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  1. Several years ago i went for a walk on January 29th (i made a note) down Crummock Water , it was very cold and sleeting at the time , and there were 2 Dippers taking nesting material to the Wear where they nest . The young didn`t appear until April but they certainly got started early .
  2. The one thing about Vinyl albums which worked well was the fact that side one gave you the opportunity to put something else on as the album came to a natural end .Studies were done in the 70s where they tested peoples attention span when listening to albums and they came up with 36 minutes as the ideal length , which fitted in well with most albums of that time .Another reason why the 80s was the decade of death for music as most artists/bands didn`t throw away the tracks that weren`t up to the mark and so released everything regardless and often you ended up with albums 80 minutes long .People say just switch off or miss tracks , but back in the day artists took more care with albums , throwing out average tracks , thinking about the running order , etc. , most good albums of that time have no filler , i never skip tracks on my albums .
  3. It`s obviously found plenty to eat as well by the size of it .Plenty of Dippers up here in West Cumbria as you would expect , usually use the same nesting sites every year so always know where to go to see them .
  4. Luke Gale and Jackson Hastings if only for the haircut .
  5. Spot on........so called comedians.............the TV is full of them , you only need to watch Live at the Apollo to see them pacing up and down the stage telling some long boring "story" and only getting a laugh when they swear as the content is non existant and the audience are to easily pleased or drunk .
  6. Wasn`t that long ago we awarded a point for losing by 12 or less and that didn`t go down well either ...........Personally a wins a win and a draws a draw award points for just that.............golden point is just as big a farce as penalty shoot outs in football .
  7. Quite enjoyed it myself . Only got into a lot of Classical Music through The Nice and ELP , Keith Emerson seemed to always find the ones you could Rock Up , and then it lead you to listening to the originals .
  8. Stopped watching it years ago when i learned that the guests were more or less told what to read up on . Always wondered why they could recognise obscure sportspeople and bring to mind who won the bronze in the 1984 triple jump etc.
  9. Watched the film Memento last night , supposed to be a psychcological thriller directed by Christopher Nolan .Guess the film was shot to replicate how the lead character lived a life where he couldn`t learn new memories , which is all well and good . But it did my head in , the whole thing just whirled around in a disjointed mess , entertaining it was not , nor thrilling , anyone who hasn`t seen it , give it a miss .
  10. Always enjoyed the night games at the Willows (And the Night Club on the ground afterwards even though we didn`t get back to Workington until the wee hours) , Central Park ,Wheldon Road ,Post Office Road ,Wiggington Road , Odsal ,Naughton Park and Craven Park Barrow .
  11. Enjoyed the Changelin the other night starring Angelina Jolie and John Malcovich , based on events in late 20`s America about Police corruption .
  12. Thank God the annual Messi "I want to leave Barcelona " fiasco is over for another 12 months . No one will ever be able to pay the fee , and no one will be stupid enough to pay his wages .Let!s hope it!s the last we hear of this non story .
  13. Horror ride given to Pinatubo by James Doyle yesterday in the big Group 1 in France . Too far out of his ground , flew at the finish but all too late ,usual Jockey William Buick was at York riding 5 moderate horses , very baffling .
  14. Even with the ref feeding the scrum the non-offending side would still have the head at the scrum , so still have the advantage .
  15. Watched Mollys Game last night on BBC , cracking film , fast paced and well acted , another good acting performance by Idris Elba in there as well .
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