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  1. Pop Pickers

    Just had a chat with Chris Storey who remembers this taking place a couple of times after training so maybe there was a couple of recordings before the cut. Good info though.
  2. Pop Pickers

    On having a sort out of boxes of Hornets memorabilia the other week I came across a white shirt N07 Hornets first ever sponsored logo on a Hornets shirt "BRACES NIGHTCLUB" Bobby Balls club on Baillie Street. The white is a bit "pinkish" due to Billy not leaving the washing to Jean but Phil Brancroft left it me when the Players all got their shirts in 85/86. "Whittle & Co" took over the shirt sponsorship on the demise of the night club. Also a plaque awarded to Brian Dunn (ex Wigan) and John Stapleton for scoring 51 tries between them in one season 85/86 a record then for forwards. We forget what a good side Fred Wood and Charlie Birdsall assembled in the mid 80's Harcombe, Fairhurst, Timson, Evans, Wood, Bancroft, Kuiti, McKenzie, Nash plus more. Stappy tells some good tales, but didn't he always I suppose.
  3. Pop Pickers

    It was brilliant to hear the Hornets record at the final whistle yesterday. The tinny tones of Kevin Ashcroft, Wally Jones and Alan Hodkinson. Warren Ayres on base, I think it was a company from St Helens that helped out. I seem to remember Tony Gourley being involved also. It needed a take two as Billy King slammed a door half way through the first take. I was there in the Nest Bar in 1977 when the record was made - fantastic. I think 21 copies were sold in the club shop - I really need to find my copy. Congratulations on the league campaign and best wishes for the Play-Off''s. Any chance of a ring tone being produced !!!
  4. Problems With The Pitch.

    What’s this a pitch that has suffered this winter? …. Never!!! You’d think that we’d had floods and 32 consecutive days of rain in the Borough. Just have a look around the Town – the cricket season will be lucky to start on time at many clubs. Give Carlisle a ring that should put a few bare damp spots in perspective.
  5. Hall of Fame

    Please could I request that out of sheer respect and for 5 decades of service to the club (each) Gerry Ogden and Billy King get inducted into the hall of fame.
  6. Stadium Shares

    As stated in previous posts it would be up to the club to administer any fund, but I have to say mistakes have been made in the past granted but what on earth ever happened to Hornets ambition. The club appears to be just going through the motions when once famous for punching a big hole into others. The sting needs to be rejuvenated. Take the current coaching vacancy, once upon a time Frank Myler, Kel Coslett, Bobbie Goulding, Deryck Fox were head hunted as Player Coaches, think of all the Players that are coming to the end of their careers in Super League that may have jumped at the opportunity. These Players won't apply they never do, they need sounding out. The shares will no doubt be with RAFC soon and no-one will apparently bat an eye lid, I remember a time when there was mass outcry when a player was sold. How times change I suppose.
  7. Stadium Shares

    Keep feeding us the lines from the Office mate at least its something to work on. So it looks like RBC are the ones to lobby on this then. Now get back onto Wynny and ask how we can do this. (Timescales) and report back. Cheers
  8. Stadium Shares

    I'm a but confused, on the one hand you are not aware (you say)of the situation regarding the shares and the possible recovery of them. Then on the other hand you go into great detail regarding the whole issue. How do you know Hornets have not got the opportunity to "bid". Either you are well versed in this matter which is fair enough or you are not and are just throwing would be supporters of getting the shares back off the trail?? So until I know different for sure my original post / questions stand. But if you are a Board Member and you are speaking with insight and knowledge then that is fine just let us all know. Many people will have a great interest in this when the secret deal finally breaks into the public domain.
  9. Stadium Shares

    Agreed yes there are grey areas here, but if the shares are on the "market" they cannot just be available for RAFC to buy surely? Yes the shares are now not ours to buy back but the point is if they are for sale we try and but them, even if the attempt fails. The confusing bit is what did the Members vote on? If the shares are not ours as some have stated then the vote to sell them to RAFC was pointless. Should the vote not have been, "shall we attempt to buy the shares back" If this is all done in secret it is a scandal and proves that the mantra that Hornets is a Bastian of democracy simply untrue. Involve people in matters such as shares in the Stadium its far too important than to just slide secret deals under the door in return for lower rent and a couple of years grace. Tell the Town what is going on - there are people out there who are willing to help.
  10. Stadium Shares

    Great idea but I'm guessing it would need to be endorsed by the club - preferably ran by the club - and administered by the club. Dunkirk Spirit before its too late (if not already)
  11. Stadium Shares

    Yes absolutely correct taken as security against a loan the "old administration" took out. Now unless Hornets owe the RFL money then why the need for the shares to land in RAFC's hands. If its for the promise of cheaper rent for a short while - forget it that is just short termism and does not secure the Stadium for future generations of Hornets fans. Once Hornets are "shareless" one wrong move and it will be a case of locked gates. Why have Hornets no appealed to sports fans especially RL fans to raise the funds to purchase the shares. This deal seems to have been conducted in secret. If anything I have said is incorrect please someone from Hornets feel free to correct me. But as I understand this position with the shares is correct. And before any Dale fans start a rant - I don't blame them one bit for trying to buy the shares but it must be resisted.
  12. Stadium Shares

    Have Hornets Members voted to sell their shares in the Stadium to Rochdale FC - surely not. But I believe this deal is now with Solicitors. In return a proposed 25 year lease. I cant see members having voted for this, so who is overseeing this deal then. Keep the shares at all costs. Yes they have been used as a loan guarantee in the past but we must keep hold of these shares or at least a percentage of them. The people running Hornets at present are only Custodians and have no right to sell the shares. They will move on soon. The Towns RL fans should decide this. STOP THE SELL TO RAFC
  13. Stuffed

    You are quite right Cameron a "share" in the Company was priced at 50p but the minimum transaction was two shares in the Company. The Company kept operating for so long due to the fact that Directors were wiling to "trade" loans given to the club into shares hence some Directors had six figure sums in shares quite often dispersed around family members. Many of the Shares were of coursed passed through generations. A new share issue could only ever be sanctioned by the Shareholders themselves, but a new Board member was encouraged to buy shares in the Company in return for cash (back to the original point of a levy) In all my time attending Shareholders meetings the "block" voting system was only ever used once in 1992. Other than that is was one shareholder one vote. I'm not going to sit and count how many shares were in circulation upon the demise however it was far more than 2000.
  14. Stuffed

    Racked my brains on this one regarding plenty of Directors without money in. The usual share issue to a new Director was 10k - not 5k. I've got the "old clubs" share register at home so that is a fact. Of course many of the Directors held far more the 10.000 £1 shares. Indeed 100,000 shares have been held by individuals in the past. It was the best way to transfer a loan to a stake in the club. Of course there was Directors that "loaned" the club money but seemed to want it back pronto without the option of transferring it into a share issue. And the Co-Op concept was also available - you could buy a share for £1. This got you admittance into the shareholders meeting and a vote.
  15. Stuffed

    Duel Registration link ups cause disruption and have very few benefits (washing the kit should not be classed as one of them) do what other clubs have done scrap it and go it alone. You know where you stand then warts and all. Sign loan players that's fine for a fixed period where you are guaranteed the availability. Hornets should not need propping up, this super duper structure should be viable by now if its going to work. Any link up should formally be with Hopwood Hall - the future. As I have said before to be a Director there should be a minimum of a 5k levy.