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  1. I don't get the negativity around the draw at all. The days of "golden egg" cup draws are gone look at some of the SL attendances including when so called big clubs play each other. A RL season becomes a bit of a drag if the only thing to look forward to is playing Barrow and Swinton - marked by the coach as wins - and a clutch of other clubs that have possible next to the fixture. Yes the game will be tough but the likely hood of drawing Thatto Heath was slim. Sounds like we are walloped before the team have left the Spotland Car Park. Magic of the cup and all that.
  2. Why do you hijack every thread your like a nosy neighbor always peering over the garden fence. Is there nowt too do in York? I understand your frustration at the club and the game being cancelled the other Sunday - but that caused far less chaos than York dropping out of the league half way through in 2002. Don't preach too much.
  3. 18 quid is getting too expensive in my opinion. Not just Hornets all clubs need to look at the price structure. The EFL's "twenty is plenty" campaign has really taken off and most clubs have now lowered prices. There is just so much competition for household disposable income. I do however understand the need to raise as much income as possible - fine margins in terms of the decision making. Before the game yesterday there was a cracking picture being passed around the Ukrainian Club. Hornets 1976 / 77 some real legends on it, Alan Hodkinson, Tony Gourley, Tony Cooke, Wally Jones to name just a few. 1976 - 1980 was a great era led by Kel Coslett.
  4. Results driven business like all sport - only time will tell on that one - lets hope so. I cant see many more lean years being sustainable. Being the "right man" via an interview process is only part of the picture - the vision then needs delivering. I'm not sure I could see Frank Myler, Steve Gibson, Bobbie Goulding, Charlie Birdsall, Martin Hall or many others being part of a "long selection" process. I noted one stand out forward on Saturday and I know where my priorities as a coach would have been this week. As you say faith in the process - agreed.
  5. I think that it is down to cash and the lack of willingness to part with any, moving away from being called a Director with the associated benefits without parting with any of the Queens currency for the privilege. The original group of Directors have now gone apart from one. Directors are being sought that will be willing to assist in funding the operation - and quite rightly so assisting Paul Ormerod with the burden. Minimum requirement to become a Director should be 10k. I have heard tales of Directors hounding the club to recover loaned amounts as small as 1k.
  6. A great initiative that was always likely once people at Hornets that were "anti - Mayfield" were removed from office. The potential is huge and given that Mayfield are financially stable and own "acres" they can certainly be in the box seat of the decision making process.
  7. The laughable Chairman's parting speech before he bolted stating that roses were growing the Spotland Stadium car park needs tweaking a bit really. Until leadership is put in place then things will continue to collapse. Doing nothing is not an option. I suspect the perilous state of the club is not yet fully known. Leaders that will fight not flight are required.
  8. There is an excellent article on the web site by the CEO saying that re-connecting with the Town and the Fans is a priority. Start by putting the Rochdale Coat of Arms onto the shirt - an instant connection an association with the Town and its People. The cartoon badge could be kept for scarfs and other such products. 'CREDE SIGNO' - Believe in the sign
  9. A first for the club at First Grade level I would have thought, probably linked to the lack of Duel Registration players from Warrington given that they are in the cup final. Scrap D/R and invest in a Reserve Grade with a mixture of the best young talent in the area and senior first team fringe players perhaps some returning from injury. I would think that the new coach will need time to evaluate and re-structure the club given the Horlicks that has been made of this season. It would appear the Chairman's parting speech was rather inaccurate.
  10. "What is in Alan Kilshaws Mind" ? I would have thought given the performances the Board may also have a view on this matter. You highlight my point perfectly in terms of the rudderless ship. In terms of Governance my point relates the day to day business of the club. As this thread indicates the Chairman is about to use his parachute - so who is running the shop. As for creditors - there are some.
  11. The major problem is that any potential investors are not being told anything it is all being kept a secret - I thought it was now a club of the people. If there is nothing to hide the Chairman should issue a detailed statement regarding the position of the club - financially. The position of the Club regarding Spotland The position of the Club regarding the Coaching Staff The position of the Club regarding Governance
  12. Hopefully Hornets will do the same when they return to Spotland, I keep looking on the Web Site for a tribute.
  13. Very sad to hear of the passing of Eric Fitzsimons – he had been ill for quite a while. He coached Hornets between 1986 – 1987 and was responsible for giving Neil Cowie a trial at Hornets and as we know that turned out to be a great success. It was a tough time in the mid 80’s for Hornets but Eric had good contacts in Australia and this always helped booster the squad – players like Gerry Byron and Craig Pucell (if my memory serves me). Whilst at Hornets Eric was always willing to pull on the shirt for the “A” Team when numbers were down. He scored a classy try in the corner v Oldham one Saturday afternoon at the Athletic Grounds and somehow in the excitement I ran on with the water instead of the sand (no kicking tee’s around in those days). Howls of laughter followed the loudest being from the Chairman Fred Wood and Eric himself. After the laughter had died down Eric slotted the goal from the touchline to bag the victory against the owd enemy – class. Eric was the first coach at Hornets to produce extensive statistics during the game for post-match analysis – he employed a colleague from within the education system at Oldham to do these for him and again as we all know these statistics are still heavily relied on today – he was way ahead of the game. Eric always had lifelong friend Iain McCorquodale by his side at most of the clubs he was at and this included Hornets, they worked as a team. Iain like Eric was very fond of Hornets and had a few spells assisting the club, there was always a healthy debate as to who was actually the best goal kicker – they were both prolific. Anyway that’s just my short tribute I’m sure Hornets fans will have other great memories. R.I.P Eric God Bless
  14. Some eye watering figures are being banded around regarding the cash that is required to see out the season, let alone continue long term. However there does seem to be some positive dialogue taking place and the relations with other clubs seem to have improved almost immediately. Given that RL in Rochdale has a small but loyal fan base the divisions that were encouraged need repairing as a priority. Formal links with the Hopwood Hall Rugby League Academy also need developing as soon as possible - this should have been done 10 years ago. The Spotland Stadium situation is however is a bigger worry given that the crown jewels were handed over without so much as a whimper. The mess will certainly take some fixing both in terms of finance and the structure of the club.
  15. He leaves in the same manner as he entered casting clouds over others which has always been his down fall and why the club lacks people to back them and also one of the reasons why full occupancy of Executive boxes has now gone to zero. He made a conscious choice to alienate people. He says in his statement that the former administration had debts of around 850k. Well I suppose “around” allows for the trebling of the actual figure but of course he knows this. It makes the tale sound better. Pro-rata in his 9 years at the helm he was well on target to blitz the former debt – he would have done that well within 15 years. Good luck to the regime I know that there are people that will be willing to assist with Sponsorship etc. The original Gang of Seven became 0 within a decade – what a testament to their predecessors that did 40 years plus. I wish the new board every success – not easy this running a rugby club lark. On another note surely Mayfield and Hornets should have avoided clashing with each other Tomorrow.
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