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    They go home with with rings/trophy. They were the best team in the final. They are the champions. I don't regard Cas as the champions and I'm a Cas fan. Everyone knows how the competition works at the start of the season. It is what it is.
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    I wish people would stop using the word heritage as if it was an insult to our game and integrity. I have a daughter who is born and being brought up in the UK (England specifically) but is exactly half British and half Italian. If she has a son or daughter then I would expect him or her to have a deep connection to their Italian heritage irrelevant of whether they were living in the UK, Italy or anywhere else in the world. If my grandchild had the opportunity to represent England/UK in sport I would be so proud and I would be equally proud if they chose to represent Italy as I would know they had a connection to that country through people they love. The players are not playing for these nations to get rich so they must be playing for another reason. This could be the opportunity to get spotted (unlikely in the modern era when every coach knows every player) but it may just be the opportunity to represent a nation they feel connected to on the biggest stage that their sport offers. If the players jump at the opportunity to represent their heritage and play their hearts out then why can't us fans actually just enjoy it?
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    Shame on him. Doesn't he know that it's the job of this forum to criticise the World Cup? 😀😀😀
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    A reminder of what he said about rugby league many years ago when Super Rugby was expanding
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    Leeds were the best club on Grand Final night, and thus won that particular trophy. Cas were the best club across the 2017 SL season, and that won them the League Leaders Shield. The only people you can blame for denigrating that trophy are the fans. It should be valued much more than it is.
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    I personally think if people think it is a farce they should just ignore it, do something else. That includes the RL fans moaning about it too. There are plenty of people around prepared to enjoy it for what it is.
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    I think the OP should put the internet down for the night, sleep on his/her conclusions and have another go tomorrow.
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    This is either a really poor attempt at trolling or a really, really dumb comment.
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    Non event of a story really As the TWP story shows, if we don't continually worry about RU and concentrate on our strengths and share what we have RU wont be a worry In north America several attempts to get a pro league going have failed and will continue to fail because the reality is the americans and Canadians don't really have the patience for it and RL is a much more natural fit - its that simple - that and the fact they can make of it what they want and don't have to worry about the baggage the 'history' (in the case of RU that word equates to a bloody lie but there you go) of a sport to drag it down - the IRB and RFU are a huge drag on world rugby, its as big as its going to get, lets get on with showing them how the younger and fresher sibling can motor on out into the world That ###### from the aussie rag does that all the time - every week when he can - ignore the fool we'll get the same here as we move forward - trick is to just enjoy it and talk it up where you can reading the I paper today its all about how RU didn't get Maguire - patronising pat on the head - editorial decision making from a tosser I would say but at least its in the paper for a change and the journos have done their best to give interest to the stories the real shame is that we cant have our sport shown as a separate sport in the UK without some knob with a RU background being given space to comment - ridiculous - you don't get archery commenting on darts - discrimination at its very worst - don't fforget to doff your cap and wipe your feet if we let you in so bottom line stuff em - we have already won that battle and like chicken heads off the body, the chin wobbles but they will quiet down soon enough - enjoy the RL and pity the idiots that cant see beyond their outdated and sad self interest - they certainly do not represent a free and independent press in my book The RLWC is going to be a cracker and I think the Aussies are going to suffer as much as anyone
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    May I apologise on behalf of the Leeds Rhinos for winning tonight and upsetting all the miserable posters on here. They now realise they should have rolled over and let cas have their inevitable victory and thus not make a mockery of the playoffs system.
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    The Grand Final concept will inevitably get a knocking after tonight but the point has been made that part of being Champions means you can do it when it matters. Had they lost by a point in controversial circumstances there might be a point but they lost emphatically and I think that makes it easier to accept. Melbourne would never have the lost the NRL Grand Final like that. There were warning signs last week against Saints that they might struggle under pressure and as exciting as it was they were let off the hook. I hope they're able to use this to spur them on next year.
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    Cas have been a breath of fresh air this season. I hope tonight stirs them on to be even better next year. Commiserations to all the cas fans who post on here. .
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    Cas know the structure. They know how it works. Its up to them to manage things so they peak at the GF. Leeds know that.
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    To Towns award winning Prop Stevie Scholey who is getting married today . Best of luck Stevie for your future both on and off the field .
