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  1. It's rare in a game of RL that teams do not get what they deserved. Today was not one of those exceptions to the rule, we got exactly what we deserved. BTW, one for you historians and stats people. What is the lowest ever crowd for a HW derby? Today's abysmal 1200 must be close to it.
  2. The bit I really don't understand is, why we can play so well against Halifax, Oldham and Sheffield, then play like we have over the last 2 weeks or like we did against Bradford? I simply don't get it. Unless there is bother in the camp.
  3. Can anyone really recommend a M.O.M after that display? Derail away, imo.
  4. I don't really understand your complaint Phil. Your arguments are all based upon "what Ifs" Diskin will be totally vindicated if we win both matches, if and it's a big IF we don't win either match, then I think most of people will be calling for his head. The point is, he is the man in charge, he see's what we don't during training etc. he is also responsible for the results on the field. So he has more to lose than most. I didn't agree with lots of Kear's decisions, I thought he was too quick to write players off, Thackeray and Connor are two that really spring to mind. At the end of the day though, nobody could argue with what he achieved. I'm pretty sure, if he took my advice or those expressed by everyone on here we wouldn't have finished where we did. I feel the same with Diskin, neither I, nor most fans on here agree with all of the decisions he has made so far around squad rotation. At the end of the day though, he is getting paid to do the job and will live or die by his results, and his mistakes. Let's not forget though, he is learning, he should improve with experience and learn from his mistakes. If he doesn't, then that is a decision for the board. But as yet, we are not in a bad place in the table and will look really good if we win the next 2 games.
  5. I agree to some extent, there is absolutely no way I would have left Brambani out for this one,unless he is injured. Then again, if we beat Dewsbury and London on Monday, MD is totally justified in his decision. 3 wins on the bounce would be tremendous.
  6. I agree with you there. The second sin-binning was a very poor decision. I haven't seen the video of that incident yet, but i thought so at the time. But the ref probably gave it , because he had to penalise you so many times on the lead up to it. So he was probably just watching you and waiting for the next offence before pulling the card out again. Maybe he'd lost patience with the sheer volume of offences. However, that doesn't make it right, or the correct call though...
  7. 1 Lillicrop 2 Holmes 3 Brown
  8. TBH, yes, I did think our discipline was far superior to yours on the day. Then again, I'm not going to pretend I'm impartial either. Personally, I think it was a case of you trying to slow the game down, rather than you were a dirty side though, as was eluded to in other threads. You're not in the same league as Leigh, who imo, are/were a genuinely dirty side. Rochdale tried a bit of gamesmanship. I reckon you are struggling with the speed difference now the firmer grounds are here and maybe a bit of fitness judging by yesterdays performance. But give it a couple of weeks and heaven help the rest of us, as you do look a really good footballing side and once you sort the fitness out, there'll be no stopping you. Especially once your injuries clear up too. There is a big jump in class between CH 1 and the CH. Almost as big as the gap between SL and our division. It will take time to adjust and get used to the speed and more importantly the jump in fitness levels. There are no mugs in this division, nobody can take anyone lightly, if you do, you will get beaten. Looking at the results around the division, its impossible to predict results. Toulouse thumped us, then got thrashed by Sheffield, who we put 50 on a couple of games later... Best of luck for the rest of the season, I for one hope you go well.
  9. Your player knocked Brambani's pass down, hence it looked like a knock a on, but definitely wasn't a knock on. Penalty count shows a lack of discipline. If you had not committed offences, the ref couldn't penalise you. Come on, you guys can't honestly believe every ref in the league has it in for you, surely?
  10. The more I think about it, the more I think it is squad size that is killing us. It didn't work for Bradford, Dewsbury and quite a few other teams over recent years. We have traditionally gone with a small squad consisting of the best players we could afford. We have benefited from having a settled side most weeks, but we have been fairly lucky with injuries. The downside of that system, is when you have a short turn around, like Easter, or you pick up a few injuries. Running with a small squad has proved to be the best system overall, and Featherstone have learned from us and gone with it too this season. We have tried something different this year. Unfortunately, we seem to have fallen in to the trap of trying to keep all of the players happy at the expense of a settled side. However, we should see the benefit as the season progresses and teams pick up more and more injuries and knocks.
  11. I wasn't in the best position to see Brown's in all honesty. But the high shot on Rowe that lifted him off his feet looked pretty bad as was the one committed by Livett, neither of which resulted in a card, but both really should have been marched off IMHO. It really wasn't the ref that was the difference between the sides today. You weren't fit enough, that was the difference. You had to resort to giving penalties away because defensively you were shot late in both halves, so it was a case of doing anything to break up the momentum and have a rest and regroup. The amount a feigned head injuries your team cynically used today to slow the game down, was frankly a bit of an embarrassment. Unfit sides, have to do it to try and level the playing field, but the sooner the officials make players leave the field straight away and stay off for a minimum of two minutes without the use of a substitute, to stamp out sides from spoiling the game, the better. Those tactics are killing the game as a spectator sport. We were no better a couple of seasons ago, Byron Smith was a master at it. I love a conspiracy theory as much as anyone, but not every ref could have it in for you. There has to be a time when you realise it's your players and not the officials.
  12. Not sure you could blame the ref. He wasn't great, but you could've and probably should have had 2 sent off for particularly bad high shots, apart from the 2 yellow cards. The final try was knocked down by your guy and was not a knock on, but we were really fortunate that it just bounced up right in to Lillicrops hands.
  13. Im not sure it feels like a defeat, but I'm not really sure what it feels like either. We were woeful and without doubt the worst of two very poor sides for most of the game, but we scored more tries than they did, so there is a train of thought that would say we deserved to win because of that. I heard Walker interviewed on radio Leeds a couple of weeks ago, when he said some of the team are not capable of playing to the new system. After watching them again today, I think he is absolutely right. Whatever system Diskin had in mind, he needs to change it and play with a more structured approach. I also fully agree, he needs to figure out his best 17 and play them every week. It's been really strange watching us this season so far. We show flashes of absolute class, then we will make mistakes that would be unacceptable by amateurs. Is it the players that aren't as good as we perhaps think they are? Is it the coach, over-estimating there ability? Is it down to the players not gelling as we haven't played with the same team 2 weeks running? I'm not sure what the answer is, but I reckon we need to start by eliminating some of those factors quickly. Starting with a settled side, consisting of the best players available. As for Squires, some on here are calling for him to get his chance, but then complaining we need a settled side?!?!?!
  14. Would have been nice to have Manning and Farrell in the team tomorrow. According to the London fans on the general forum, Rochdale are a team of thugs and headhunters. Or maybe Disking has seen something in there comments and has left Manning out so as not to risk suspension.
  15. So you think Leigh would have got where they are simply by hard work and sponsorship? Derek's millions in investment didn't have a bearing on what they achieved?