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  1. That's only because we have no ambition, so I'm told.
  2. Very true. It would seem quite a few teams are going all out for next season, but I don't think either of the HW teams fall into that category. Although, both look to be putting pretty competitive squads together.
  3. He looks useful. https://www.google.com/search?q=josh+hodson+rugby+league&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rvo3&prmd=ivmxn&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwit1PC34NjzAhWLgv0HHYM5DsgQ_AUoAnoECAIQAg&biw=393&bih=689&dpr=2.75#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:ac776368,vid:HQGslC8aIaY,st:0
  4. I was impressed with what I saw of him in the playoffs for Doncaster. I was hoping we would have signed him and Brandon Douglas.
  5. In fairness, the 6 again rule already looks like it has gone the way of the grapple tackle, playing the ball from the mark, playing the ball with the foot, standing square at marker, feeding the scrum and contact with the head being an automatic sin bin. I.e. it was pretty much ignored and forgotten about throughout the playoffs.
  6. There were some odd positional choices too which didn't help, Ashton Golding is a decent player, but a hooker he is not.
  7. Are you bragging or complaining though Coolie? What are your genuine thoughts on the props you have signed?
  8. Very pleased with this signing. It will provide genuine competition/cover in the halves and at FB. Well done to all concerned.
  9. Arguably Batley did even better, we signed the spine of the team from Sheffield and made the top 3 the following season.
  10. https://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk/2021/10/10/oli-makes-permanent-move-to-bulldogs/
  11. Have you heard that rumour too BSJ? I would be really pleased if it turns out to be true. He has ripped us apart both times he's played against us.
  12. I think there are elements of truth to most of the arguements above. The 3 clowns that brought him in wanted a salesman, but hired an accountant. Why? It's like hiring a carpet fitter to do your plumbing. What qualifies laughing boy Rimmer to be in charge of the RFL? Was the post advertised when Wood left? It seemed like he was just wafted in to the role by SL chairman who wanted to keep the status quo and remain unchallenged making all the decisions, but having luxury of not being accountable for the consequences when things go wrong. It's almost a perfect system, if you forget about the fact they have all but killed the game with their blinkered, self interested views. Sadly, the only way I can see things changing is for SL to relinquish control, and the only way that will happen, is if most of the club's go to the wall and the games starts again from scratch.
  13. I think it happened when he tried to tackle Casty when he scored their first try. It looked like he collided with the post when he tried to tackle him, and seemed to be holding his lower leg/ankle prior to coming off. But I'm not sure.
  14. Allowing someone with views like yours to vote makes a laughing stock of democracy, but I guess nothing in life is perfect.
  15. Every season you moan and carry on about this! I'm not sure whether you put these posts up for a bit of attention, or you just like to find things to moan at. May I ask, what difference does it make whether everyone knows or not? Whether the information is in the public domain or not, is completely irrelevant. Surely, the only people that this really matters to, is the player himself and the coach. The player is going to know who he will be playing for next season, as at this late stage he will have probably signed a contract in most cases. The coach will also know if the player has, or hasn't signed for next season too.
  16. This is RL, when was the last time it was fair?
  17. Hasn't Keyes been announced as signing for Halifax?
  18. Agreed, the most impressive thing for me this season, is not just that we have won so many games, it has been we have won so many playing a very good brand of rugby. Given our budgetary constraints, I never thought we would be able to replicate the successes we saw under JK or Harrison, whilst having a team that could play an attractive brand of football. Sunday was a bit of a typical grinding playoff game, compared to many this season.
  19. Does anyone know if there is any prize money for finishing in the playoffs this year? Under the 8s system, it was something like £1.8M for the promoted team, £750k for 5th, £650k for 6th, £500k for 7th and £450k for 8th. Nobody seems to know what funding is for next year, but would the prize money for this year be taken from this year's TV deal, or paid out of next year's allocation?
  20. I might do the same, once my heart rate has normalised. Although, I'm not sure I would fancy us to win once they got back to 16-10 and that forward pass ruling from Johnson to Hall went against us, even on a second viewing.
  21. Fabulous signing, really chuffed he's back for next year.
  22. I really do not understand this viewpoint PD. Hall has been tremendous for us, but he is not a regular starter, and whilst Hooley is playing as well as he has consistently done this season, I really cannot see that changing anytime soon. Hall is undoubtedly a very talented player, but he needs to be playing every week at FB to reach his full potential. However, it is something we cannot guarantee, as we have one of the best players in the division in that role. Although I'm really sorry to see him go, as I can see him playing in SL in a season or two, it seems to be the best solution for him, assuming he doesn't fancy playing in the centre or wing.
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