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  1. Put this on another thread a while back . Make the forwards bind properly ,hooker must stay on his feet ,pushing very much allowed , scrum halves to retire to behind the scrum with their hand on the loose forward , ref to put ball in (ideal place to be in to spot any offence) , ball to come out the back of the scrum .
  2. Carlisle is a City of around 110,000 people . It receives lots of visitors because it is on the M6 corridor , Hundreds of people over the border from Scotland work there (something Nicole Sturgeon keeps forgetting ) as do quite a lot from the north east , the Carlisle infirmary deals with people from the north of Cumbria generally . West Cumbria is 50 miles away and on the coast . The Whitehaven Hospital according to people i have talked to who work there has had around 10 cases this month , none of whom are in the ICU ........I might add i would not go shopping in Carlisle at the moment .
  3. Most of the people i have met and talked too are quite happy to go about their daily business without wearing a mask , including shopping . Everywhere i have been people seem to distance themselves well and i personally haven`t had any problems .On the other hand at present i wouldn`t dream of going to the pub as i see them as too risky . I can understand the concern in London or other big cities and large shopping malls/centres , but for small villages and towns it seems ludicrous .
  4. If everyone is expected to wear a mask when out shopping fair enough , but how does that square with people in pubs who do not . In other words we trust people full of ale more than we trust those that shop , very very confusing logic .
  5. Had a go at Kipps ew at 9-2 in the 335 at Newmarket today , didn`t do a lot wrong at Royal ascot last time .
  6. On the question of the toss i am sure the management and players have discussed what they will do if the toss is won , it surely wont be the Captains sole decision to decide whether to bat or ball .
  7. Further on the question of toilet availability the Government is actually actively encouraging Local Councils to get their Public toilets open as a matter of urgency so as to provide toilets as well as hand washing facilities to stop the spread of the virus , the Councils in my area are choosing to ignore this advice , and we have at present one toilet open in the Town centre and i mean one toilet not block of toilets , pretty pathetic for a Town of 30,000 people .
  8. Walking through the nearby wood the other day noticed what looked like an old nest that was a bit the worse for wear , it was about 6 inches off the ground in just a leafy bush , turned out it had 5 young Bullfinches just about to fledge in it .I always thought they nested high up or in very thick hedgerows , this one wasn`t choosy anyway .
  9. Always liked the Kate Bush cover of Rocket Man .
  10. People who go on quiz shows ans say "no pressure" when they are up against it .It`s a phrase that these people cant help but say , almost as trite as "it was an emotional roller coaster" as if they have a string in their back that you pull to get the usual knee jerk response .
  11. 6 months down the line shops are back open , some cafes and restaurants are slowing getting there , pubs are open , .......but still hardly any public toilets open . I have talked to all ages of people and this seems to be the forgotten area , it deters people from travelling very far and it doesn`t make much sense when people who use pubs have toilets available , but people going shopping or having a cup of coffee have nothing .
  12. Serpentine was one of only a handful of horses who would genuinely stay . It had tuned up for the race by winning it`s last race by 9 lengths . Dettori who was on a genuine stayer chose to track Mogul and hope he towed him in to the race , that was a big mistake , but i just think the jockeys thought Serpentine was Aidens 4th or 5th choice horse and chose to ignore it`s previous form .......Love broke Enables course record in the Oaks , Serpentines time in the Derby was almost identical , so it was no fluke .
  13. I have found over the years that the male birds especially the migrants are very vocal until they get a mate and then once nesting is taking place clam up . After the fledglings leave the nest they are too busy to sing anyway , apart from perhaps the Chiffchaff which sings non-stop until it returns home and thats because once the female lays its eggs , he`s off to find another mate and start again .
  14. Was out this morning and about half a dozen Whitethroats have started singing again , very strange , we have had a lot of rain over the past couple of days and it looks like they might have all lost their nests and are looking to go again as i have not seen any fledglings about .
  15. Ever noticed on terrestial tv that the people providing the links between programmes have all got a slight regional accent , but A) they are trying to hide it or B) they are not from that area so can`t quite pull it off or more likely C) they have employed one very poor impressionist to have a go at all regional accents..............none as bad as that false Geordie who was on Big Brother though .
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