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    Can I used your quote to the remainers on the "Position in the EU" thread, the non-tory voters on the "Those nice Tories" thread and nearly everyone on the "POTUS" thread?
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    I’m glad you typed carefully
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    Apart from injuring his arm while running. Obviously did something wrong then. 😉
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    We’ve bought haven for £27.40 and going to use them as our feeder club?
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    I slipped and stubbed my toe, what opportunities will this open up for Kabbadi in Ukraine?
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    with the reds juniors and reds in the communiy it would be great if town could get some kind of youth set up. youth football and rugby games as curtain raiser. maybe had the odd day when both teams play on the same day and offer a double header ticket etc
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    I hope no channel shows the game. England v France in front of 5,000 people in Leigh on a Wednesday night would be an absolutely horrific look for RL on live TV.
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    Well it's obviously going to be tough for the Bears against Bradford but there's also been an improve in performance from the Bears over the last couple of weeks. I'd like to see the Bears compete well and score some tries. Regardless of the result its set to be a massive day for the Bears. There is stuff going on all day and there's set to be a bumper crowd. There is a Try Tag tournament, Juniors festival, barbeques and craft beers, and also 4 live music acts playing before and after the game. I personally can't wait for what is going to be a great day in the sun. We've done a special preview episode of the game including interviews with The Game Caller and Mark Wilson amongst others. Details in this thread.
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    Why is this game not being held in London? None of the three tests will be in the Capital, so why not think big and go all out for a London venue?
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    East Stand at York taking shape.
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    could be worse........ might have called us knights
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    Well there will be no conflict of interest from me tonight...watch the first half of WC game then turnover for the really big game at 7 45...after all the England v Belgium will be no more than a training game with plenty of subs imo, they've both qualified so be an anti climax, will keep updated in 2nd half during pauses in Warriors v Rhinos game, of which there will be plenty of pauses, heat related... prediction is Wigan 2. Leeds 52....sunstroke and heat already affecting me!
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    I heard a report (so not direct but I'll jump start the outrage bus anyway) that big Sam had suggested England ought to try to come second in their group. Gareth Southgate said "Win all your games" I know which mentality I want in charge. Is it too early to call for Sir Gareth of Southgate?
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    Just read the Press, outside chance that JBF could return which would be a huge boost.
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    It’s quite an easy and a cheap statement to make. There are some similarities between American Football and Rugby League. Not many, but a few and it’s quite easy to say that there are transferable skills and people wanting to transition between the two could find success. The thing is though, College players will be transitioning over in their early twenties and like most sports, Rugby League teams don’t/won’t allow the required time for these players to get up to scratch. You’d need to get these lads at a much younger age for them to stand a decent chance of making it as a good standard Rugby League player in the UK. The chances of luring these kids away from American Football is slim mind.
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    Is anyone else delighted that Big Sam got the boot, whether he deserved to or not?
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    Because they really don't give 2 hoots about the game or the fans & just bothered about filling their schedules. The attendance is gonna take a real hit. wigan by 10.
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    I feel for the French, not much respect shown to them with this half assed attempt.
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    Maybe England can't go to France because of the travel, the altitude, the heat, the food, the wine, etc, etc, etc?
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    I would also add that NZ dominance is offset by the competitiveness of the next 6-8 nations below them.
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    I can see your point, but I don't think the picture is quite so straightforward. Whilst it's true that, on the one hand, the only players who don't dream of one day playing for Warrington are the ones that are already there, living that dream, it's also true that - at least to the best of my knowledge - Rob has not expressed an intention to become homesick at some point during 2019, so I'm not sure the Australian half-back transit lounge that Warrington are carefully cultivating will be particularly appealing to him.
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    Joachim Löw will be sacked, see the error of his ways and steer Germany RL to the 2025 World Cup in England after Jason Moore binned the US version due to NRL blocking tactics.
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    This is something to bear in mind next time you think about berating Australia for their lack of commitment to the international game. England treat the international game exactly the same, in proportion to their strength. Australia treat every nation below them with contempt and so do England.

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