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  1. I don't think we've mentioned Muizz Mustapha - Leeds Rhinos but on loan at Hull KR - who was born in Nigeria
  2. Came on loan to us (Bulls) and I think played one game before testing positive for COVID. Not seen after that, so not exactly sure where he is now.
  3. Macani had a season with us (Bulls) a few years back, and frankly he was awful. Maybe he’s improved… Also, the new coach signing his mates from London Skolars doesn’t suggest to me that the Broncos are exactly aiming high for 2022
  4. A couple more - both played for Fulham / london Hussain M'Barki Joe Mbu
  5. I thought about Jamie Bloem, but when I checked on Wikipedia it says he was born in Melbourne. I always thought he was South African....
  6. You are correct I think I had in mind home games, as a lot of the discussion was around the number of home games on the Season Ticket that would be affected. Speaking personally, I'd be more than delighted if our (Bulls) away game at Workington (or Haven or Barrow) gets chosen for the Monday night match. Less so for a home game against Featherstone or Leigh
  7. According to this piece... https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/championship-tv-deal-premier-sports-21839529?utm_source=leeds_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=rugby_league_lve_newsletter&utm_medium=email&pure360.trackingid={~TrackingId~}&fbclid=IwAR07lzzdseQwlOQ-GveGJ-1M8CloaoZlsstztQgC-BfxhtrzfhVG-IadHOI The maximum cap of games per team is four. Most teams will have fewer - 26 weekly rounds divided by 14 teams suggests most teams will have two, with a few 'top teams' getting three and a similar number having one.
  8. We've just had a couple of big units delivered from IKEA Let me know if you want to borrow them
  9. Setting aside this last season as a COVID-riddled aberration, this isn't especially early 2020 season started on Sunday February 2nd 2019 season started on Sunday February 3rd
  10. I don't suppose it would be a good idea to name names - at least not if we want this thread to not get 'locked' But, like you, I have two, perhaps three, club chairmen in mind as possible 'rent-a-quote' sources. In fact the phrasing and language in the 'quotes' very much sounds like one in particular. Let me just say, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this particular individual made those comments to Ross Heppenstall.
  11. Hedging your bets there eh? You've named 7 teams for possible basement dwellers from a 14-team league Presumably the other 50% will be fighting to be top? And Bradford won't be top
  12. If we are to believe this 'source' who conveniently 'did not wish to be named', a 'majority' of SL chairmen don't want to have French teams in SL. This rather begs the question as to why Catalans have been in SL for the past 15 years? Alternatively the report could be total twaddle
  13. That's an amazing attendance, really What would be the reason why YCK, given that they have people who very clearly DO care, cannot at least match those crowds regularly in Tier 2 of our game?
  14. Perhaps they'll put in a cheeky bid to get Ben Flower
  15. Huge congratulations to Toulouse, I think they'll be a great asset to Super League next year. I was pleased that Featherstone made a fight of it in the second half, and there was a brief period when I thought that Toulouse might bottle it. They settled down considerably once Casty and Hansen came back on, and ran out worthy winners. They are going to need a few additions, but they have a great coach and I think they'll do OK next season
  16. I think you'll find that was the last year that happened until the advent of SL
  17. Nope League winners were crowned champions all through the years I was growing up - from the 70s onwards. Then there were the end-of-season Premiership play-offs. But the league winners were champions.
  18. I don't think you'd want to bet against Saints at least making the Final next year. As we saw last night, it then comes down to fine margins - last night could easily have gone the other way. It isn't St Helens 'fault'. It's really up to the other teams to get to that level. But are there teams that look like they might match Saints next season (apart from Catalans again)? Leeds? Wire? Wigan? Hull? Not really....
  19. Really enjoyed that. A compelling game from start to finish, with the outcome always in doubt and 100% gripping for the neutral such as myself. As for the crowd, it didn't actually look so bad on TV except when it panned to the Catalans end - but that was inevitable given the circumstances that we've debated to death. However, the atmosphere came across as absolutely banging on the TV, so well done to the crowd for that at least
  20. I hope you're able to give the details Martyn because 'a six figure sum' is quite a wide band £100K is just over £7K per club, but £999K (to be rather over-optimistic, I fear) would be more than £71K per team. AS always, the devil is in the detail
  21. I don't think people have said that. I know I didn't I think there is a valid discussion around the situation of a very successful former head coach returning to a club in an 'overseer' type role that, frankly, seems a bit undefined right now (at least, publicly) It's a bit like if Derek had given the Director of Rugby role to Paul Rowley. Imperfect analogy obviously, but you must see how it is a talking point?
  22. HAVING two internationals every year would be a massive step forward
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