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  1. BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    From the rumour mill and not based upon factual info:- Halfbacks - Gareth Moore £20k, Briggs and Thackeray £30k and £35k, Ridyard, Ford and Sammut £50k upwards. Centres - Ulugia or Walton £30k Prop - Richard Moore £30k This might seem like a lot, but I can only see the prices increasing for proven quality players as there is such a shortage of players throughout the game. The ones that are available, are snapped up by SL and then Dr'd out.
  2. Izaac Farrell

    Chuffed to bits with this. He looked a little raw, but an excellent prospect when he played against us for Swinton.
  3. World Cup talent

    From what I've seen of the competition so far, there are the NRL players, a few plying there trade in SL, then a huge chasm of class to the "squad fillers", players that would not be standout's even in the Championship (Phil Joseph and Rhodri Lloyd et al). Even if we are scouting for players I'm not sure who would be in our price bracket, that would improve us. There are quite a few of the south sea island players that look far better than a lot of players in SL, if they cannot afford them, what chance have we got?
  4. New season shirts

    I remember the blue shirts with white and yellow diamonds, I think it was the late 80's, possibly early 90's. I can't ever remember blue and white stripes though.
  5. He is back

    Unless of course, we sign another halfback as well as Hemmingway. Unlike our friends from across the valley, we are still looking for players before the start of next season, so we may still bring in another halfback.
  6. He is back

    To be fair, it felt like the division was split in two last season. The top 5 and then everyone else. The league standings also indicated this quite accurately too. Judging by the player movements so far within the division, I've not seen anything to suggest this season will be much different. The 4 full time teams should be better than the rest, then Featherstone, Halifax and us for 5th - 7th (probably in that order), Dewsbury and Swinton in 8th and 9th, then Sheffield, Barrow and Rochdale in the relegation battle. Unless say, Sheffield start to make some significant signings to improve there squad. It's been the quietest off season I can remember in terms of player movement, there aren't even many rumours going around, looking at the forums. I read in The Press, Kelly is unlikely to bring in anyone else before the start of the season.Therefore, I can't see how the outcome of the division will be much different to the season we have just had. Do you think differently?
  7. Tommy Holland

    Sorry my mind playing tricks on me in my old age. Sammut was Workington, I seem to think he had played with a good halfback though, was Rooney his halfback partner at Whitehaven?
  8. Tommy Holland

    Southernwood was playing alongside Sammutt when Whitehaven "ripped us apart". The ideal foil for a halfback with Cain's traits. Liam Finn is a good example of this too, he looks excellent at Wakefield, because they have pace throughout there back line and Jacob Miller as his HB partner. Hemingway would not be my first choice as a starting halfback either, but he is no worse than Southernwood, so we are no weaker. A decent starting halfback is likely to cost us £30k+ and we have a very established halfback pairing already. Therefore, whoever we get will have to be prepared to sit on the sidelines, hopefully for the majority of the season until one of the starting HB's is injured. I think it was one of Diskin's bigget mistakes splitting them up early in the season. I think Kear realised that too, at the end of last season. It is a gamble to split them up, as whoever comes in might not make as good a HB pairing than the one we have. Also, can we really afford to pay £30k+ for a guy who may not figure most weeks? I hear what you are saying, about plucking one from the amateur game, but PM is spot on, when he asks you "From where?" The amateur game is in pretty bad state, with lots of teams going to the wall and player numbers dropping almost by the week. Players who show anything like potential, are snapped up for big money by SL for there academies and in a full-time environment. Then, in turn the better end of them are DR'd out, to the likes of us and other Championship teams. So where do you propose we find one? Even the top sides in this country are struggling to find a great HB. Over the last few years, Leeds (Sutcliffe), Warrington (Ratchford), St Helens (Lomax) and WIgan (Tomkins) have all tried to find the next great halfback and not managed it, even with there vast resources and relatively huge amounts of money. Some very good players there, but none of them have really made it as a halfback.
  9. Eagles finally back home

    Draft day is also really worth a look (especially at this time of the season).
  10. Tommy Holland

    I may be wrong here, but swapping Southernwood for Hemingway might actually be quite a shrewd move. We had Southernwood who was not what we needed, but on contract for this coming season. He has left of his own accord, therefore we do not have to pay him off. If we have signed Hemingway, he will likely cost less than Southernwood (maybe we have signed him on match terms?) and will do the same job, is a better goal kicker and costs less, bit of a win/win if you look at it like that.
  11. Tommy Holland

    I was just posting something very similar B17. If the rumours regarding the £20k Dewsbury gave Gareth Moore for signing are true:- Who will we get for less? How much would we have to spend to significantly improve upon what we already have? Who can we afford other than Hemingway? I've heard Briggs wants £35k, again only rumour so may not be factual. Featherstone were reputedly going after Ford at Toulouse, but dropped out of the bidding at £55k, can you see us paying £50k+ for anyone given our gates? Have we even got £50k to splash out on one player? I would probably say we don't and I'm not convinced, that even if we have got that sort of money, that this season is the right time to throw it at 1 player, when the chances of breaking in to the top 4 even if we did (given the full time competition's spending power) is unrealistic at best. It is also worth pointing out again, that 2 of last years biggest gates Bulls and HKR have gone, so all attendances in the CH are likely to take a hit. I have read in this months 40/20 magazine, that Salford are £8.2M in debt and there are rumours circulating on the main forum that they may go belly up and be replaced by Leigh. If the latter part comes to fruition, where would that leave our gates? Effectively replacing Leigh with Oldham. No gates of much over 1000 at best. I don't wish to sound defeatist or having a go at individuals, but I feel some on here are suffering with the old Halifax syndrome. Some seem to think because we have had a bit of success, we are now automatically a big club and should be preparing for SL. Face it, nothing has really changed since our recent success, our gates and sponsorship has not catapulted to suddenly sustain a significant increase to the amount of funding we allocate to the squad, therefore spending more on players simply doesn't add up. Unless we find a way to increase revenue to somehow go full time, forget it. Featherstone's recent 8's performance has shown quite clearly, even spending a small fortune on buying the very best part-time players available, they are still a long way from being able to compete with the bottom 4 in SL or even the well funded full-time CH clubs.
  12. Cain Southernwood goes to Hunslet

    I think he is a pretty good footballer, he has thrown some great passes out, but lacks the organisational skills or pace required in the top half of the Championship. On his day he can be great, I'd put him in the same bracket as Palfrey, Hemingway and Leatherbarrow, a really good C1, bottom half Championship player, but not quite good enough to get you beyond mid table in the Championship.
  13. I reckon the technology side would amaze them, take the internet for example, an almost limitless supply of information. The mobile phone, a device which acts as a music player, film studio, camera, as well as a device to contact anyone (almost) anywhere in the world. Inside loos, fridges, freezers in every home. I think they may look upon us with disdain for our views towards the Royal family and liberal views towards things like gay rights, it would be interesting to find out there views towards our multi-cultural society. In those days many people would not have seen many people from outside of there own town or village, never mind people from other countries. Would they fear them or welcome them? Although, 1917 was during WW1, so they may have been too pre-occupied worrying about there friends and family who were fighting, to care about anything else. It would be really interesting to find out.
  14. Congratulations Scotty

    If he is in the starting line up, I'll certainly be watching all of the Scotland games. Go get 'em Scotty, best of luck!
  15. Congratulations Scotty

    Congratulations to Dave Scott on his selection for Scotland in the upcoming World Cup.