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  1. Harry Maguire left Leicester for Man Utd , they are now on the trail of James Maddison , Leicester have a fighting chance of finishing in the top 4 this year , why would any body with half a brain leave to go to Utd ? (or is it just for the money ?) . It certainly can`t be for a chance to win trophies .
  2. just a reminder for anyone attending , after our experience with Paul Newlove at Old Trafford ,if he falls over and looks to be injured , take no notice , because by the time you get over to him , he will be on his feet , flash past you , and be first in the buffet queue .
  3. Can`t believe they have given Rob Beckett yet another series on sky ,had to look up what he actually is and it came up stand-up comedian , that can`t be true surely .
  4. Callum would probably still be at Town if he hadn`t been so shabbily treated by Clarke !
  5. An old one for you is Christinas version of the Leiber/Stoller song "Is that all there is "...very edgy .
  6. One of your ex-players Andrew Dawson has been immense since he signed for Town , firmly established as one of our top forwards .
  7. Last few albums played..............Talking Heads- More Songs About Buildings And people.......Rory Gallagher-Tattoo........Suede-Head Music.........Mothers- We`re only in it for the money.......Velvet Underground - 1st Album .......Nirvana - MTV Unplugged .
  8. Always well behind with my films , but watched the so called masterpiece "There will be blood " on Paramount the other night .Too long , dull , slow moving , not a particular exciting or interesting storyline , sombre and got tired of Daniel Day Lewis drawling his way along (He won an oscar for this film ).I can appreciate the "arty" way it was filmed and the drab use of little colour to make it look early 1900 s , but i`m afraid it failed to hook me in .
  9. Capture on BBC at the moment is riveting stuff , much like the lead character don`t know what the hell is going on with all the dodgy "false" CCTV stuff , but it`s got me hooked .
  10. Another impressive display from Arsenals defence , tried to put several people off backing them to win but to no avail . If you look up the words Flaky and Soft in the dictonary it will probably say Arsenals back four .
  11. Serves them right for winning the toss and putting us in , why couldn`t they make stupid mistakes like that in the earlier tests .
  12. My TV seems on a loop , every time i switch it on Romesh Ramganathan appears , is he on every single programme these days .
  13. Could end up the Coach of the year goes to someone who Coaches a Team that`s got relegated.
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