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  1. Interesting story doing the rounds concerning Premier League Clubs and their players living in a "Moral Vacuum" concerning their wages .It comes from Julian Knight who apparently is the chair of the Digital for Culture, Media and Sport committee , saying that players should be the first to sacrifice their wages in the current crisis . I`ve been thinking about this myself , as quite a lot of them as we know are on stupid money each week , surely they can`t just sit there for maybe 6 months taking the money for basically doing nowt , while businesses go to the wall and some families live hand to mouth , The NHS for one wouldn`t mind a little help with sourcing equipment etc. , surely a bit of common sense should prevail .
  2. It`s an interesting one , which do you prefer shabby defence , but plenty of line breaks , off loads and excitement or concrete defence , 5 tackle kick , and slowing down of the play the ball . Would be interesting to see a table showing a comparison of the percentage number of handling tries scored from the beginning of Super League (as opposed to tries from kicks) right up to 2020 .
  3. And the clowns are still wondering whether to cancel Wimbledon or not . When will these people get real .
  4. Further with the Iain Mac Corquodale story . According to Joe Hollidays book "Hall Of Fame" he played 17 times for Salford before Uncle Tom spotted him in the "A" Team shield final against Town where he scored all Salfords points including a penalty from well inside his own half .Accordingly Tom went down to Manchester Uni where he was studying on seeing Tom Corky apparently said "I know who you are and there"s no chance of me coming to Workington "............10 minutes later Tom had charmed him into signing for £2,500.......the rest is history .
  5. No one player has made a greater impression on me than Bruce . Was lucky to see most of his games home and away .He made it his job to let`s say "dismantle" the opposition pack single handidly . He handed a lot of stick out , but was happy to take it back , in fact he seemed to relish it .With ball hand he was unstoppable and a bit like Jimmy could step and unload .Went to Salford once when we lost , think Eddie Bowman got sent off , but Bruce caused mayhem , the only player i`ve seen been escorted of the pitch at the end flanked by a couple of policeman , the crowd were gonna lynch him.........happy days .
  6. Really enjoyed the match , The game seemed to be played with the ref letting a little bit go at the play the ball , very noticeable how quick the players let go of the tackled player , the game moved along quickly , the scrums were even tidier with the loose forward actually packing down as opposed to leaning on peering over the top of the scrum , quite an exciting product which advertised the game well ,.........and then we bulked up and invented defensive coaches and talked about controlling the wrestle and let players lay on for ever in the tackle to slow things down ......still love the game though .
  7. 1. Paul Charlton 2. Des Drummond 3. Vince Fawcett 4. Ian Wright 5. Iain MacCorquordale 6. Shane Varley 7. Arnold Walker 8. Bruce Gibbs 9. Johnny Limmer 10. Eddie Bowman 11. Les Gorley 12. Peter Gorley 13. Bill Pattinson 14 ,Howard Allen 15. Harry Beverley 16. Rowland Phillips 17. Barry Williams
  8. Saw an interview with a Lady about a fortnight ago (think She was one of those virus scientists) , She said then that the peak was a least 3 months away , So i take it it will be a further 3 months until if falls to the level we were at 2 weeks ago .That takes us to mid August .Anyone thinking we will be back to normal in a few months is in for a big shock , because everything She said is coming true .Perhaps it`s just the planet fighting back against the Human Race attempts to poison and destroy it ,
  9. Same time as Billy and Bobby Pattinson played for Town i think they had a Brother called Stan who was a good Clubman also .
  10. Starlings have started gathering nesting material in West Cumbria and like other posters Brimstones are about .
  11. No Doubt we were fired up for this one , and it just proved what the Team at that time could do when their attitude was right . I still look back at the late 70`s and still feel we should have won more trophies with the Team we had i still think we under achieved . The Quarter Final defeat at home to Blackpool in the Players No 6 was a particular example of a Team just thinking it could turn up and a win was a given .As was Smiler Allen scoring from acting half near the line , a thing he used to do for us every week .Then again i used to know a few of the players of those years and they used to say that they were up against it when playing away as they more often than not had to beat the ref as well . ......Knew a few of the Blackpool Team as well and they said the same thing .
  12. My mate was in a right state the other day , asked him what was up , and he said "Can`t get any toilet rolls ,so i had a look round couldn`t get anything as a substitute , so have to make do with using lettuce leaves , and that`s just the tip of the iceberg " .
  13. Heard/saw my first Chiffchaff of the year yesterday , 4 days earlier than last year and 10 days earlier than the year before ,can`t deny global warming is having an effect .i
  14. Not quite , there was a piece on Look North (for Cumbria/North East ) where it showed the University had closed and this particular street was their local watering place . Pubs were full,bouncers on the doors and queues outside ,........... in the afternoon .
  15. Does this pub sell proper crisps i.e. Cheese XL ?
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