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  1. The Trial of Christine Keeler was an excellent drama by the BBC , brilliantly acted and a fair reflection of how sleazy the early 60`s had become in certain circles .
  2. Bang on , we have had season after season of injuries to our key players , this above anything is the thing that keeps holding us back .
  3. Think Twice sung by Celine Dion . Couldn`t fathom out why i liked it , and found out it was written by Pete Sinfield who started off writing for King Crimson/ELP back in the day .
  4. We played even better in the 1978 Final against Widnes , really dominated what was then just about the best Team in the League , then unfortunately let 2 tries in during the last 8 minutes and lost the Cup , still can`t believe we lost that game .Doubly disappointing as of the 4 consecutive Finals we made , it was Derek MacMillans only Final appearance , he missed the others due to injury ,and if anyone deserved a winning medal He did . Boxer was always exciting and on his game , but Derek was probably the most under appreciated Player of that particular era .
  5. Penalty counts are a very grey area and sometimes misleading . It all depends on where on the pitch they are given , and how far through the tackle count you are . For instance offside in the opponents 20 on last tackle , they then get piggy backed down the field and another 6 , or offside in your own 20 when defending on first tackle , not much advantage unless they take the two .Also lots of soft penalties late on when the games already won , just to even the count up a bit .
  6. Shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd .
  7. Had arthritis for 30 odd years , used to like strong tea but was told the high tanning levels stop vitamins and nutrients nourishing the body thus lowering the immune system even further , moved on to green teas etc, and it made a huge difference (had headaches for a month through caffeine withdrawal though) .Another plus was being put on Statins not so long ago and strangely enough they have had a huge positive effect on my aches and pains .
  8. I fully believe it is definitely linked with Global Warming . We have such mild winters now , if that is mirrored across the rest of Europe , they have no need to escape to a warmer area .For instance in West Cumbria where we often see Waxwings and Bramblings , i have yet to see one in the usual places this Winter .
  9. ivans82

    2020 Squad

    Hope the news is true and hope they are half as good as Neville Elwin and Bruce Gibbs that we had around in the late 70`s .
  10. Gone with the Wind , because it is far too long , with Derwent all the way on his choices .
  11. Wont be able to watch it myself but anyone interested Barrow are showing this game live Today , there is a link in the Barrow Forum for those looking for a RL fix .
  12. As a neutral , if that wasn`t a voluntary tackle then i don`t know what is , Joynt only regained his feet because he was expecting the whistle .
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