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  1. Just got rid of x factor celebs when another load of garbage called "masked singer" is the next piece of light entertainment/reality tripe being thrown our way in January .Surprisingly Davina Mccall is one of the "judges".............can`t wait !
  2. Does anyone at Arsenal really know what they are doing ? Still got Brighton half time/full time so thanks once again . Didn`t even know Ozil was playing until i noticed him walking off the pitch at the end , after pocketing another few hundred thousand for very little .
  3. Think She won him in a game of Poker .
  4. Had enough of Victoria (It`s my programme and i am going to shake my head and arms around a la Miss Piggy and waffle on as much as i like) Coren Mitchell on Only Connect .My tip is watch it on mute . Not only do you not have to listen to her incessant jabbering but it gives you a good bit longer to see if you can guess the link before it comes on screen . It`s a win win ........still don`t get many mind you ..
  5. The main problem with Englands bowlers is they are too used to our dampish conditions when the ball will move off the pitch and swing .When it is drier and it`s down to pace and bowling a length and pitching it up consistently , we haven`t the discipline to do it .too many easy runs given away bowling too wide or too short .
  6. The Sinners got off to a great start on BBC last night , quite dark and mysterious .
  7. Fairports-Rising For The Moon , Family-Song For Me , Ronnie Lane=Anymore For Anymore , 10,00 Maniacs-In My Tribe ,Mothers- Burnt Weeny Sandwich ,Marianne Faithful-Broken English ,Beefheart-Unconditionally Guaranteed . .
  8. Crazy decision , come on Arsenal really throw the cat among the pigeons , get rid of Emery now and offer Pochettino the job , you know it makes sense .Apart from anything else the reaction in North London would be priceless.
  9. ivans82

    2020 Squad

    Fui might be 40 but don`t forget Jamie Peacock was still one of the best props in Super League when he retired at 38/39 , age is just a number , also depends on how many injuries you pick up on the way .
  10. Most disappointing thing of the whole tour was the total lack of creativity from the halves , the total lack of ideas to open up the opposition defence , and the fact we hardly made a clean break in any of the Tests .It seemed as if the whole thing was cobbled together with an unbalanced squad and an assumption that no one would get injured .
  11. Very lop sided fixtures those , but 4 of our first 5 fixtures are at Home , we need to hit the ground running this year to make full use of those Home games and set down a marker .
  12. Just been on the Barrow site and it says we play them away Jan 26th 1.30pm kick off in pre-season friendly .
  13. With me it`s usually Americanisms The use of the word awesome for just about anything . People who say good good when one good is quite enough , And those that say "laters " and call each other dude .....and don`t get me started on high fives .
  14. Don`t forget under Charlo and Oggie we were never relegated , Charlo knows what it takes in this division and i personally don`t think Haven will be relegated , I myself are more interested as to whether we will go up , that is my only concern .
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