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    Disagree with the trend on this page entirely. people follow and get into sport as they have stars to look up to. Most of the time these idols are not from the country they are from, playing for Real Madrid or in the NRL for example. One of my favourite players is Jarryd Hayne, yet I have no link to him. if someone else's Jarryd Hayne was found because they wore the colours of their country and inspired them to play or watch rugby league that's a great thing. And competitive games against higher opposition snowballs this fact, as if they get stuffed that idol doesn't appear worth looking up to anymore. think of it like Toronto, many people are being inspired to watch and in time play the game by players wearing their shirt and being looked up to. This can happen with the international game too.
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    It'll all end in tiers, mark my words.
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    I just fed a troll didn't I? Ah well back under your bridge lad.
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    Peter Fitzsimmons has spent the last four years gleefully waiting for the next RLWC to roll around so he can stick the boot in. It's the only way he can deal with being one of Australia's last remaining cheerleaders of a dying code (in Australia at least). His criticism is totally predictable, but luckily no one here cares what he thinks.
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    With a bit of forward planning, you could wash your hair and watch the game...
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    Look EW, get with the message. If things aren't perfect, then things are a joke, a farce etc. Forget any nonsense ideas of a festival of rugby, or some such. Be miserable. Become a Fitzsimons acolyte.
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    In rugby league, to be crowned champions you have to have the consistency to qualify for the play-offs and the quality and mettle to win under the bright lights of the heavyweight fight. That for me, is not only how we crown our champions but what defines one. Leeds are champions because when it came down to it, when the spotlight was on and it was all on the line they were the better side.
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    McShane and Eden, but they were only ever in the reckoning in the minds of folk who think the England team should solely consist of the team that finishes top.
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    Disappointing to see so many so called Cas fans leave the stadium with almost 10 minutes to go. I understand the result and performance is hard to take but the team have had a great season and deserved their loyalty not desertion.
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    No it isn't. If you can't play in big games you don't deserve to be Champions.
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    Exactly right. Some of the best players in our game are choosing to play for the teams they feel the most connection to despite being eligible for one of the big three nations (and in some cases actually selected for the Kangaroos and Kiwis). They are sacrificing both money and probably world cup glory to represent the nation of their choice and we have the audacity to call the teams they choose to play for 'made up'. It is extremely disrespectful in my opinion.
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    Then the only genuine World Cup is football and in their whole history only 8 Nations have won it. Rugby League could probably hold a Tournement with 12 to 14 nations who have domestic leagues and indigenous players but only 3 or 4 would have any chance of winning while most of the others would get humiliated. Rugby Union figures would be roughly the same. Outside the headline nations every sport outside football has to use the heritage qualification to boost the competitiveness of emerging nations or else accept the situation I explained above. Whats crucial though is that the sport moves forward and uses the World Cup platform to strengthen and support the emerging nations so they can flourish both internationally and domestically. In this regard the RUWC has proved to be the greater catalyst of the two Rugby World Cups. The reasons for that are far, wide, societal, political, historical, institutional but most importantly financial. That though is the subject of another discussion. The RLWC is what it is, we must accept that and be at terms with it, warts n all. If we can do that then we’re in for a fabulous celebration of the sport we love, so sit back and enjoy.
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    As there is no i-PRO Cup and potentially some teams combining or not entering the League we could play home and away games for the whole season and finish with the League leader being promoted and then second to fifth playing off for the second promotion spot - like we did in 2013!!! North Wales Crusaders are already doing business for 2018; we are signing players, released our new 2018 home shirt design and our season tickets have been on sale for 3 weeks. League 1 was pretty competitive in 2017 with Toronto and Barrow being the stand out teams - and both rightly got promoted. Although we ended the season in 9th we beat teams above us and Coventry and All Golds showed they can compete and beat us. i love meeting up with other fans home and away and already have my season ticket paid for and my shirt ordered!!
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    I think Wales and USA's development is separate from the WC, especially in Wales case. How much of their development can be attributed to playing in a WC especially as Wales didn't make the one in 2008. I can't see where the WC has actually caused any of this growth rather than it being coincidental. Did they not play Union in Italy before the 6 Nations? I'm not against bolstering nations, as I've not mentioned Wales (who have a RL history to speak of) but the creation of countries who effectively don't play the game.
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    This is all very good in theory but what is the practise? Are youngsters in Scotland and Italy really being inspired, is the national side having even the remotest of effects?
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    When you have teams like Serbia, Jamaica and Canada trying to qualify then it has to have more credibility. Take the USA a virtual heritage team in 2013 and now littered with North Americans. Wales almost didn't exist as a credible international side 10 years ago (just a heritage team). Now a large number of Welsh born players are filtering in. The game needs things like the World Cup to offer pathways to young kids picking up a RL ball.
