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  1. The one thing i have noticed about the winners of the last sixteen games (especially) the Netherlands is at the final whistle they have leapt about and jumped around celebrating as if they have won the actual Cup , whereas the England Team remained calm and fairly composed .It seems they have their sights set on their next target .At least it shows they aren`t getting ahead of themselves because the real Tournament only starts now .
  2. RIP Christine McVie , first remember Her singing a brilliant version of "I would rather go blind " on an old Chicken Shack lp .
  3. Really enjoying it myself but can`t believe the Paddy Mayne character could be so one dimensional , it`s starting to grate a bit now , i am sure the real Paddy Mayne wasn`t as obnoxious .
  4. Like some on here i find football tedious , it doesn`t hold my attention . Also i must admit being a Rugby League fan , i turned a lot of the World Cup games off because they were too onesided our game is brutal when one side is too dominant .........What i find baffling is Football is a billion pound business , but it hasn`t moved yet on temporary substitutions for head injuries , and in the World Cup itself Teams spend 4 years building up to the competition , qualifying , and then when it gets to the knock out stages and final , it is quite happy for those games to be be decided by a glorified coin toss (i.e. a penalty shoot out) .
  5. Tokyo Vice has got off to a good start on BBC well worth watching .
  6. Also think Harry Maguire looks like Paul Heaton back in the day and Phil Foden looks like a young Kevin Sinfield .
  7. On the subject of extra time , one way to cut it down a bit is to make the substitutions during the game . Player going off should be able to run to the side-line , tag the oncoming player in front of the 4th official , ref is informed through his earpiece ..........should also be used in premier league to stop these pointless substitions that certain managers use after 90 mins is up to either slow the game up or hope for another 30 secs of injury time .
  8. My thoughts exactly ,both those Teams looked terrified to lose , which was a bit stupid when they both had Argentina to play .A win for either and they would have been laughing .......Spain on the other hand can knock Germany out at the weekend , heres hoping .
  9. Thats exactly my point , we may have done them a favour by keeping them back 12 months .It`s given them time to build a stronger more capable Team .
  10. Argentina believe it or not are still only 7-4 favourites to win the group and 6-4 not to qualify .So the bookies expect them to win their next 2 games
  11. Wilko Johnson was a great guitarist , He is what made Dr Feelgoods live album "Stupidity" one of the best live albums ever released .
  12. Think it will be interesting to see how Keighley go this year , we went up at their expense by beating them in the play offs last time , with an extra year to build we`ll see if it actually worked to their advantage .
  13. One thing i have thought for a while is that when a player receives a head shot and has to go off to be assessed , the player committing the offence should also have to go off , and if the player fails his assessment and can`t come back on , the offender shouldn`t be able to either .
  14. Don`t believe size of ground or crowds should be raken as vitality important . There should be room for any Club who can remain viable , after all Bournemouth manage to get to the Premier League with a ground capacity of just over 11,000.
  15. Watched a documentary on that a few weeks ago on BBC Scotland it was brilliant , Ally really talked them up , but the best bit of the programme was an interview with Ally . When asked about whether he had studied the opposirion for the group stage he said " No , i have just spent my time tuning up my boys to perfection"....absolute class .
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