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    Thanks Alba. We played well last week at ‘Haven but today was the best we have ever played. Inevitively we will lose a couple of our best players to the bigger fish but, our decision to try and build a squad that can commit to training twice a week is starting to pay off. We have a very young team and there is no doubt that they are gaining confidence as they gain experience. Above all we have always believed that everything we do has to be sustainable financially. We have no overdraft and we are not going to have one. If we are not competitive on the pitch in any given season - too bad. We are trying to play the long game and not trying to find quick fixes. COYR
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    I have a gold Rotary that cost me 25 years at Rolls Royce.I thought I was being smart opting for that "gift". Turned out I was wrong as I had not factored in that gold is soft and pliable, any sort of humidity and the face just mists up. For my 21st birthday I was bought a Watches Of Switzerland time piece that works on barometric pressure changes to wind it up. It was guaranteed for 10 years and worked fine for the first 9 years and then decided to pack up. I took it back and they completely replaced all the gubbins and again it worked well gor about 9 years. By which time I had lost the original receipt and Watches of Switzerland had closed their branch in Coventry. A few years ago I was at Heathrow and lo and behold tgere was a branch there. Being at a loose end I went in to enquire if they still made them and the sales people gad not got a clue what I was talking about.
  4. Oh well. The technology has me beat. Sorry for wasting everyones time.
  5. I called into Tesco this morning. As I was waiting to cross the carpark into the store a car I didnt recognise crossed my path. On its side it had the words" Tesla Service Vehicle" it was certainly a nice looking car. It was this one in white It just glided past me but was spookily quiet. I could not help but think of the potential danger to pedestrians who could be unaware of its presence.
  6. Bearman

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    I am ok, I've never used the internet😎
  7. Bearman

    Rl Backchat

    Yes, it will be one of the measures in the future forfunding. The more members each club has will be taken into account. Here is the link
  8. Bearman

    Electric cars

    Yes. Even as I wrote the above I was conscious of that.
  9. I understand Doncaster are another team that have denied voting yes. We at Coventry have been assured by the RFL that LE could not possibly know how each team voted as the way they conducted the ballot even they do not know.
  10. Bearman

    Electric cars

    Green Cross Code is fine when crossing the road. Perambulating in an open car park is much more difficult as there are no marked pedestrian pathways. One has to walk in the "road" and silent cars are a hazard. I havent read the Highway Code for years but I very much doubt it specifically covers supermarket carparks. And, of course it is the responsibility of the driver to avoid pedestrians.
  11. Get a leg chopped off. You will soon forget your bad back me heartie. Parrot siht is a sovereign remedy too.
  12. Yo Ho Ho. Splice the Mainbrace Jim lad.
  13. Bearman

    ‘League 1 South’

    If Coventry enter it it will be our reserve side.
  14. Bearman

    Electric cars

    I wear hearing aids and it was definitely quiet to me!
  15. No, it was our CEO who attended. He is adamant that he voted No. It is he that has contacted League Express. The first he heard of it was when he saw the article in LE. I would point out that as there is a threat that anyone voting no could be excluded from gettting future events ( Ricoh?) it might not be a good idea to put ones head above the parapet...WE HAVE by denying it.
  16. I can categorically state that Coventry DID NOT vote to accept the proposal. We have put out a statement denying it and contacted League Express who started the rumour. I cannot understand how they came up with that list as it was a secret ballot. If they did an "exit poll" they did not ask us and if they had we would have told them we voted NO.
  17. I thought that. Then a few minutes after the incident and in the same part of the field a mouthguard could clearly be seen lying on the pitch. As no one tried to retrieve it I did wonder if it belonged to Bussey.
  18. Bearman

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    As it was a secret ballot how can anyone know who voted for what? Coventry Bears CEO has publicly stated that the League Express item is wrong in regards to the Bears at least.
  19. Bu none of the amatuer clubs that are capable have shown any interest in turning semi pro. The only team that has expressed an interest is Manchester Rangers. The rest are not interested in promotion to League 1. If they were they would/could apply.
  20. But its not that easy. Part time players cannot/ willnot commit to travel. It is relatively easy for M62 corridor based players to DR to " local" clubs. It is much harder for them to commit to W.Wales, The South or even Cumbria.
  21. Bearman

    Rl Backchat

    Its on FreeSports Chan 422 Thursdays at 5pm + repeats. Cresta was on a few weeks ago.
  22. Bearman

    New league structure revealed

    In defence of Dave T. I can confirm that Mr Rimmer sent out a very persuasive email on Thurday night to all clubs. I was a recipient ( I did not represent Coventry at the meeting). I strongly suspect that it was the content of that email that persuaded some clubs to change their stance at the 11th hour. I will not comment further on this.
  23. So, you are going to demote Swinton? Rochdale will be pleased and there are no teams in S. Wales or Bristol let alone that are ready to step up. New teams have had the opportunity for the last few years. There are no clubs in the South that have thrown their hats into the ring. Only the Manchester team from the North have expressed an interest. Bramley have not shown the slightest interestand neither have Telford. The All Golds jumped ship because pro RL was not a viable option. They put together a fairly competitive team but it was not sustainable on the income they generated.