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    To all my Cas & Leeds friends, & anyone else making the trip, have a brilliant day, hope it's the cracker we all think it will be
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    Well, the only reason he got in first is because Rebecca "drinky drinky" Wilson is dead. FitzToupée was always going to have a few cheap shots at the Rugby World Cup. That's what comes of being an agonisingly insecure chump.
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    I think they wanted to focus on players from an elite competition 😉
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    Are you suggesting that Scots, Irish and Italian 'immigrants' are not interested in keeping their cultural heritage? What's the difference between an Italian economic migrant and a Samoan one? Is Samoa allowed to have an international team because there are more people interested than in Ireland/Scotland/ Italy? Who is to deny those Irish, Italian or Scottish Rugby League fans a team to follow? Sorry you lot you can't have a team to follow because there aren't enough fans or 'proper' players. As far as I'm concerned, the more people playing and watching this great game the better. I, for one, can't wait for this World Cup and I'm looking forward to watching every team play. I don't care what accent they have, as long as they give 100% for their shirt and team mates.
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    Leeds played well enough, and were clearly the better team. Sadly, nothing special was really needed to win it tonight, just patience and a sensible approach. Far too many errors, which provided a platform for Leeds to get on top. Real shame for Cas as they have been the best team all season.
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    If you play horrendously when it truly matters and everything is on the line, why do you deserve to be Champions?
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    Awful by Cas. Embarresing. Can't even do the basics. The lad who dislikes Pepsi might have made a difference but I'm not sure. What a damp squib! Fair play to Leeds and congratulations. Gone quietly about their business this year. They always maintain a pretty high minimum level in finals and havent been challenged today. Cool, measured and very effective.
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    Hate to say it, but McGuire is playing himself to MOM here.
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    And maybe they understand they are doing their bit to expand the game and capture the imagination of other countries public. and maybe deep down they wonder what it would feel like to do something special against the odds? Like Scotland grabbing a draw against the Kiwis or Fiji reaching the semis or USA the quarters. a lot of players will look back on world cups as some of the best moments of their career, with the magnitude that comes from singing an anthem and playing for something bigger than money in your bank balance or personal glory
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    Please, do not quote him. It defeats the point of having him on Ignore.
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    Why bother whats happening at Haven and Barrow when we have a coach and a Team to recruit for next season , what they are doing has no bearing on our Club , if anybody wants away well fine we just have to get on with it , lets leave the other Teams to do their jobs ........Some people who seem to want to knock Barrow are way off the mark . They have an Academy and have deserved to gain promotion owing to the work put in over the 3 previous seasons. I am sure and hope with a few astute signings they will survive in the Championship ......Don`t forget under Peter Walsh we cherry picked Paul Burns , Tony Kay and Dean Marwood from Barrow when we were riding high .
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    I agree , really I’d like to see things paired down to a parent rule maybe , but that’s an ideal world which RL doesn’t live in at present. We want and need a strong as possible WC and as many of a small , concentrated pool of players as possible playing in it , so we are where we are and this at least gives us the best opportunity for those things .
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    Just read some news that a road is to to be renamed after Roger the Dodger in Hull. Brilliant stuff from the Hull council.
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    Good luck to Greg in todays Grand Final.
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    I think that most people have watched May's speech and felt sympathetic towards her, feeling that what happened wasn't her fault. In those circumstances, to suggest that a nasty cough is sufficient reason for her to step down looks to be callous. Given that the content of her speech was so banal, it may actually have been to her advantage to have people's attention diverted from it.
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    Official confirmation I doubt even the most ardent of black and whites could have any complaints about this. Not sure about Councillor Sumpton's suggestion that "the signage should be in red and white" though. He'll be asking for the road number to be changed from the A63 to the A10.5 next.
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    Not a chance mate. Where is/was presentation night for the fans? If CH thinks that the rank and file are going to don lounge suits (cause we all have one lying about)and fork out £45 minimum for a dinner and a chat with a boxer (and lounge suit hire on top),he is crackers. Bit late in the day for a presentation night now as well, seems like his energies went into this corporate b'lox instead of a normal presentation night. Not right chuffed with that if I'm honest. Bit of a kick in the nads to the loyal fans.
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    I'm really surprised that so many people seem to want Cas to win. I've no problem that everyone has a right to their own opinion but it's as if wanting them to win is the right thing to do and taking the high ground. I don't think we should be ashamed of our rivalry or be made to feel like we're just being narrow minded. I think it's a healthy thing. Rivalries in football are as strong as ever - whether it's the Liverpool or North London derby or whatever.
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    yep that would explain the Coventry player