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  1. as is normal what started off as a valid protest was taken over and ruined by the usual suspects who just want to get drunk , vandalise and have a punch up with the police .
  2. Bryan Ferry released a whole album of Dylan covers a while back called "Dylanesque " check it out .
  3. A small beck runs through quite a busy part of Workington , and in the space of about 200 yards there is a mother Mallard with 4 chicks ,a pair of Moorhens with 7 chicks , and a Swan who has been on it"s nest for nearly a month .
  4. Watched 3 billboards outside ebbing missouri again the other day ... excellent....film4 have the shape of water on this week will watch that again too .
  5. Never mind Rugby League and Football , where does this leave boxing ?
  6. Out for a walk the other day and saw a grey wagtail , robin and long tailed ###### all building nests , and over the bridge wall where the wagtails were nesting a male sparrowhawk shot right past where i was standing .
  7. Despite the blanket tv coverage and endless documentaries , the 80`s was not the best decade for music , in fact it was the worst . Also Nile Rodgers was not "the face" of all that was good about music in the late 70`s , everybody i know was listening to prog , rock , heavy metal and punk .
  8. staggeringly good choice of music , have all those albums myself , already set down in my will..........my friend the sun - family on the way in , fairports - who knows where the time goes during service and wish you were here - pink floyd on way out .
  9. Eric Bell was a great servant to the Club , 15 years as a player and then on to coaching . Was very unlucky with injuries , but was a great Clubman who will always be remembered for being a Townie through and through .
  10. Always remember Lindsay was pictured grinning from ear to ear when Paris got that very dodgy win on Sky to leapfrog Town , He ran the RL at that time and just happened to fly over to France for that vital match , probably just ensure He got the "correct" result !
  11. Paricularly loved that sketch about the end of the world and Rowan Atkinsons "Will the wind " question .
  12. Stuck with Marcella until the end even if i thought it was losing the plot , but the last episode , what the hell happened there?.......A note to the writers , must try harder !
  13. Enjoyed watching the re-run of Night Manager over 3 nights on BBC4 , being of a certain age forgot almost all the story , about the only advantage of knocking on a bit , and it was still brilliant .
  14. I fear there will be alot more said on this subject , as the modern method of bulking up and prioritising strength , power and aggression will only add to the problem .
  15. Big Nirvana fan...MTV Unplugged my favourite though,,,,like the raw paired down sound .
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