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    From League Express 3103. Some people in this forum had it right from the begining. Bravo! Others not so much... The deal was signed when TWP entered the league structure with the objective of increasing interest in the competitions. Sky agreed on this (should Toronto be promoted), except for Summer Bash, Qualifiers and Magic Weekend. The broadcast is produced at TWP own costs. RFL doesn't receive any money from TWP nor from Premier. The benefits is an increased visibility both in the UK and in North America according to RFL. Championship clubs are expected to respond later this week, but case closed right? On the editorial, a reminder that 80% of the clubs Toronto played last year attracted their biggest crowd when the Wolfpack were in town. And the games were televised.
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    I think when they talk of competing with union they are first and foremost talking of for players. Union has been given a free hand at cherry picking our players, we have sat back and allowed it to happen. The interesting thing is that union clubs are not immune from financial pressures, do some of the SL chairmen feel that the time is right to strike back because they are aware that union clubs are struggling. After many high profile failures of players going to union, does union also feel that they have had their fingers burned to often. We have always been far better at coaching converts, we don't expect too much and are willing to bide our time.
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    In the full interview Pearson says he went to see Yorkshire Carnegie and was shocked at how bad it was. He is - quite rightly - flabbergasted at the money spent on English club RU for such a poor product. I assume he mostly means sponsorship.
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    I don't want to sound downbeat, but... The clubs were responsible for accepting the farcical Stobart deal and introducing a marquee player allowance whilst refusing to stump up £30K per side for a reserve competition. I fear that effectively having 12 CEO's running the league is going to lead to more selfish decisions which will impact hugely on Championship clubs. A closed shop where only Super League clubs have a say in how the sport is run seems a real possibility to me, at the expense of the semi-professional, amateur and international game. I hope it works, but the clubs can't simply be allowed to do as they please and there must be some form of RFL involvement. On the positive side, it no longer allows clubs to abdicate responsibility. A prime example being Ian Lenegen, who has done nothing but criticise the recent TV deal with SKY, which he voted in favour of! I hope that decisions are made in the interests of the sport and not the bank balances of club chairmen.
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    Looked just as fast, agile, strong and skilful today after 8 months out. If he manages to avoid injuries this year anything is possible. The most exciting young player at Wakefield since Henry Paul? Can’t wait for the season to start and watch Tom running down the wing
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    It looks like Manchester Rangers are pressing ahead with a place in the pro game.
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    SL has always been in control since its inception, the original Sky deal was with Super League Europe not the RFL, the championship clubs were bought off with a sweetener from Sky , a sweetner that they were more than willing to take. It is only in recent years that SLE, with the promise of reduced costs and a better TV deal that some control was handed to the RFL, Woods failed to deliver. The SL clubs have obviously had enough and have decided to go back to plan A.
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    The game's moribund. A bit of pizzazz from Canada, the US and France plus additional franchising for teams in London, Ireland, Wales and Scotland is just what it needs. Most people realise this but can't implement such an expanded system without finance. You could finance the whole shebang for well below the price of Philip Coutinho's transfer fee. If Sky won't stump up, maybe the US TV networks will.
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    It's attention seeking. He obviously doesn't really think that and wouldn't put money in it. Kind of like when Phil Clarke tipped Salford for top spot in 2014.
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    The man's a total clown with his articles. A very good player, but a failed coach and useless writer.
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    John Grant added “The RLIF board determined that the board’s Nominations Committee from Australia, New Zealand and Europe should in the first instance undertake a rigorous process with Nigel as its internal candidate to confirm his willingness and suitability to take the role. Failing this, it was then to undertake an external process. The Committee was swayed not only by Nigel’s clear experience but also by his deep knowledge and sincere passion for international rugby league. Its recommendation that he was the right person to take the international game forward at the very exciting but challenging time was adopted unanimously by the full board” Conclusion: We couldn't even be arsed to advertise this role. Here it is on a plate current Chairman of the RLIF. Whether he is the right guy or not, what a pathetic way to look to drive the World game forward. Pretty much sums up the sport and its unconscious limitations.
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    Good news for London, assuming they've prepared adequately for promotion.
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    I think its rather logical. As one of the guys in charge of one of the top "Rugby" clubs in the country, he, along with Mcmanus, Hetherington etc. are probably comparing their organisations not only with eachother but with the likes of Bath, Quins and Leicester. They're the ones that off the rugby pitch, these clubs are competing (or at least aiming to compete) with in the corporate sphere. He's probably also faced the corporate/personal prejudices that exist towards RL in comparison to RU that crop up all over the place from universities to the boardrooms. In fact this is exactly the sort of realism that is needed at the top of the game - looking outward rather than inwards.I EDIT: To make it clearer what I mean, Man Utd don't compare/compete themselves with West Brom or Bournemouth off the pitch, they compare themselves with Real Madrid, PSG and Bayern.
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    I've been saying for years that one day I'll follow the cup from start to finish. Well I have just decided that this year is as good as any! I think I'l start at Thatto as it's the closest to home and go from there.
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    Sorry I don’t know who took this to credit them but what a photo!
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    There was also the "marquee player" aspect. Many of the converts had the potential to be good, even great RL players. But another reason for signing them was bums on seats. Jiffy wasn't as good as Tony Myler, but how many did he put on the gate? He was world famous. John Gallagher was billed as the worlds greatest rugby player. Same with Bradford's signing Terry Holmes, it was said that he paid for himself after two or three games with the increase In the gate, and he can hardly be described as a successful convert. Many of these signings were big stars. Teams had the incentive to persevere with these players for reasons other than their abilities. Like it or not. And lets face it there'd have been a lot of egg on face if a club had to admit it had wasted its money.
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    Rule by plebiscite is crude, one dimensional, subverts representative democracy, and dangerous. Because something is straightforward it doesn't mean it's valid. The point of true democracy is that decisions can be overturned. Otherwise laws would never change.
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    Its about time championship & league one clubs "breakaway" in a commercial sense and let us sort out our own media and sponsorship deals...cos with the 12 SL chairman now in charge of super league there's gonna be little or zero trickle down money from future SL TV deals.
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    That was my thought too. He could easily have said changes are coming, we're on the up, be ready and watch it happen, without bringing up that they're smaller than another sport, or that they're comparing themselves with someone else. Make it about RL, not RU vs RL.
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    my statement was a dig from when he was in his later days at Leeds and was said to have being recalcitrant in his conduct
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    Breaches of contact are initially a disciplinary offence!!! ....Integrity with many contracts in sport!!!... Please ....... What Griffin reportedly did, in my opinion, warranted a final warning at worst, had he already had a final warning ?.... has he a history of breaching his contract? ...then of course its another matter!! is there a precedent?? ... At 35 his best years are behind him but he still is a very good player and could we afford a 30 year old Griffin?? ..... I doubt it ... but he would fill our glaring gap ... and at 35 we could probably afford him and get at least one good season out of him ... all opinions are my own and I make this comment without any inside knowledge or prejudice !!
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    Nicely done. Super Dooper League, millions wasted in London and Wales, and laughable. It only needed farce for a full house.
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    In case anyone missed the match and still wants to watch it, it's on Youtube here.
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    It's interesting, doesn't reflect well on Wood and seems pretty clear where they see as the growth areas.
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    We've just invested massively in what look to be a potentially cracking pair of half backs, and we've still got Thackeray too (who lest we forget won the TotalRL Fans Forum trophy as voted by members of this forum last year). Chase is a 31-year-old who has a long history of off-the-field issues, has just been banned for two years for failing a drugs test and is arguably the most unpopular player amongst Fev fans this century. Hope that answers that question!

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