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  1. Don`t forget this is Rugby League we are talking about....................now if this was a netball match , no problem , how much air time do you need .
  2. Nothings a given for Saints .As i keep reminding people , the Grand Final is usually played on a windy night when it`s p*****g down , and then it`s who has the best kicking game and makes the least mistakes , not necessarily the flashiest Rugby Team .
  3. Good open game yesterday with some nice tries . Thought Jamie was head and shoulders man of the match , was involved in everything .Great kicking by Carl kicking 11/11 in that wind too .West Wales made it an entertaining game , and their No 7 Tyler Hunt was a real handful and had a great step .Lots of people on the general RL forum knock West Wales efforts pointing to the big scores against in their matches , but i salute their grit for hanging on in there and in a few years you never know how they might have progressed .With a fortnight off and maybe a clean bill of health , see no reason why we can`t beat Hunslet and Donny and shake it up in the Play Offs .
  4. If that is true the League should have no right to refuse any RL Team in running a reserve side , if they can pay their way , it just doesn`t make sense .
  5. Keeping Faith is a good watch...apart from those annoying songs that go on forever they keep sticking in .
  6. Lost at Edgebaston where we never lose and now off to Lords where we never win .Bookies still unbelievably have us as slight favourites for the 2nd test .As for Smith , was horrified to see us trying to get him out at one point by bowling around the wicket . Because he always shuffles across the stumps it meant we gave him even more easy runs on the leg side. Think we should just bowl consistently well wide of the off stump , frustrate him and perhaps force him to chase one .
  7. Easiest thing to do as far as the players goes is to give an automatic one game ban to anyone who rushes in to join an incident , might mean Teams having to field a lot of fringe players next time up , but if they haven`t the brains to not get involved , tough .
  8. When Haven beat us last time , a large part of their game plan was to keep deep to our rather small in stature wingers/full back , getting 3 or 4 men in the tackle and then forcing the ball free . They must have succeeded half a dozen times and forced scrums , ball retention and a good kicking game are vital tomorrow ..
  9. It will take a massive effort to win at Haven this week , they know a win on Sunday and the leagues theirs ( Keighley away wont be a problem for them , probably have the smallest pack in the league ) ,doubt they will throw it away now .
  10. Firstly i am a Town fan , so no bias from me , secondly Haven have the best defence in the league , defence wins games .Charlo has a simple plan of playing the basics , keep it simple , stay in the game , throw the strike players in off the bench and eventually the opposition will tire and the likes of Dion Aiye and Jessie Joe Parker will usually come to the fore .It is up to the other Teams to find a way round this , only thing is you somehow have to find the way to score tries against them ......very few Teams have managed that so far !
  11. Blood ran cold there for a minute , thought it said Villanelle Leopards .
  12. Comfortable Haven win , too big and too strong all around the park .
  13. On the upside with Haven going up , your only Derby will be against the Town . Always enjoy our games against Barrow and neither of us will have to play at the Rec , so some small comfort .......heard Paul Crarey on the radio going home in the car Sunday , and he was complaining of a few dodgy calls for Barrow , a couple of crucial tries chalked off in 2 big games lately , any truth ?
  14. Great performance from everyone , agree with everyones comments on players commitment , Tom Curwen still playing on through the pain barrier and went off in discomfort again , when is this lad gonna buy some luck with injuries .Knew when Carl stayed down it must be bad , never known him injured , hope it`s not as bad as it looked .We dominated up the middle but Keighleys pack looked one of the lightest i`ve seen this season , good crowd , good pitch and at last a big step forward in our performance.
  15. Great result , may quieten down the people who are sometimes knocking your efforts , long may you continue and best of luck going forward .
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