scott Naylor performed a miracle just to get us into the championship and keep us up last season.I might be back next season because I love the game and unlike others I'm not a glory supporter and I'm from Oldham so I support Oldham,plain and simple.I'll have a proper think over the coming weeks,the prospect of going back down after waiting for so long and all the near misses over the years make it harder to swallow.
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    Well my friends you are quite lucky!
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    Leeds United had 31500 at Elland Road the other night and they've had years of no success. There's more to it than just winning things, although that helps. It's about building fans who *want* to come and will do so on a Monday night or Wednesday or whenever. I am well aware that soccer is way, way bigger than RL so aren't expecting to compete numbers wise but on a pro rata basis we're full of excuses for crowd figures.
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    One of the best officiating of a game this season.Bentham and his team were excellent.
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    Awful work from the touch judge to send that upstairs. Another waste-of-time VR referral.
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    Weasel words from Lenegan. He made sure he got the money before complaining.
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    Or alternatively it's someone who is a fan of a different sport and has spent countless hours of his life signing up to this and other forums over and over and over again after being repeatedly banned.
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    I don't see a threat. I read for the first time since 1968 I feel the words forming...... Chris doesn't imply violence. I'm the stereotypical example of a big soft sheeite....i really am a pacifist.....but he's one of the top three of the dinner party game..... name who you'd take a running punch at.... He's a vile horrible nasty human being.
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    I knew the Wolfpack were breaking the salary cap the moment they signed Steve Crossley.
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    Hang on, who left who? Because reading that no one would blame you for thinking it was the EU who were leaving the the UK and therefore the EU's responsibly to sort out a workable deal, not the other way round.
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    Spot on, the crowd was a response to a succsessful team, a massive opportunity was missed at the time of promotion... i remember thinking this is an opportunity and then thinking oh nooooooooooo as it became clear there was no home for the championship season...so the opportunity for momentum was lost, the team moved out of town, IMHO that was a disaster, and yes Bower fold is a nice little stadium,but it aint oldham. I wont be going sunday, i doubt very much many will, and i doubt CH, if he does show up will have any answers to questions any fans might have. Id not be suprised to see naylor quite after the game, i wouldnt blame him if he did, if there is any hope then the club has to find its way back into the oldham borough, it really is that simple, the trouble is , where?
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    This is a short-term problem only. As schools become more and more understaffed and underresourced while teachers are made to count paperclips ever more accurately to meet budgetary requirements, real teaching will soon cease. Soon after that, nobody will be able to read anyway, so libraries will become unnecessary. Cutting them now makes perfect sense. We're ahead of the curve. Yay! At least, that's how I see it. How about you?
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    It does seem that Scott will be leaving along with what I suspect some of our better players.After the elation of beating Keighley at whitebank to achieve promotion it's a very sad and disappointing situation. Scott has achieved where others have failed and I applaud him for that.It is the end of a more successful era than we've had in recent years. Scott will no doubt get another coaching job with a club with more resources than ours, what he's done with sod all is amazing and we should thank him for that,all in his first time as ahead coach.Sunday will be a sad day for us all,what will the club be like next season, even God doesn't know that one.I wish anyone who decides to move on all the best in their futures,many thanks for their service for Oldham.
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    The club will carry on one way or another. But I don't think Oldham is a rugby league town any more not with the crowd numbers below 1000 when you consider how big the town(the same could be said for Rochdale).If Oldham is a rugby league town it's because people support a superleague club and not Oldham. Hate to be doom and gloom mate but the RFL couldn't give two stuffs about us lot down here.All they want is this expansionist thing,foreign clubs with plenty of money to through around.They probably view us lot as steerage in the bowels of the boat,cattle class,whatever. I fear for the future of the game at this level,low crowd numbers,a lack of young blood among supporters,a fear the RFL doesn't care.When you think about it the crowds numbers are dire across the game,stadiums that look embarrassingly empty.We can't even fill Wembley any more for our most prestigious tournament.
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    @PatrickB Welcome Patrick. As the bird flies I am not far away living in Oakville. I went to UofWaterloo eons ago in fact although the Cambridge portion of the Tri-Cities has gown leaps and bounds since those days. I heard UofW even opened a campus in Cambridge now. My words of advice are the more of us sound, level headed, even minded Canucks posting on the forum, the better!
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    I saw a few current TWP players in that video: FFMM, Brierly, Jake Emmit. Sims I think will be a real asset. And he seems on good terms with the existing roster and undoubtedly his knowledge of they and their skills was a factor in his decision making to sign aboard.
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    I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that DKL79 is Pippa Middleton's alias. Somehow I doubt it, though.
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    Being a bit brutal but if clubs are dependent upon away support for survival then they aren't actually viable, are they? There must come a point where everyone's away support is as poor as each other - how do the sums then add up? Depending upon having a "big" club in the league with stronger away support than the rest isn't actually pulling your weight. This isn't targeted at the Oldham club but all of us below SL level. How did we all manage before the bounteous days of Sky?
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    Congratulations on your pay rise, hopefully it was at least equal to inflation. I think you deserve it.
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    So much the same kind of play as those which likely led to the 11 rouges scored in the inaugural Grey Cup in 1909.
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    Even numbered pads on this sideline would help e.g. showing 20m and things. I would go further and create a big screen for home games which produces graphics for things in play (e.g. penalty Wolfpack, Held up on the goal line go back 10m, 40/20 kick tap play to Wolfpack etc.) would make a massive difference.
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    Perez seems to think it's possible for the new team to be up and running in League one by 2019. That should just about give Barrow enough time to get their visas sorted out !

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