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    I wish people would stop using the word heritage as if it was an insult to our game and integrity. I have a daughter who is born and being brought up in the UK (England specifically) but is exactly half British and half Italian. If she has a son or daughter then I would expect him or her to have a deep connection to their Italian heritage irrelevant of whether they were living in the UK, Italy or anywhere else in the world. If my grandchild had the opportunity to represent England/UK in sport I would be so proud and I would be equally proud if they chose to represent Italy as I would know they had a connection to that country through people they love. The players are not playing for these nations to get rich so they must be playing for another reason. This could be the opportunity to get spotted (unlikely in the modern era when every coach knows every player) but it may just be the opportunity to represent a nation they feel connected to on the biggest stage that their sport offers. If the players jump at the opportunity to represent their heritage and play their hearts out then why can't us fans actually just enjoy it?
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    Shame on him. Doesn't he know that it's the job of this forum to criticise the World Cup? 😀😀😀
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    A reminder of what he said about rugby league many years ago when Super Rugby was expanding
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    I personally think if people think it is a farce they should just ignore it, do something else. That includes the RL fans moaning about it too. There are plenty of people around prepared to enjoy it for what it is.
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    To Towns award winning Prop Stevie Scholey who is getting married today . Best of luck Stevie for your future both on and off the field .
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    Disagree with the trend on this page entirely. people follow and get into sport as they have stars to look up to. Most of the time these idols are not from the country they are from, playing for Real Madrid or in the NRL for example. One of my favourite players is Jarryd Hayne, yet I have no link to him. if someone else's Jarryd Hayne was found because they wore the colours of their country and inspired them to play or watch rugby league that's a great thing. And competitive games against higher opposition snowballs this fact, as if they get stuffed that idol doesn't appear worth looking up to anymore. think of it like Toronto, many people are being inspired to watch and in time play the game by players wearing their shirt and being looked up to. This can happen with the international game too.
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    It'll all end in tiers, mark my words.
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    I just fed a troll didn't I? Ah well back under your bridge lad.
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    Peter Fitzsimmons has spent the last four years gleefully waiting for the next RLWC to roll around so he can stick the boot in. It's the only way he can deal with being one of Australia's last remaining cheerleaders of a dying code (in Australia at least). His criticism is totally predictable, but luckily no one here cares what he thinks.
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    With a bit of forward planning, you could wash your hair and watch the game...
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    This is all very good in theory but what is the practise? Are youngsters in Scotland and Italy really being inspired, is the national side having even the remotest of effects?
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    When you have teams like Serbia, Jamaica and Canada trying to qualify then it has to have more credibility. Take the USA a virtual heritage team in 2013 and now littered with North Americans. Wales almost didn't exist as a credible international side 10 years ago (just a heritage team). Now a large number of Welsh born players are filtering in. The game needs things like the World Cup to offer pathways to young kids picking up a RL ball.
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    To all my Cas & Leeds friends, & anyone else making the trip, have a brilliant day, hope it's the cracker we all think it will be
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    Well, the only reason he got in first is because Rebecca "drinky drinky" Wilson is dead. FitzToupée was always going to have a few cheap shots at the Rugby World Cup. That's what comes of being an agonisingly insecure chump.
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    I think they wanted to focus on players from an elite competition 😉
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    Are you suggesting that Scots, Irish and Italian 'immigrants' are not interested in keeping their cultural heritage? What's the difference between an Italian economic migrant and a Samoan one? Is Samoa allowed to have an international team because there are more people interested than in Ireland/Scotland/ Italy? Who is to deny those Irish, Italian or Scottish Rugby League fans a team to follow? Sorry you lot you can't have a team to follow because there aren't enough fans or 'proper' players. As far as I'm concerned, the more people playing and watching this great game the better. I, for one, can't wait for this World Cup and I'm looking forward to watching every team play. I don't care what accent they have, as long as they give 100% for their shirt and team mates.
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    I don't know how many players are playing because they have a deep emotional connection to the country that they do not reside in. I also do not know how many are doing it because they are opportunistic and couldn't care one bit about the country they are representing. And I don't know how many fall in between. None of us do. But... none of these teams are going to win the tournament and none of the players are going to get rich from playing in it and all of them are coming off the back of a very tough domestic season and are well overdue a rest So, I am going to say something crazy. Maybe they are proud to play for the countries they have a chance to represent and they are living the dream of playing in a Rugby League World Cup.
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    Please, do not quote him. It defeats the point of having him on Ignore.
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    If Tonga get to the WC final it'll be the best thing to happen to international rugby league in years! We should be shouting it from the rooftops, as a vindication of RLIF policy. The emergence of Tonga has set the world cup alight, Group B will be where all the action is and it will make the whole tournament intersting, when the first 3 weeks are usually a procession. Let's be excited, not look to pick holes!
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    It all smacks of a contrived competition instead of taking the plunge and having genuine teams. It's short term thinking to manufacture teams for the sake of more competitive fixtures. There will continue to be a lack of credible opposition ad nauseum until this policy is abandoned.
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    Good luck to Greg in todays Grand Final.
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    I think that most people have watched May's speech and felt sympathetic towards her, feeling that what happened wasn't her fault. In those circumstances, to suggest that a nasty cough is sufficient reason for her to step down looks to be callous. Given that the content of her speech was so banal, it may actually have been to her advantage to have people's attention diverted from it.
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    He still technically is, he said in an article recently he'll happily turn up up and run the water
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    Official confirmation I doubt even the most ardent of black and whites could have any complaints about this. Not sure about Councillor Sumpton's suggestion that "the signage should be in red and white" though. He'll be asking for the road number to be changed from the A63 to the A10.5 next.
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    Not a chance mate. Where is/was presentation night for the fans? If CH thinks that the rank and file are going to don lounge suits (cause we all have one lying about)and fork out £45 minimum for a dinner and a chat with a boxer (and lounge suit hire on top),he is crackers. Bit late in the day for a presentation night now as well, seems like his energies went into this corporate b'lox instead of a normal presentation night. Not right chuffed with that if I'm honest. Bit of a kick in the nads to the loyal fans.

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